Do major ISPs still ignore IP spoofing?

I was reading this question:

Why don't ISPs filter on source address to prevent spoofing?

and based on those answers, ISPs ignore it because of the overhead of checking for spoofing.

But that question is a bit old so I wanted to check if any development has been happening?

I just don’t understand why it’s so hard for ISPs to implement the first hops to check if the source IP is valid? how can it be a big overhead? or is it?

For example, if someone starts spoofing a lot of IPs and does malicious activity like DDoS, will major ISPs detect it or they still don’t check?

if someone uses the Help action on an enemy and that enemy moves outside 5 feet, do allies still get advantage on attacks?

Since you can Help, then move away and the Help action still works,

Would the opposite also be true? So if someone were to use the Help action on an enemy creature, and that creature were to move away, would the next attack on the creature still have advantage? Heck, would the OA from another ally within 5 ft of it have advantage as the creature moves away?

Gmail label still shows after I filtered messages from senders & Gmail Label/Folder

Gmail label still shows when I open the message. Its at the top next to the actual label name I want. I now know how to skip inbox and archive the “inbox label” but not the gmail label.

My second issue is in the Gmail label/folder on the left pane, inside has 1000s of email messages that I already created labels for, such as “VA”, “moving”, “Legal”, etc. And it shows the correct label when scrolling down through the messages. And they don’t show “Gmail” next to the correct label name. So I’m confused by this. Why do they show up in the Gmail tab and not only in the label I created for those messages? If there is a quick fix, shoot I guess any fix for this, your help would be SO SO greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I hope I just didn’t ask the same question with my two questions. If I did, I’m sorry.

(UK – Tier 2 visa) I am a tier 2 visa holder and was overseas (out of UK) when I was dismissed from my job. I am still overseas, can I return to UK?

I am a Tier 2 visa holder employed by a large accounting firm in London, UK.

I was dismissed from my job 2 weeks ago whilst out out of the UK (was overseas). I left the UK on 31 Nov 18, was dismissed on 13 Dec 18 and returning to UK on 1 Jan 2019. I need to return to the UK to pack up and send back my personal items in my rented apartment back my home country, and also say goodbye to my flatmate and friends.

My question is, can i reenter the UK with no issues? How should I explain my situation to the Immigration officer – should i tell him I am reentering as a tourist ( based on my nationality I don’t need a tourist visa) or should i fully explain the situation that led to my current circumstance that I am/was a tier 2 visa holder which expires in 2021 but am no longer employed as I was dismissed whilst holidaying overseas?

Can I reuse the certificate of sponsorship after Tier 2 general visa refusal if the COS status is still “assigned”?

I made an application for UK Tier 2 general visa as I had a valid COS and other documents as well. I failed to provide UK NARIC report for proof of English language. So, the decision was refusal for Entry Clearance.

I have googled a little bit about reapplying with the same COS. Seems like there are answers in the immigration boards which are too old. COS still has “ASSIGNED” status and my sponsor had amended the new joining date.

Can I re-apply for a visa? Can someone advice. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Domain expired on provider but SSL and Hosting are still good – how to get website up again?

So, apparently the domain was purchased at a different time. The hosting and files are still good, as is the SSL. Went ahead a purchased the domain name again. This is on Godaddy.

Do I need to connect the domain name and hosting together? If so how, it will not let me. I reissued a new SSL cert, but I still cannot access the website via the internet.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Will NEXUS interviews still take place during the shutdown?

I’ve scheduled (some time ago) a trip to Niagara Falls the week after New Years, both as a vacation but also to have our NEXUS Interviews (for my family). Our interviews are a few days after New Years.

With the US Government Shutdown, will these be impacted (either by being cancelled, or by being delayed)? I’ve read that Department of Homeland Security is one of the affected agencies, but also that TSA and Customs & Border Patrol are still working as normal (see this article for example). I haven’t found something more specific, and my emailed question to them was answered with a likely form letter that did not answer the question at all (and focused on a different element of my question, the family part).

Additionally complicating matters of course is that the NEXUS interview is with Canadian folks as well as US. Is it likely to matter if we have it in Niagara (where it’s on the US side) as opposed to trying to schedule it in, say, Toronto (firmly in Canadian soil)?