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In Tomasulo’s algorithm, how do reservation stations recognise which results are directed to them, especially where functional units are pipelined?

I am currently researching instruction level parallelism in CPUs and have come across Tomasulo’s algorithm for dynamic scheduling.

As I understand it so far, once a functional unit computes a result, it is sent on the CDB from which it can be received by reservation stations waiting for this result. How do these reservation stations recognise that the result is one they are waiting for? I assume results sent on the CDB are tagged with the ID of the reservation station involved in computing them, but then how is this implemented where the functional units are pipelined or there are multiple reservation stations per functional unit? Is the ID of the reservation station corresponding to the instruction being executed passed through the functional unit’s pipeline to be used as a tag when the result is sent?

Shortest path between any origin to any destination through some way stations

How can one find the shortest path between any one of the origins to any one of the destinations through a number of way stations on the way using Dijkstra algorithm?

You can visit those way stations in any order. There will be multiple origins and multiple destinations, but a path from any origin to any destination will suffice as long as it’s the shortest.

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theoretical question about difference between transmitting stations in Bit-Map Protocol

i am wondering about the difference between the transmitting station in a bit map protocol.

for instance, if we have 8 broadcasting stations numbered 0-7, and the racing (contenting) time is $ t_0$ and the length of each broadcasting frame is $ 20t_0$

then, will there be a difference, if for instance, only station 0 wants to broadcast in each time slot and all of the other stations doesn’t want to broadcast at all(at any time slot), or the exact same thing if the only station that wants to broadcast in each time slot is station 2?

is there any difference except of the station number(both seem to be low numbers)?

curious about that

Are gas/petrol stations in Ireland typically “pump your own gas/petrol”?

In past trips to Ireland, I remember petrol stations being full-service like the US states of Oregon and New Jersey. I also remember a few self-service stations. But I don’t recall which was more prevalent and I am sure its changed since I last visited.

But what kind of service is typically found nowadays in Ireland?

And if it is self-service, are they typically pay at the pump with credit card?

Which Caltrain stations only have parking for Caltrain train customers only?

Which Caltrain stations only have parking for Caltrain train customers only? indicates which Caltrain stations have parking (e.g. -> “340 [parking] spaces; pay through ticket vending machine”), but I couldn’t find any information regarding which Caltrain stations have parking for Caltrain train customers only. Looking at the Caltrain parking signs online, I see some mention “Permit Parking for Caltrain Patrons ONLY” or some don’t.

E.g., from, found by Nate Eldredge: “Permit Parking for Caltrain Patrons ONLY”.

enter image description here

and some doesn’t mention it, e.g. from

enter image description here

Note that doesn’t have a picture of the parking sign for each Caltrain station (e.g.

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OpenBTS mobile stations loose network connection

Initial setup

OpenBTS installed on Ubuntu 16.04, two mobile phones connected to the OpenBTS network. Transceiver is USRP X310.


In turn, the phones loose connection to the network for some seconds.

If i initiate a call from a phone while it is in “no-network moment”, the OpenBTS server does not receive anything. Dial error is displayed on the phone.

If a phone that is in “no-network moment” is called by a working phone, the call fails. Asterisk log return:

Jan 15 16:25:50 bar asterisk[3702]: VERBOSE[5036][C-00000028]: pbx.c:4898 in pbx_extension_helper: — Executing [h@phones:1] Log(“SIP/00101100010-0000004c”, “NOTICE,A-Number=1387 A-Name= A-IMSI=IMSI222016703294271 B-Number=973742 B-Name= B-IMSI=IMSI222992311440168 hangupcause=27 dialstatus=CONGESTION hangupdirection=SYSTEM duration=13 billsec=0”) in new stack

This is the OpenBTS configuration:

