Session Stickiness in a Stateful Microservice

I have created a simple Spring Boot Microservice for a game of Rock Paper Scissors. It involves in memory storage of registered players as well as the rounds that they play. Now, if I have to use it with a frontend in a scalable cloud environment I am going to require session stickiness. There are unique ids to players as well as the session that the two opponents play with. How can I ensure session stickiness when I have multiple instances of this microservice running in my cluster ?

Achieving stickiness on kubernetes cluster with ingress-gce

I’m trying to achieve stickiness on kubernetes cluster but I am redirected to a different pod every time I access the load balancer. I have session affinity set to ‘ClientIP’ and also tried with ‘Generated Cookie’.

I have the following backend Service set up:

apiVersion: v1 kind: Service metadata:   annotations: '{"ports": {"80":"test-backendconfig"}}' |       {"apiVersion":"v1","kind":"Service","metadata":{"annotations":{"":"{\"ports\": {\"80\":\"test-backendconfig\"}}"},"labels":{"app":"test","tier":"frontend"},"name":"test","namespace":"default"},"spec":{"ports":[{"name":"backend-port","port":80,"targetPort":5000}],"selector":{"app":"test","tier":"frontend"},"sessionAffinity":"ClientIP","type":"NodePort"}}   creationTimestamp: 2018-12-31T18:01:26Z   labels:     app: test     tier: frontend   name: test   namespace: default   resourceVersion: "..."   selfLink: /api/v1/namespaces/default/services/test   uid: ... spec:   clusterIP: 10.**.***.***   externalTrafficPolicy: Cluster   ports:   - name: backend-port     nodePort: 32385     port: 80     protocol: TCP     targetPort: 5000   selector:     app: test     tier: frontend   sessionAffinity: ClientIP   sessionAffinityConfig:     clientIP:       timeoutSeconds: 10800   type: NodePort status:   loadBalancer: {}