How to flush the output, while WP still creates the page?

I develope a plugin, which takes several seconds do apply changes while saving data. While this time, the browser tries to open the options.php page.

How can I output some text there, before the changes are ready and WordPress forwards me back to the plugin settings page?

In PHP there is a function “flush”, but it doesn’t work. The script will be terminated, but there is no further redirect to the settings page.

Can a creature with an immunity to the prone condition still choose to go prone?

Can a creature with immunity to the prone condition voluntarily go prone, such as a ghost that wants to impose disadvantage on ranged attacks against it?

If so, does such a creature who went prone in this way still suffer from the negative effects of being prone: moving at half speed, spending half their speed to get up, and having disadvantage on attack rolls?

Excel.exe is still running after called “app.quit”

Excel.exe is still running in Task manager after app.quit. I have tried the following codes:

            wb.Save(); //WB is workbook             wb.Close(true);             wbs.Close();             app.Quit(); //Excel application             Marshal.ReleaseComObject(ws);             Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject(ws);             Marshal.ReleaseComObject(wb);             Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject(wb);             Marshal.ReleaseComObject(wbs);             Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject(wbs);             Marshal.ReleaseComObject(app);             Marshal.FinalReleaseComObject(app);              GC.Collect();             GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers();             GC.Collect();             GC.WaitForPendingFinalizers(); 

Deleted a Logical Volume to free space – Ubuntu still looks for it on bootup – need help

In an attempt to free up some space on my Home media server, I deleted a Logical Volume from a Raid 5 Array (MDADM). Now when booting, Ubuntu fails to load due to a timeout trying to mount the deleted LV.

Running Ubuntu Server 16.04

There is another LV on the same Volume Group which mounts fine.

In recovery mode, I can see everything load OK and mount ok (including the other LV thats on the same VG), and then it tries to mount the Logical Volume I deleted earlier (called Backup) and it times out, causing the boot to fail.

I am then dropped into “Recovery Mode” which then promptly breaks and I get the message “Welcome to emergency mode!”.

When scrolling through the results of “journalctl -xb” I eventually see the following:

Jun 13 19:09:05 ubuntunas kernel: EXT4-fs (dm-2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null) Jun 13 19:09:05 ubuntunas systemd[1]: dev-DataVolume-Backup.device: Job dev-DataVolume-Backup.device/start timed out. Jun 13 19:09:05 ubuntunas systemd[1]: Timed out waiting for device dev-Dataolume-Backup.device. –Subject: Unit dev-DataVolume-Backup.device has failed –Defined-By: systemd

There are a variety of other messages which imply that loading this LV is a “dependency”…

Any suggestions on how to correct? I am not very strong technically, so I very much appreciate any help.

Thanks! JonNoob

LinuxLite Ram blow but swap still 0

Im using Linux Lite in a old notebook to play Minecraft with my little boy.

I made one machine install and every thing works fine, but second machine I suffer with a strange swap problem.

As I know Minecraft Java Edition uses a lot of ram and I can set the amount to reserve for java while starting game.

When I reserve 2GB for java the game loads and I can start play almost all Ram in use and only few mb used in swap.

Swap usage

Different from another machine that swaps grow im a way that seems normal to me like 600, 700, 900MB and keeps a secure amount of ram free. Already tried others swapiness combinations like 10 20 50 70 90, but nothing changes. A see a curious thing in Gparted the swap partition still off and I must enable it with swapon command

Partition boots like this: Swap off when boot

And then after right click swapon the swap is mounted and appears available in htop.

Noticed another strange info at Disks app. the swap allways show as unknow. mounted or umounted state. Unknow Partition

Btw I read something about this distro using a swap file instead partition, but I guess indifferent of type they should appears in use at htop.

Someone can guide me a direction. Im newby in linux but Im not give up a good fight. I really like that in linux.

Thanks you all.

Is it still not advisable to use recent versions of EncFS >1.7 to encrypt Dropbox?

I’d like to use EncFS to encrypt files synced with Dropbox. Unfortunately, its Wikipedia page mentions security concerns from an audit of version 1.7:

EncFS is not safe if the adversary has the opportunity to see two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times.

Someone with access to my Dropbox account will have exactly that: Dropbox stores multiple previous versions of a file after it’s been modified which is exactly “two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times”.

In 2015, this has been confirmed in this question for example: Is ENCFS secure for encrypting Dropbox?

Regarding version 1.8, Wikipedia states:

The announcement of EncFS 1.8 included several underlying design changes, acknowledging the security concerns raised in the previous audit. However, certain concerns still remain regarding those vulnerabilities.

Which concerns do remain? Is the issue regarding Dropbox fixed?

Also, according to the most recent version is 1.9.5, now.

Is it still not advisable to use those recent versions of EncFS to encrypt Dropbox? Does the issue with “two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times” still exist?