Why do we still use a Von Neumann Architecture in modern computers?

The Von Neumann architecture was first created in the mid 40s for use in a computing system known as ENIAC for research into the feasibility of thermonuclear weapons.

To this day the Von Neumann architeture is still primary foundation in the majority of modern computers. I have listened to a few historians and scientists mention that there is likely more efficient architectures and that Von Neumann himself didn’t believe in its universal capability(unfortunately cannot remember enough to find a link).

So why do we still use this architecture in the majority of modern computing?

No OS still grub rescue error

I have formatted the whole hard disk which previously had windows 10 and ubuntu. Now when i switch on my system it goes to grub rescue. Why is that happening since i have a fresh pc now. I thought installing new Ubuntu may solve this but that doesn’t work. Ubuntu installation says hdd is old or may need replacement.

Please help.


Using AppleScript to delete an event still exists in Calendar

I’m trying to write a script that clears a calendar (an iCloud one) of all of its events. I have the following:

tell application "Calendar" tell calendar "Test calendar" set theEvents to every event repeat with current_event in theEvents delete current_event end repeat end tell end tell

In Script Debugger, I can see that the number of events in the list “theEvents” is going down as it deletes each one. If I run the script again, Script Debugger tells me that there are now no events in the calendar. However I can still access and change the events in the Calendar app, be that on the same computer or on another device or the iCloud website.

What’s going on here?

Cheers for any help,


How do companies store private keys offline but still sign code with them?

I’ve heard that companies store their private keys offline “in a safe that will never be opened” and stuff like that (the context for this is a console developer like Microsoft keeping the Xbox private keys offline in a safe).

How would they still sign code with their private keys if they’re fully locked away? Does someone go and physically get the keys to sign the code? Is this a figure of speech that I don’t understand?

EC2 Instance restarted through AWS Console, started, stopped: site still down. SSH still works

Not sure what else to say, have little experience with EC2, but today I uploaded a new .crt ssl certificate to a website on EC2 ia FileZilla.

Then I logged into the AWS Console, restarted the EC2 Instance, tried starting and stopping the instance.

All says online, running, green dot, but my site is inaccessible, yet SSH still lets me log in with FileZilla.

Anything obvious I can do?

Finder window reappears if still open

I am sure this question was asked somewhere but just could not figure out precisely how to describe the behaviour so as to find the answer. I have multiple windows open on the screen. The one in the foreground is a Finder window, then some other stuff and then another Finder window in the background. If I close the Finder window in the foreground then the one in the background appears. How can I prevent this behavior?

Are there still any ATMs in Japan that don’t charge fees for withdrawing with a foreign card?

I just got back to Japan for the first time in five years.

I seem to recall that that some ATMs here don’t accept foreign cards, some do but charge a fee, and some do and charge no fee.

I’m 100% aware of the fees my bank at home charges me to use ATMs overseas, I’m not asking about that.

I believe it used to be that the Post Office ATMs and the ones at 7-Eleven didn’t charge fees. But when I used my first 7-Eleven one this trip it did charge a fee. Googling, I have found that Post Office ATMs now charge a fee but since results were still saying 7-Eleven doesn’t charge a fee I can see such pages are not up-to-date.

Does anybody know which, if any, ATMs in Japan still don’t have a fee?

Will my Tier 1 endorsement letter still be good if the three month mark passes after it has reached New York?

I’ve passed Stage 1 of the Tier 1 Exceptional Promise visa. I received my letter notifying I had passed on Feb 3rd and it’s valid for three months, so as I understand it, I must have Stage 2 of the application completed by May 3rd. I applied online on April 6th and scheduled my biometrics appointment for the earliest available date, April 15th. But with the March 29th suspension of biomentric services at all Application Support Centers in the US, it looks like I’ll be lucky if I get my application, passport, letter of endorsement, etc sent to NY before that May 3rd deadline. But as long as the package containing all those important materials including the letter reach NY before May 3rd, the letter should still be good even if nobody in their office opens the envelope until after May 3rd, correct?