Traveling through Canada on China Southern, in transit visa required while quarantined in the “sterile transit area”?

I’m a Filipino passport holder. No U.S. visa, no Canadian visa. I’m flying from Costa Rica to Mexico City. Then Mexico City to Vancouver, China, then Philippines. I get on China Southern flight number 378 in Mexico City and it lands in Vancouver Terminal M. The exact same flight number on China Southern 378 and Terminal M and even the same seat goes all the way from Vancouver to Guangzhou. The stop in Vancouver is 1 hour 50 minutes. We have to get off the plane. The Canadian website on in transit immigration is very unclear. It says if you stopover on an international flight you will “stay in the sterile transit area” while you transition in the same flight like I will. I take this to mean we get off the plane, stand around in the “sterile transit area” for no more than 1 hour 50 minutes and then we get back on the plane. No special visa would be required, is this correct? Has anyone done this?