OpenBTS> devconfig CLI.Interface [default] CLI.Port 49300 [default] Control.CDR.Dirname (disabled) [default] Control.Call.QueryRRLP.Early 0 [default] Control.Call.QueryRRLP.Late 0 [default] Control.GSMTAP.GPRS 1 Control.GSMTAP.GSM 1 Control.GSMTAP.TargetIP [default] Control.LUR.404RejectCause 0x04 [default] Control.LUR.AttachDetach 1 [default] Control.LUR.FailMode ACCEPT [default] Control.LUR.FailedRegistration.Message Your handset is not provisioned for this network. [default] Control.LUR.FailedRegistration.ShortCode 1000 [default] Control.LUR.NormalRegistration.Message (disabled) [default] Control.LUR.NormalRegistration.ShortCode 0000 [default] Control.LUR.OpenRegistration (disabled) [default] Control.LUR.OpenRegistration.Message Welcome to the test network. Your IMSI is [default] Control.LUR.OpenRegistration.Reject (disabled) [default] Control.LUR.OpenRegistration.ShortCode 101 [default] Control.LUR.QueryClassmark 0 [default] Control.LUR.QueryIMEI 0 [default] Control.LUR.QueryRRLP 0 [default] Control.LUR.RegistrationMessageFrequency FIRST [default] Control.LUR.SendTMSIs 1 Control.LUR.TestMode 0 [default] Control.LUR.UnprovisionedRejectCause 0x04 [default] Control.NumSQLTries 3 [default] Control.Reporting.PhysStatusTable /var/run/ChannelTable.db [default] Control.Reporting.StatsTable /var/log/OpenBTSStats.db [default] Control.Reporting.TMSITable /var/run/TMSITable.db [default] Control.Reporting.TransactionMaxCompletedRecords 100 [default] Control.Reporting.TransactionTable /var/run/TransactionTable.db [default] Control.SACCHTimeout.BumpDown 1 [default] Control.SMS.QueryRRLP 0 [default] Control.SMSCB.Table (disabled) [default] Control.TMSITable.MaxAge 576 [default] Control.VEA 0 [default] Control.WatchdogMinutes 0 [default] Core.File core.openbts [default] Core.Pid 0 [default] Core.SaveFiles 1 [default] Core.TarFile /tmp/openbtsfiles.tgz [default] GGSN.DNS GGSN.Firewall.Enable 0 GGSN.IP.MaxPacketSize 1520 [default] GGSN.IP.ReuseTimeout 180 [default] GGSN.IP.TossDuplicatePackets 0 [default] GGSN.Logfile.Name /tmp/GGSN.log GGSN.MS.IP.Base [default] GGSN.MS.IP.MaxCount 254 [default] GGSN.MS.IP.Route (disabled) [default] GGSN.ShellScript (disabled) [default] GGSN.TunName sgsntun [default] GPRS.CellOptions.T3168Code 5 [default] GPRS.CellOptions.T3192Code 0 [default] GPRS.ChannelCodingControl.RSSI -40 [default] GPRS.Channels.Congestion.Threshold 200 [default] GPRS.Channels.Congestion.Timer 60 [default] GPRS.Channels.Min.C0 2 [default] GPRS.Channels.Min.CN 0 [default] GPRS.Codecs.Downlink 1,4 [default] GPRS.Codecs.Uplink 1,4 [default] GPRS.Counters.Assign 10 [default] GPRS.Counters.N3101 20 [default] GPRS.Counters.N3103 8 [default] GPRS.Counters.N3105 12 [default] GPRS.Counters.Reassign 6 [default] GPRS.Counters.TbfRelease 5 [default] GPRS.Debug 0 [default] GPRS.Downlink.KeepAlive 300 [default] GPRS.Downlink.Persist 0 [default] GPRS.Enable 0 [default] GPRS.LocalTLLI.Enable 1 [default] GPRS.MS.KeepExpiredCount 20 [default] GPRS.MS.Power.Alpha 10 [default] GPRS.MS.Power.Gamma 31 [default] GPRS.MS.Power.T_AVG_T 15 [default] GPRS.MS.Power.T_AVG_W 15 [default] GPRS.Multislot.Max.Downlink 3 [default] GPRS.Multislot.Max.Uplink 2 [default] GPRS.NC.NetworkControlOrder 2 [default] GPRS.NMO 2 [default] GPRS.PRIORITY-ACCESS-THR 6 [default] GPRS.RAC 0 [default] GPRS.RA_COLOUR 0 [default] GPRS.RRBP.Min 0 [default] GPRS.Reassign.Enable 1 [default] GPRS.SendIdleFrames 0 [default] GPRS.TBF.Downlink.Poll1 10 [default] GPRS.TBF.EST 1 [default] GPRS.TBF.Expire 30000 [default] GPRS.TBF.KeepExpiredCount 20 [default] GPRS.TBF.Retry 1 [default] GPRS.Timers.Channels.Idle 6000 [default] GPRS.Timers.MS.Idle 600 [default] GPRS.Timers.MS.NonResponsive 6000 [default] GPRS.Timers.T3169 5000 [default] GPRS.Timers.T3191 5000 [default] GPRS.Timers.T3193 0 [default] GPRS.Timers.T3195 5000 [default] GPRS.Uplink.KeepAlive 300 [default] GPRS.Uplink.Persist 4000 [default] GPRS.advanceblocks 10 [default] GSM.BTS.RADIO_LINK_TIMEOUT 15 [default] GSM.CCCH.BS_AG_BLKS_RES auto [default] GSM.CCCH.BS_PA_MFRMS 2 [default] GSM.CCCH.CCCH-CONF 1 [default] GSM.CallerID.Source auto [default] GSM.CellOptions.RADIO-LINK-TIMEOUT 15 [default] GSM.CellSelection.CELL-RESELECT-HYSTERESIS 3 [default] GSM.CellSelection.MS-TXPWR-MAX-CCH 0 [default] GSM.CellSelection.NCCsPermitted 0 [default] GSM.CellSelection.NECI 1 [default] GSM.CellSelection.RXLEV-ACCESS-MIN 0 [default] GSM.Channels.C1sFirst 0 [default] GSM.Channels.NumC1s auto [default] GSM.Channels.NumC7s auto [default] GSM.Channels.SDCCHReserve 0 [default] GSM.Cipher.CCHBER 0 [default] GSM.Cipher.Encrypt 0 [default] GSM.Cipher.RandomNeighbor 0 [default] GSM.Cipher.ScrambleFiller 0 [default] GSM.Control.GPRSMaxIgnore 5 [default] GSM.Handover.FailureHoldoff 20 [default] GSM.Handover.History.Max 32 [default] GSM.Handover.Margin 15 [default] GSM.Handover.Ny1 50 [default] GSM.Handover.RXLEV_DL.History 6 [default] GSM.Handover.RXLEV_DL.Margin 10 [default] GSM.Handover.RXLEV_DL.PenaltyTime 20 [default] GSM.Handover.RXLEV_DL.Target 60 [default] GSM.Identity.BSIC.BCC 2 [default] GSM.Identity.BSIC.NCC 0 [default] GSM.Identity.CI 10 [default] GSM.Identity.LAC 1000 [default] GSM.Identity.MCC 001 [default] GSM.Identity.MNC 01 [default] GSM.Identity.ShortName MyNET GSM.MS.Power.Damping 75 [default] GSM.MS.Power.Max 33 [default] GSM.MS.Power.Min 5 [default] GSM.MS.TA.Damping 50 [default] GSM.MS.TA.Max 62 [default] GSM.MaxSpeechLatency 2 [default] GSM.Neighbors (disabled) [default] GSM.Neighbors.NumToSend 31 [default] GSM.RACH.AC 0x0400 [default] GSM.RACH.MaxRetrans 1 [default] GSM.RACH.TxInteger 14 [default] GSM.RRLP.ACCURACY 40 [default] GSM.RRLP.ALMANAC.ASSIST.PRESENT 0 [default] GSM.RRLP.ALMANAC.REFRESH.TIME 24.0 [default] GSM.RRLP.ALMANAC.URL [default] GSM.RRLP.EPHEMERIS.ASSIST.COUNT 9 [default] GSM.RRLP.EPHEMERIS.REFRESH.TIME 1.0 [default] GSM.RRLP.EPHEMERIS.URL [default] GSM.RRLP.RESPONSETIME 4 [default] GSM.RRLP.SEED.ALTITUDE 0 [default] GSM.RRLP.SEED.LATITUDE 37.777423 [default] GSM.RRLP.SEED.LONGITUDE -122.39807 [default] GSM.RRLP.SERVER.URL (disabled) [default] GSM.Radio.ARFCNs 1 [default] GSM.Radio.Band 900 [default] GSM.Radio.C0 51 [default] GSM.Radio.MaxExpectedDelaySpread 4 [default] GSM.Radio.NeedBSIC 