Why do most interfaces rely on sticky top bars instead of sidebars?

Most web interfaces have the classic sticky topbar + 2-3 columns layout (just like StackExchange).

Stack Exchange User Experience

Some but few websites use a different approach and, instead, have a collapsable sidebar (i.e. BitBucket):

BitBucket layout

While the first approach is surely the most familiar one to pretty much everyone who’s ever used the Internet (including the 50+ generation) and I can imagine it will work better for them just because they’re familiar with it, I don’t quite understand why sticky top bars have become the Times New Roman of layouts and are almost a standard for any modern UI.

Sidebars allow you to:

  • save vertical space, which is limited (compared to horizontal)
  • have a more responsive/consistent UI (and more easily achievable)
  • can show you more content and be more readable (top bars tend to be thin to save more space)

so it feels like they should be preferred over top bars.

Do you know of any studies on this and what do you think it’s best?

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Keep sticky posts in the main loop, at their regular place

I have a wordpress theme that has a place at the top for sticky posts. If a post is set to sticky, it will show up at the top, but it will not be in the posts listed below.

How can I have the sticky posts inside the main loop? I deleted this function which hid them from the main loop:

public function modify_main_query( $  query ) { if ( $  query->is_home() && $  query->is_main_query() ) { $  query->query_vars['post__not_in'] = $  this->sticky_posts; } } 

After deleting this, the posts show in the main loop, but they show up at the top of the 10 items, before the rest.

How can I have them show at their respective dates, as if they were NOT sticky?


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I’m travelling from Canada with a criminal record. Which countries are sticky about criminal records?

I’m wondering which countries may not let me in with a criminal record.

I’m planning on doing a bunch of travelling in the next few years and I wanna know which countries might give me a hard time getting in and which ones won’t. and which charges these countries care about.


Adding Live Chat on mobile and desktop if there is a sticky bar at the bottom?

Typically, live chat is located on the bottom right as a floater either on desktop and mobile. However, on some of my pages, I have a sticky bar with a CTA button on the bottom right. If we were to add a live chat, the live chat would cover the CTA button.

If we move the floater above the CTA button, it would cover some of the information on the side…

Additionally, is it best practice to keep desktop and mobile experience the same? I think I might need to make the live chat experience different from the mobile site.

I need help figuring out the best place to put a live chat function on this page. Help please!