How much do the humans on absalom station know about aliens?

I have just started playing Starfinder, and I am thinking of making an Xenophile character who only knows what common knowledge there is to aliens refusing doing further research since she believes she cannot truly know aliens without actually meeting them.

Since my character will not have any training regarding aliens, what I want to know is how much does someone that is part of general public know about aliens in Starfinder universe? Is it to the level of knowing there are creatures out there that are not human without knowing any specifics, or are there lessons at high schools regarding alien culture and how to interact with them, or is there exchange programs for alien students with each student getting a non human?

I want to buy a used docking station for my laptop. Has there ever been a case of a docking station being a security concern?

I found a used docking station for my Dell laptop. The price is very interesting and the docking station seems to be in perfect shape. But I’m somehow worried about potential security risks. After all, you could install some kind of keylogger in the station’s firmware. Am I being paranoid here or is it possible in any way?

SATA HDD Dockning station write errors

I own an old USB3-to-SATA dockstation like this

The problem the docking station don’t work well with Ubuntu 18.04. It’s connected via USB 3. The disk show up but if a try to write something to the SATA disk I get “Buffer I/O error on dev sdb3, logical block 121675008, lost async page write” from dmesg. In windows 10 I don’t have this problem.

I have search if anyone have a solution but find nothing. I guess my SATA docking station is an unusual type.

If anyone have any clue what I can do to troubleshot write a comment.

lsusb output for the device.
Bus 002 Device 007: ID 0525:3102 Netchip Technology, Inc. lsusv -v output

I can’t play PS1 games (Play Station) in Gnome Games

I’m running Ubuntu 18.04 and Gnome Games 3.32.0.

Gnome Games isn’t running most of the PS1 games I download. It’s able to run only two games (Dino Crises and Mega Man 7). The other ones, when I open them with Games it appears the game list instead of opening the game. The game format is the same for all of them (when I download a game, there’s a .bin file and a .cue file. The .cue file is the one Gnome Games opens, although I don’t remove the .bin file).

Can someone help? Thank you.

Gas Station problem : Fixed path variation

Given a set of cities where you need a certain amount of fuel to travel from one city to another, each city has a different fuel price and you can only load K amount of fuel to the vehicle. The path is fixed (ie) you have to go from C1 to Cn through C2, C3,.. and so on. The objective is to fill fuel in these cities in such a way the spendings on fuel is minimized. I thought about storing the minimum prices within a window whose requirements add up to K and then find the minimum cost required to traverse. I’m not sure how it holds up or is it even right in the first place. What if being greedy and filling up fuel to reach the city empty till you reach the closest city with cheaper fuel, not the optimal solution? How do i prove that it is?

Play And Rotation Your Music On 3 Radio Station For 1 Month for $25

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How can I know (without going to the station) if RTAP is offering the Anti Pollution tickets?

The Paris public transit system (RTAP) offers a reduced fare on days of high pollution, as described here: (Google Translated).

This fare is a very good deal, especially as a tourist!

It has been offered so far every day that I have been visiting, but I only know that because I have been to the train station and seen it advertised. Is there a website where I can look to see whether a particular day is an anti pollution day?

KLM flight from Brussels, pick up ticket from Air France/KLM terminal at Brussel-Zuid/Midi station

I have a KLM flight the day after tomorrow, the first leg is a train journey from Brussels to Schiphol. I don’t know the Brussel-Zuid/Bruxelles-Midi train station well. I have been trying to find out where exactly the Air+Rail terminal is at the station but no luck!

Does anyone know if it is close to the Thalys (Amsterdam train) area, the Eurostar entrance, or elsewhere in the train station?

Which coach station is easily accessible from Heathrow Airport?

I want to travel from London (Heathrow Airport) to Canterbury.

Can some one tell me which of the following station is easily accessible from Airport? I have seen distances in maps but it can happen that something which is close but has less access, by which I mean public transport.

  1. Victoria Coach Station
  2. Elephant and Castle
  3. Walworth
  4. New Cross Gate
  5. Lewisham Rail Station
  6. Eltham

Any other cheaper ways (around 8 GBP; bus fare is 5GBP) to travel from Heathrow airport to Canterbury is also welcome (though not part of main question).