Warforged Cleric of the Forge starting with too much HP… why?

Created a Warforged Cleric of the Forge, Using the official D&D Beyond tool. It came out with 15hp at level 1. Where did the extra 4hp came from? I have a 17 CON for a +3 bonus, so it should be 8+3=11, yeah? I also re-made him using the Fight Club iOS app, and in there he shows up with 11hp. What am I missing?

Here’s a link to my character sheet: https://ddb.ac/characters/31270418/bpyQtf

TLS Handshake: Client Hello’s for SSLv2.0 starting with hex 0x80. Why? [closed]

I am working on understanding the TLS Handshake process with Wireshark and an open-source TLS scanning tool.

I noticed that all SSLv2.0 Client Hello messages start with hex 0x80. Can anyone explain why that is? I noticed all the subsequent TLS versions (including SSLv3.0) start with 0x16 (Content-type == Client Hello).

Wireshark screen attached for reference.


Is starting an AWS instance with only ssh to port 22 insecure?

Unless someone has my private ssh key, how is leaving an aws instance open to but only on port 22 via ssh insecure?

enter image description here

The ssh key would be distributed to a small set of people. I prefer to not need to indicate their source IP addresses in advance.

I do see another similar question SSH brute force entry in aws ec2 instance .

If you disabled password based login via SSH, then it is very hard to brute force an SSH login using a private key (

Maybe this covers it? Just want to double check since in the security world you do not get a second chance.

Do you include the constitution modifier to your starting HP if it’s negative?

When I was creating my Bard with a standard array, I considered making constitution my lowest.

I know that starting HP = the highest number of your class’ hit dice + CON mod (so 8 + CON for a Bard)

But I’m wondering if that formula still applies if the modifier is negative. My friend says it doesn’t, and I’ve tried looking it up, but all I get is if it affects your HP leveling up, not your staring HP

Designing a turing machine based on a starting and ending point

Hello i am a self taught software developer i am trying to learn turing machine in depth , i came to a problem which i can not solve , can you please help me with the design of the turing machine, any hints or thoughts would be super helpful.

I am attaching an image because this question can not be outwritten with math symbols.turing machine question

X , W a standing for word over an alphabet * stands for empty shelf Arrows are indicators whether should go to right or left

Is there a rule in DnD 5e when buying starting equipement at higher level (lvl5 and higher) [duplicate]

is there some rules about the gold you can use when buying starting equipement at higher level.

My character just died and i have to create a new one at level five. My Game master is fairly new to the task and we got a debate about if you can use the extra 500+ 1d10x25 Gp you get in the starting equipement tab for buying starting equipement or not. (Page 36 dungeon master’s guide)

My Game master doesn’t know, and two of our players are arguing about a rule in the books that apparently mention that even at higher level you can only buy the starting equipement with the wealth tab of the classes.

I’ve tried to find it in the Dungeon master’s guide and online but could’nt find anythings.

thanks for the light that you can bring in this zone of shadow.

How much Wealth should a character have when starting at 5th level?

We are starting a campaign with level 5 characters and my DM doesn’t really know how to measure the wealth. He’s usually very strict and pushes player to difficult challenges.

The DMG has a chart of wealth saying that at level 5 the character would have:

Expected Wealth Gain = 4,000 gp
Treasure per Character = 5,332 gp

I didn’t understand the chart structure. Should the amount be the sum of it (9,332gp) or it would be the Treasure earned less the amount the character would have spent (5,332gp – 1,332gp (spent) = 4000gp?

Regardless, we are starting with about 2700gp (we have to buy equipment) and I feel it kinda limits some of the fun.

If I use the starting wealth rolls of my class, do I keep any remaining money left over?

If I use the starting wealth rolls of my class, do I keep any remaining money left over after I buy equipment?

In D&D 5e you can roll the 4d4 × 10 to determine starting gold, forgoing any equipment your class and background gets. This is not up for question. What is up for question is whether or not the PC keeps any remaining gold that they don’t spend on equipment. As far as I have been able to tell, this is not explicitly stated in the PHB nor in the Basic Rules documents.

DnD 5e Adventure’s League (AL) legal, Max starting gold, without using XGtE “This is your life” options

From my understanding of this text:

Prior to the start of any adventure (including your first), characters can sell any of their unwanted equipment for 50% of its listed value, and/or purchase new equipment. New characters can use this rule to sell some (or all) of their starting gear, and use the proceeds toward the purchase of better equipment

The most I can get my hands on from class starting equipment seems to be:

Fighter PHB (option to take 200gp & no other equipment, including any given by background choice)

Selling: 2 hand crossbows (sells for 75gp), light crossbow & bolts (sells for 13gp), Chainmail (sells for 37.5gp), dungeoneer’s pack (sells for 6.15gp)

Class total: 131.65gp

The most I can get my hands on from background starting equipment seems to be:

Detective Rats of Waterdeep: Appendix A (Does NOT count as your +1)

Selling: Magnifying glass (sells for 50gp), Bottle of ink (sells for 5gp), Quill (sells for 0.01gp), Folded parchment notepad, (how many pages..1…10?, sells for 0.1gp if 1), Common clothes (keep), Greatcoat (robe?, sells for 1gp), and hat (trinket?). Also a belt pouch containing 8 gp

Background Total: 64.11gp

Adding both together: 131.65 + 64.11 = 195.76gp

Even selling your common clothes & belt pouch you cant get to the ability of buying Splint armor for 200gp.

Did I miss any way of getting more gp, other than DM rewards and/or XGtE’s “This is your life” options?

I’d be happy to get splint armor, a quarterstaff (pike would be ideal), a sack & 1 day of rations. Under 201gp worth of gear, 5gp more would get me there