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What changes if game starts with less maximum HP

The book uses Constitution score, not modifier for determining maximum HP:

Your maximum HP is equal to your class’s base HP + Constitution score. You start with your maximum HP.

Maximum HP is quite high for player characters — usually it’s 15-20, while the possible maximum is 26 (minimum is 12). For comparison, typical monsters have 6-8 HP, solitary dangerous ones has 12-14, and a dragon has 16. Considering healing magic, it becomes really hard to die exclusively from the HP loss in one fight.

I’ve seen a game once when the GM messed up and uses the modifier instead. Surprisingly, the game was fun and exciting — having less hit points encouraged players to be less reckless, to prepare better, to care about each other’s health and search for more tactical approach in fights. That makes me wonder if this was a horrible mistake or a brave idea. Now I’m thinking about getting such an experience in my own game.

As a GM, what changes should I expect starting the game with less maximum HP for player characters?

Or is it really a bad idea that shouldn’t really work?

If a creature starts their turn in another’s space, are they forced to move out?

Inspired by this question: Can a Druid pull a target through other creatures with Thorn Whip?

That Q&A concludes that it is possible for two creatures to unwillingly share the same space; for example, one creature could be pulled by thorn whip into the space of another creature.

Once the thorn whip caster’s turn is over, when it is one of the other two creature’s turns (either the one who was pulled or the one’s whose space was invaded), they will of course start their turn in another creature’s space.

From the PHB, p. 191:

Whether a creature is a friend or an enemy, you can’t willingly end your move in its space.

Are they allowed to end their turn in the other creature’s space if they don’t use any movement, or must they move out of the space (if they can; i.e. they have movement)?


  • What happens when your movement is set to zero while attempting to move through a friendly space? (accepted answer seems to imply that they would have to move, but this is not supported and comments dispute that unsupported point; also, that question is about )
  • Does the rule that you cannot willingly end your move in another creature's space force or prevent certain actions? (not the same as my question as it talks about sharing space on the creature in question’s turn, whereas mine is about not moving on your turn to avoid this)

Which hash starts and ends with $

I have a router Huawei HG8145V5 and I backup config file in order to find root password, but I found that password is encrypted and here is how does it look like

UserName="root" Password="$  2tMx=+eY3+*g46l*b@Uk<3YN$  L`<#K!j(5a%(5\G1ma7;;hP=RH.:q[XMze!FL43,O#}Fz9zLFQ6/>!:)aHY:QL/Bg<TMj(5^U2$  I$  "  Salt="8d72593e65eac9eccfc75ce7" 

I tried SHA256(MD5(password)) but its not sha256 its something diferent

Is it normal that the service WMI Performance Adapter always starts when launching Chrome browser? Whats the reason

Is it normal that the service WMI Performance Adapter (WmiApSrv.exe) always starts when launching Chrome browser? Whats the reason?

I have heared this service can be maliciously used to “communicate” through the internet via open ports?

When I forcefull end this process in the taskmanager, Chrome keeps running perfectly, without issues.

Could it be that this WMI process is needed because one of Chrome’s features called “Conceal local IP addresses with mDNS hostnames”?


MySQL 5.7 on W2K12 essentials – starts fine and then fails after restart

I have a W2K12 Essentials server that I’m trying to get MySQL 5.7 running on for in house development. It installs just fine – I change install and data directories to two separate directories on the D:\ drive.

Service starts as normal. I stop it, go in and change the Logon to Local System Account with Allow Service to Interact with Desktop (installer sets it to Network Service). Restart service just fine.

Open up my.cnf to change the innodb_buffer_pool_size to 1G. Save changes. Won’t start (Services hangs on Starting). Revert change back to 8M. Service still won’t start and eventually fails.

Event viewer shows “The MySQL57 service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 2 time(s).”

Task manager shows mysqld running but using only about 1.2mb of memory.

UPDATE – just uninstalled and reinstalled again. Left the Log on as Network Service, but gave Network Service full permissions on my MySQL folder and my MySQLData folder.

Stopped and restarted numerous times.

Copy my.cnf to a safe place. Change innodb_buffer_pool_size from 8M to 48M. Won’t start (again Task Manager shows 1.3mb memory usage). Kill task. Switch it back to 8M. Still won’t start. Overwrite my.cnf with my backup copy and now it works again. I am changing nothing else in that file and using notepad.exe to edit it.