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How come keys can stay secure through factorization of primes

Sooo I under n=pq where p and q are both large primes so it making factorizing them inefficient to the point of impossible but there must a a list of prime sets (heard people call them trap doors I think?) That are well know? Like if p and q are both know pairs wouldn’t you be able look at n and go well I know this already so I don’t need to even work it out I already can tell you it’s pq. Or are there an infinite number of primes available and Is it only limited by the how large the key is? Isn’t there a finite ammount of primes available in 2048 bits that it wouldn’t be that hard? Clearly it’s time consuming enough that it hasn’t been cracked but I don’t get why not since you know how many primes there are and also what they all are.

Will I likely have trouble flying to Japan after a stay in China as a US Citizen?

I’m going to China for work (a conference) for about a week, and thought it may be nice to visit my friend in Japan for 2-3 days or so on the way back, especially with the reduced flight costs compared to flying to Japan from the US at a later time. I’ve found a few references on difficulties flying to China from Japan in certain circumstances (e.g. the site referenced in this question), but not the other way. I’m concerned because I’ve heard about these issues from Japan->China as well as knowing Chinese nationals require a Visa to enter Japan, and while that doesn’t apply to me, I don’t know if there will be mixups at the airport because of that state of affairs, or if there’s special procedure/law I’m not aware of.

This would all be pre-planned, no open ended tickets, so USA->China (~1 week)->Japan (a few days)->USA would all be pre-planned if I did this. Are there any known difficulties with this sort of travel plan? I’d prefer not to be stuck in China figuring out how to get tickets back to the US ASAP because I can’t do my preplanned flight path.

Schengen visa – Duration of stay Extension – Approach

I applied for Schengen visa thru Germany embassy for travel from 10th August to 24th August, staying maximum days in Germany (5). I got my visa for duration of stay as 15 days (same as itinerary). Some plans have changed at my end and I may plan to Visit Spain as well as part of the trip with Spain being the maximum stay duration. Can i apply for another Schengen visa at Spain embassy giving the exact reasons so that my effective duration of stay covers the next 7 days? OR do I have to request the German embassy for duration of stay extension?

Country-hopping to stay longer in EU? [migrated]

Me and my girlfriend have a situation and we’re not sure how to find the answers…

She’s from Argentina and I am Swedish. We’re talking about marrying but we want to wait a little bit longer, so we can’t use the spouse visa method yet.

We’ve decided that we want to live in Portugal together. And I am close to renting an apartment in the city we have chosen. I’m an EU citizen so personally I could move there immediately and live there permanently. And back in Sweden I still have spare space in my parents house. And there are also nice hotels to get variation.

What’s the best way to get as much time together as possible?

Could we do the following?

  • We go to Portugal together and she stays the maximum allowed length of time in that country.
  • Then we take a flight to Sweden, and stay the maximum time.
  • Then back to portugal.

Is it possible to bunny-hop like that to stay together in Europe?

We don’t like Argentina since they target white Europeans like myself (for scams, robberies, corrupt police, etc) and it’s not safe for me there at all and she doesn’t want me to risk that. So we’re trying to find a way to spend uninterrupted time together without involving Argentina.

We would be super grateful for any guidance. All of these immigration/travel rules are brand new to us… and we barely even know what info to search for!

Thank you all!

Requirements to stay over in Dubai while transit?/

My Flight is on 25th June 2019 and I’m travelling from Guatemala to India but i want to stay in Dubai to visit my Cousins over there and back to India.

I’m a Indian Citizen

Do we get visa on arrival or we need to travel with the visa??

Because my friends travelled through Dubai and stayed over there for 15days and they got on arrival visa and just to confirm before booking the Tickets.

3-4 months stay in UK on visitor visa

I live in the UK and over the last 10 or so years I have had relatives from various countries visit me here for duration of up to a month or so on a standard 6-month visitor visa. I know that (notionally at least) if you end up staying in the UK for a rather long period, say 3-4 months, while technically legal, may cause issues in the future when applying for a new visa.

Presently my 18 year old niece, who just finished school, wants to visit us in the UK for 3 months or so. She doesn’t intend to work or study; she wants to simply spend time in the UK to improve her English in native speaking country. She would live with us would probably help with childcare occasionally (i.e. babysitting once in a while – but as a family member, without pay). She has no intention of staying in the UK and no reason to want to. She has travelled extensively abroad and has numerous Schengen visas in her passport. In fact, her grandparents are Norwegian citizens and she is considering moving to Norway longer term. Yet, she hasn’t visited the UK before.

My question is two-fold. First, is a standard 6-month visitor visa the right approach or is there a better type visa for this purpose? She does not qualify for young migrant programme. Second, if she does apply for a visitor visa, what’s the best approach to this?