If an Animated Object is given a task that takes longer than a minute to do, does the object stay animated longer than a minute?

So I am looking at the description of the 5th level spell Animate Objects, it says that its duration is up to a minute, however it also says that, “once given an order, the creature continues to follow it until its task is complete”. If the task lasts longer than a minute, does it continue to stay animated?

If a prone creature is grappled and moved by a flying enemy, does the creature stay prone?

If an enemy is knocked prone and then grappled by an aarakocra or a PC with the fly spell effect, does the prone effect of the target continue into the flight?

I can’t think of a way that the condition would remain, but I really want it to. I appreciate answers based on the 5e rules as written or logic derived from them.

For more context:

I’m trying to make an unorthodox wizard build in 5e. I’m going to make a utility caster that has a low int because no utility or buff spell I know scales with Int. I’m trying to find ways to use a high Strength and buffs to make the build have near-unavoidable damage. The easiest way to do this in 5e is to trigger fall damage; few things can make saves against it, and there is no roll except to avoid or escape the grapple. With enlarge/reduce, I could get advantage on my roll or impose disadvantage on their roll then deal damage. I know that this is ineffective and may not scale well but I still want to try.

Knocking an enemy prone and flying would give disadvantage on their attack roll, which would help me keep concentration and keep my advantage or their disadvantage from enlarge/reduce. Hence why I might use an aarakocra.

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