0 [default] GSM.Radio.PowerManager.MaxAttenDB 20 GSM.Radio.PowerManager.MinAttenDB 20 GSM.Radio.PowerManager.RampTime 60 [default] GSM.Radio.RSSIAveragePeriod 8 [default] GSM.Radio.RSSITarget -50 [default] GSM.Radio.RxGain 10 GSM.Radio.SNRAveragePeriod 8 [default] GSM.Radio.SNRTarget 10 [default] GSM.ShowCountry 0 [default] GSM.SpeechBuffer 1 [default] GSM.Timer.Handover.Holdoff 10 [default] GSM.Timer.T3103 12000 [default] GSM.Timer.T3105 50 [default] GSM.Timer.T3109 30000 [default] GSM.Timer.T3113 10000 [default] GSM.Timer.T3212 0 [default] Log.Alarms.Max 20 [default] Log.File (disabled) [default] Log.Level NOTICE [default] NodeManager.API.PhysicalStatus disabled [default] NodeManager.Commands.Port 45060 [default] NodeManager.Events.Port 45160 [default] Peering.Neighbor.RefreshAge 60 [default] Peering.NeighborTable.Path /var/run/NeighborTable.db [default] Peering.Port 16001 [default] Peering.ResendCount 20 [default] Peering.ResendTimeout 100 [default] RTP.Range 98 [default] RTP.Start 16484 [default] SGSN.Debug 0 [default] SGSN.Timer.ImplicitDetach 3480 [default] SGSN.Timer.MS.Idle 600 [default] SGSN.Timer.RAUpdate 0 [default] SGSN.Timer.Ready 44 [default] SIP.DTMF.RFC2833 1 [default] SIP.DTMF.RFC2833.PayloadType 101 [default] SIP.DTMF.RFC2967 0 [default] SIP.DTMF.RFC2976 0 [default] SIP.Local.IP [default] SIP.Local.Port 5062 [default] SIP.MaxForwards 70 [default] SIP.Proxy.Mode (disabled) [default] SIP.Proxy.Registration [default] SIP.Proxy.SMS [default] SIP.Proxy.Speech [default] SIP.Proxy.USSD (disabled) [default] SIP.RFC3428.NoTrying 0 [default] SIP.Realm (disabled) [default] SIP.RegistrationPeriod 90 [default] SIP.SMSC smsc [default] SIP.Timer.A 2000 [default] SIP.Timer.B 10000 [default] SIP.Timer.E 500 [default] SIP.Timer.F 5000 [default] SIP.Timer.H 5000 [default] SMS.FakeSrcSMSC 0000 [default] SMS.MIMEType application/vnd.3gpp.sms [default] TRX.IP [default] TRX.MinimumRxRSSI -63 TRX.Port 5700 [default] TRX.RadioFrequencyOffset 128 [default] TRX.Timeout.Clock 10 [default] TRX.Timeout.Start 2 [default] TRX.TxAttenOffset 0 [default] Test.GSM.SimulatedFER.Downlink 0 [default] Test.GSM.SimulatedFER.Uplink 0 [default] Test.GSM.UplinkFuzzingRate 0 [default] Test.SIP.SimulatedPacketLoss 0 [default]

Any idea about what could be the cause? Thank you

How can I find which police stations in Taiwan have camping facilities for cyclists?

Two and a half years ago I walked and hitchhiked around the island of Taiwan. I liked it so much I’m starting my next trip by doing it again.

Ar into my trip I learned that some police stations, especially in rural areas, especially on the east coast, actually provide camping facilities for cyclists. (And walkers can use them too.)

This time I’d like to make the best use of them. So I’m looking for their official site, an official list of them, or any unofficial list.

I’m especially interested in whether they exist elsewhere on the island. I passed by or visited a couple of random police stations for unrelated reasons on my last trip and the one in Dulan, Taitung was the only one I saw with my own eyes.