Newbie question – what will happen after project Stop?

Planning to run GSA SER, and did not find answer to my question.
Lets say i import target URLs from bought list file.
Run a campaign for some time. Then i stop, and start it again after some time.
Does link building starts from beginning of that list file over again, or is any way to start from that point where i stopped, even when the program was closed ?

How to stop iFrame form from reloading on mobile?

I am loading a form via an iFrame. On a desktop it works and submits correctly. However on a mobile device once the user’s keyboard pops up then the iFrame refreshes, clearing the form and the keyboard disappears again. This makes it impossible to enter details into the form. Is there a way to stop WordPress from refreshing an iFrame? It is the first form on the main page and needs to be able to work correctly on mobile.

How do I stop gyroscope-controlled camera from jittering when holding phone still?

I have here a simplified version of my gyro-controlled camera with a sensitivity modification (a side effect of increasing sensitivity is that the jitteriness is exacerbated).

public class GyroControl : MonoBehaviour{  private Transform _rawGyroRotation; Vector3 gyroAdjust; [SerializeField] private float _smoothing = 0.1f;  void Start() {     Input.gyro.enabled = true;     Application.targetFrameRate = 60;      _rawGyroRotation = new GameObject("GyroRaw").transform;     _rawGyroRotation.position = transform.position;     _rawGyroRotation.rotation = transform.rotation;  }  private void Update() {     _rawGyroRotation.rotation = Input.gyro.attitude;      gyroAdjust = _rawGyroRotation.rotation.eulerAngles * 2; //increase rotation sensitivity     transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(gyroAdjust);      transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, _rawGyroRotation.rotation, _smoothing);  }} 

When in motion, the jittering isn’t noticeable. But when you hold the phone still, there’s what I assume to be just analogue noise that causes jittering. I would really appreciate any help or advice on how to add a filter or something to reduce the jittering for this kind of controller.


How to stop unknown spam keyword?

I have a weird problem. Kindly let me know should I be worried or not. I installed a redirect plugin in WordPress and saw a 404 error log. Since last night one Korean bet website was in the list like Korean bet website that resulted in 404 error page. Then I searched it in the string and found it on wp-minify (wp optimizer option) that last night I activated then deleted the wp-minify folder on my WebHost and also deactivate and deleted WPoptimise. After that, I can still see 4,5 links/per minute on 404 error that usually are for spam links (like bet sites, etc..) But nothing on my website. It’s like non existed links to my website with their keywords name. even tho after removing the plugin there is nothing on my WebHost but this link spamming will affect my google score? is there a way I can stop this?

Appreciate any help


Sleet Storm: do crampons stop you from falling prone?

The 3rd level spell Sleet Storm has the following effect:

The ground in the area is covered with slick ice, making it difficult terrain. When a creature enters the spell’s area for the first time on a turn or starts its turn there, it must make a Dexterity saving throw. On a failed save, it falls prone.

Crampons (price: 2 gp) provide the following benefit:

A crampon is a metal plate with spikes that is strapped to the sole of a boot. A creature wearing crampons can’t fall prone while moving across slippery ice.

Does wearing crampons mean the Sleet Storm spell can’t knock you prone?

How do aliens without the Medicine Skill stop the bleeding condition?

According to Starfinder’s bleeding condition rules:

You take the listed amount of damage at the beginning of your turn each round until this condition ends. Your bleeding can be stopped with a successful DC 15 Medicine check as a standard action, or through the application of any ability that restores Hit Points.

Some aliens have innate capabilities that allow them to restore hit points and can stop the bleeding in this way. Other aliens have the Medicine skill (or an ally with the Medicine skill) and can thus stop the bleeding that way. But what about unintelligent monsters, or aliens that simply have no medical training? Are they doomed if they get the bleeding condition and don’t have some capable healer at hand to stop the bleeding?

Can subtle spell be used through a warlock’s familiar, and does it stop the stealth from being broken if it is currently sneaking [duplicate]

With the new Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything feat Metamagic Adept, warlocks get access to Subtle Spell. Can Subtle Spell be used in conjunction with a chain warlock’s familiar to cast, say, death ward at range without someone knowing?

How to stop fractions from simplifying, when inside a Manipulate[] [duplicate]

I want to stop this fraction from simplifying inside a Manipulate[]

Manipulate[            x/y            , {x, 7, 10, 1}            , {y, 7, 10, 1} ] 

i.e. when this program is evaluated the fraction should look like:

$ $ \frac{7}{7}$ $

I have tried many different wrapping configurations of ToString, Hold, HoldForm:

but to no avail:

enter image description here

Surprisingly mathematica will even simplify a fraction containing strings to $ 1$

How can I stop all files being read only to PHP? [migrated]

I’m setting up a new Centos 7 server to run some legacy sites on PHP 5.6.40 through PHP-FPM with Nginx.

However, I’m running into a problem that all files are appearing to be read only.

PHP is running under the nginx user, the site directory is owned by nginx, and I’ve tried verious file permissions through chown, including "777".

I created a simple program to illustrate:

<?php $  fileList = glob('*');  //Loop through the array that glob returned. foreach($  fileList as $  filename){    //Simply print them out onto the screen.    echo $  filename;    if (is_writable($  filename))       echo ' - Yes!';    else       echo ' - No.';    echo '<br>'; } 

This will output the files in the site directory, with "No" next to each filename.

Any tips on what might be causing this, or how I might be able to debug would be greatly appreciated.

Is it possible to stop Google from abbreviating words in search results?

I think that google is abbreviating the word ‘Company’ to ‘Co.’ in search results. If you search for ‘Pop Trading Company’, one of the sitelinks it produces under the main result is for the webshop, and it uses the title ‘Pop Trading Co.’.

Unless I have missed something, no where on the main website ( or webshop ( is Company shortened to Co.

I have tried Screaming Frog to crawl the site, and explored Search Console for an answer, but have so far been unable. Is there a way to get a handle on this?