Does Spiritual Weapon stay until the end of its duration if the caster goes uncounscious?

Spiritual Weapon does not require concentration and only has a duration of a minute. When my cleric was knocked unconscious the on-the-fly decision was to keep the weapon waiting around until the end of the spell and I was able to use it again after getting back on my feet. We were wondering however if there was any overall guidance for summons – should they stay until the end of their duration even if the caster goes unconscious?

How long does a poisoned weapon stay that way?

This is a Pathfinder 2 question.

The rules for poisoning weapons seem contradictory, or at least redundant. Two different sections deal with this; I’m going to cite them both because I’m thinking about running a Rogue/Alchemist and so they are both relevant.

PH pg. 550, the relevant bit under “Method of Exposure” reads (as amended):

Injury: An injury poison is activated by applying it to a weapon or ammunition, and it affects the target of the first Strike made using the poisoned item. If that Strike is a success and deals piercing or slashing damage, the target must attempt a saving throw against the poison. On a failed Strike, the target is unaffected, but the poison remains on the weapon and you can try again. On a critical failure, or if the Strike fails to deal slashing or piercing damage for some other reason, the poison is spent but the target is unaffected.

Note that it first says that being poisoned affects “the first Strike made”, but then goes on to tell us the consequences of missing and critically failing with that Strike. If being poisoned only affects the first Strike you make, the rest of the text is unnecessary.

Similar on PH pg. 185, in the description of the Rogue’s Poison Weapon feat (again as amended by errata):

You apply a poison to the required weapon; if you’re not holding a poison and have a free hand, you can Interact to draw a poison as part of this action. If your next attack with that weapon before the end of your next turn hits and deals damage, it applies the effects of the poison, provided that poison can be delivered by contact or injury. If you critically fail the attack roll, the poison is wasted as normal.

Again, it tells us that the poison only has an effect if the “next attack with that weapon […] hits and deals damage” — and then goes on to remind us what happens on a critical failure even though that can never be relevant with the rules written as they are.

So that gives us two possible interpretations: Either a weapon stays poisoned until you critically fail your attack or hit without dealing damage, or it stays poisoned until you next attack with it and then stops being poisoned no matter what the outcome was. As the person playing the Rogue/Alchemist, I of course want the former to be correct — it’s likely to make a very big difference! The rules as written suggest that they went back and forth on this and then emitted a confusing set of rules.

Which way should this be played and why?


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If my necromancer dies, do my animated dead stay under my control?

From what I understand the undead created via animated dead are under my PC’s control indefinitely. So if I had commanded them to kill enemies of mine (insect things that were fighting our group so I commanded them to attack the bugs) would they follow that command after I die, or become uncontrolled and attack my party members too?

I had assumed that they became uncontrolled, and they attacked the party (which teleported away), but after looking while they were figuring out what to do next, I had re-read animated dead to figure out if that was correct.

The other thing that I was curious is do they stay under my control when brought back to life too?

If they do go uncontrolled after death, that would mean any necromancer PC would be a group wipe if they die.

I’ve been looking for an answer to this on the internet and the D&D books.

Browser setups for stay safe from malware and unwanted stuff

I have to setup a browser to surf the internet trying to stay safe from malware as much as possible(i already know that there’s no way to stay safe at 100%)

My idea is: use Firefox with this extensions: Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, HTTPS Everywhere and mostly NoScript Security Suite. I also thought to clear cache when Firefox is closed(

But since I’m not an expert, i searched on the internet infos and i read this: and he said:

disabling JS should not be considered a silver bullet for browser security


Take into consideration that NoScript will also increase the attack surface

Before reading this, i was pretty sure that No Script would have been enough to make browser very very safe. But now I’m wondering if there are safest ways to secure the browser, and now i have these questions:

Is my idea good? If so, what can i improve?

Should I use Chrome instead of Firefox? (I read this so i’m asking it)

Are the extensions that i mention above good?(i know that both Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin block more or less same ads, but i prefer to keep both. Browser performance is not a problem)

is there any other extension that I should install?

there is some other browser setting that i should enable/disable (such as the option to clear cache when Firefox is closed)?

I already know basic rules, such as update browser and OS, don’t open unsafe link etc etc. I would like to know advanced tips. I know that it also depends on the operating system and other stuff, but in this topic i would like to talk about the browser

PS: I know that instead of No Script I could just disable global scripts from browser settings, but i like the way i can allow a script in a site, because some sites could not works without a specific script

PPS: Sorry for my bad english

How can you stay safe from spyware used by governments?

It is a fact that antivirus software can’t detect all the spyware/viruses/malware that exist. And when they get detected, new ones are created.

An example is the pegasus spyware for ios created by the NSO group. There is also an android version available. And there are many spyware for windows computers which claim to be undetectable. And there are probably many more for different OS that are not made public.

So what can you do about a possible spyware on your device that your antivirus/antispyware doesn’t detect? Apart from being careful in the first place?

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