Showing unable to locate libmysql-java after sudo apt-get install libmysql-java statement

Even I have tried java-mysql but also showing this Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done E: Unable to locate package java-mysql


Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done E: Unable to locate package libmysql-java

I have Just downloaded the package and now I don’t know where to place it.

SharePoint Column Conditional Formatting – Applying CSS classes to a date field using a nested IF statement

Apologies, I am relatively new to SharePoint/JSON, So forgive me if I am not seeing the obvious. I would be INCREDIBLY grateful if someone would help.

I would like to apply conditional formatting to a date field using a nested IF statement.

IF the current field is blank, then set the CSS class to ‘blocked’. However, if the current field is populated, run a second IF: IF the current field is more than 1 year before today, then set the CSS class to ‘blocked’, however if the current field is within the last year, set the CSS class to ‘good’.

I have ran the following, without success. No formatting is applied whatsoever.

 {    "$  schema": "",  "elmType": "div",  "attributes": {  "class": "=if(toString(@currentField)=='', 'sp-field-severity--blocked', if([@currentField]+31104000000 < @now,'sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good'))"   },  "txtContent": "@currentField"  } 

HOWEVER, when I split the conditions into two, they work independently.

  1. =IF empty, blocked, good.
{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "div",   "attributes": {     "class": "=if(toString(@currentField)=='','sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good')"   },   "txtContent": "@currentField" } 
  1. =IF exceeds 1 year, blocked, good.
{   "$  schema": "",   "elmType": "div",   "attributes": {     "class": "=if(@currentField+31104000000 < @now, 'sp-field-severity--blocked', 'sp-field-severity--good')"   },   "txtContent": "@currentField" } 

My next step would be to add the corresponding CSS class icon into the field.

Strange pl/sql behavior – last character is removed in the Select statement, but actual data has different length

We have a table with a column name A with type nvarchar(23).

following query will always return 23 which means that the actual length of all records are 23.

select length(trim(req.A)), count(*)   from tableName req group by length(trim(req.A)); 
 |length(trim(req.A))|count(*)|  ------------------------------ |23                 |1006    | 

But when we select from this table with this query it behaves different and it seems that the last character is always removed in result Gridview in the pl/sql developer.

select LENGTHB(req.A) lenb, length(req.A) len, req.* from tableName req where req.A = 'NHBBBBB1398052635902235'; -- Note to the equal sign and the last charactar (5) of the where clause 

the result is:

 |lenb|len|          A           | --------------------------------- |46  |23 |NHBBBBB139805263590223| 

As you can see the last character (5) is removed in the select result.

Can you please explain whats happen!? Is this related to pl/sql configs? How to solve this?

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If Statement Giving Wrong Output Issue Calculated Column

I have this simple if statement where there are two columns. Column 1 = Score Column 2 = Test

This is the If Statement Code:


If the score is greater than 70 it should give an A in the Test Column. If it’s less than 70 it’s F.

The picture below is the issue. Am I doing something wrong here?

enter image description here

Mysql injection with a single `USE` statement

I know you need prepared statements and such to avoid SQL injection, and I’ve seen that there are different questions about exploits for SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE injectable queries.

But I couldn’t come up with an exploit sample for USE statement. Suppose I have an injectable single statement that looks like this:

USE `data_from_attacker`; 

What data could the attacker use if they can put anything in place of the data_from_attacker, considering I’m looking for an exploit example that is not just selecting a DB (ie: selecting information_schema or mysql DB seems harmless, as the next queries won’t work because tables won’t exist; and selecting a DB that do not exists seems also harmless).

Also, consider that mysql will only interpret the 1st query, so attacker cannot inject:

mysql`; SELECT * FROM `users 

Can you find such exploit for MySQL? The USE syntax seems very “poor” for such injection…

Awk statement to not working for colon symbol

I am working on a AWK script which should replace the value of 3 column from an excel csv sheet to a particular value and the awk should ignore the first and the last line. The problem is with the string i am trying to update is causing issue, Below is the command i am using:

awk -v sq="'" -F, '     t{print t} {a=t=$  0}     NR>2{$  3=sqops_data<dbms=Teradata::instance=idw-prod>sq;t=$  0}     END {print a} ' OFS=, test1.csv 

But, it is giving me syntax error at :: .

Can i end a workflow 2013 inside an IF statement

I have created the following list workflow inside sharepoint online using sharepoint designer:- enter image description here

now as shown in the above screen, i am updating the current item inside the If statements. but inside some IF statements, i want to end the workflow so the other If statements will not be executed. so this possible? as seems i can not define “Go to End of Workflow” inside the IF statements. any advice or help? Thanks