A player rolled very bad stats, how to make sure they still enjoy the game?


How to make sure that a player that rolled awful stats will still have an awesome time at the table? What possibilities are available for the DM? Would it feel cheap to find stat-boosting items? What can players do to make sure that player is still having fun?

The simple solution of re-rolling the stats is out of the question. The adventure has already begun and it would feel very unsatisfying if the original rolling carried no weight at all.


Starting a new adventure, we all decided to roll stats (highest 3 of 4d6) for our new characters. Most people rolled stats close to what one would get with point-buy, but one player had all stats in the range 8 to 11 and averaged below 10 (which is worse than a commoner).

The players are all quite new to the game and it is the debut for the GM. We all had some laughs on the horrible rolls and everyone is still having fun. The player has not complained yet, but my worry is that it will feel less fun in the long run.

The player picked druid, so they can wild-shape away the physical stats at level 2.

Does Goodman Grey have any official stats?

Or rather, I’m more looking for the stats for a naagloshii Scion in general (as a full naagloshii encounter would not be doable) and Goodman Grey seems the best bet for finding them, as one, as I do know there are supposed to be official character stats in some of the RPG volumes?

But does he actually have any official stats available anywhere?

I haven’t been able to find anything for either of the above so far. I can attempt to brew it if there isn’t, but I would prefer to check if the game itself has any answers.

Daggerspell guardians – anyone ever seen or created stats for “The emerald knives of seven truths” (3.5)

In the ‘Complete Adventurer’ the Daggerspell Guardians are seeking a pair of daggers called the emerald knives of seven truths.

“Lore of the Guild: Many of the greatest treasures of the Daggerspell Guardians are daggers of great power. Two of the most treasured of these daggers, the emerald knives of seven truths, were lost years ago by a daggerspell shaper who fell in battle against a powerful vampire named Malkan Ry-Ul. Both the knives and the vampire have been missing for many years, but recently travelers from the east have reported that a great city there is haunted by a killer who leaves strange green cuts on the bodies of his victims – a signature side effect of the magic of the emerald knives”.

Has anyone seen or created (or have any advice) for their stats please?

For info: I’m playing a daggerspell shaper searching for them.

To qualify to become one a character must fulfill all the following criteria:

Alignment: Any nonevil.
Skills: Concentration 8 ranks.
Feats: Weapon Focus (dagger), Two-Weapon Fighting.
Special: Wild shape class feature.
Special: Either sneak attack +1d6 or skirmish +1d6.

This makes me wonder if the daggers either do some of these things (as they may have inspired the creation of said group in the first place)?!

How do I determine multiclassing stats for an Artificer

I am making a character for a campaign that is starting soon. The character is going to start out as a Cleric (War Domain) and will multiclass with a Artificer (Battlesmith).

I have looked at multiclassing rules, but I am having trouble making heads or tails of it for a multi-class involving a 2/3 caster (the Artificer) and a full caster (the Cleric).

That leads me to my question: what would a lvl 15 War Cleric/lvl 5 Battlesmith Artificer look like? How many spells per level? How many cantrips? Does the artificers ability to replace cantrips still apply?

Are there any official stats for a sheep?

Effect 77-78 of the wild magic surge table in the Player’s Handbook states:

You cast polymorph on yourself. If you fail the saving throw, you turn into a sheep for the spell’s duration.

Polymorph’s spell description then says:

The target’s game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen beast.

However, I’m unable to find the game statistics of a sheep, either in the Monster Manual or Appendix D of the Player’s Handbook itself. Did I overlook something? Is there an official source of this creature’s statistics?

BattleTech vs MechWarrior Character Stats / Conversion

BattleTech & MechWarrior used to be ‘mini combat’ & ‘rpg’ respectively; and have gone through various versions; changing core aspects of the game & how the math works. In MechWarrior, here’s what I remember:

Characteristics             Attributes Athletic        18-Bld-Ref  Build Physical        18-Itn-Ref  Reflexes                             Intuition Mental          18-Itn-Lrn  Learn Social          18-Itn-Cha  Charisma 

But in some of the older “scenario/lore” books, I find reference to the following “stats”:

  • bod
  • dex
  • lrn
  • cha
  • pib
  • htk

Which source book(s) describes the above stats? (note: I know the “scenario/lore” books ‘use/list’ them, but they take it for granted “what they mean” and/or “how they’re used”.)

How are the two related?.. 20+ years ago, I vaguely remember that one of the many books had ‘how to convert’ in the back; but it’s been too long so perhaps I’m mistaken.

23 GB of domain.com.static[4 alpha numeric characters] files and project stats look weird

Looks like after all these years SER has gone mental on my VPS and made it run out of space (I dont really tweak anything for months / years now just leave it running on a healthy VPS)

c:\users\[user]\appdata\roaming\gsa search engine ranker\projects….

Usually 3 or so GB, today 23.6… whats the cause?

Are there stats for a generic fish creature?

I’ve been looking everywhere for stats for generic fish stats. Fish like trout, bass, carps, and ones of the like. I don’t know if there are any already out there and I can’t seem to find any in the Monster Manual. I only have the 3 core rulebooks so I’m not sure if there are other stats out there in the many campaign books out there.

My question is: Are there monster/creature stats for a generic fish creature in 5e

How do Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate 2’s “rolling” for stats actually get generated? [closed]

When I have played BG1 & BG2, a big part of the character creation is rolling (and rerolling) for stats. This rolling for stats is subjected to racial minimums and maximums (and class minimums iirc).

The result of the rolling mechanism is a number of points allocated to specific scores, but you can reassign them in a simple 1-1 fashion between stats, subject to the relevant minimums and maximums.

How, though, are the stats generated? Is it in line with AD&D 2nd edition rules? Or have they come up with their own rolling mechanism for the game, and if so what is that rolling mechanism?

The reason behind the question is that I am interested in developing a similar stats generation system for D&D 5e tabletop games I run, but wanted to get a baseline for the “canonicity” of this generation system in relation to AD&D 2e rules first.