How are clockwork prosthetics and necrografts affected by effects that cause magic items to stop working?

Clockwork prosthetics and necrograft arms and legs are the rare examples of magic items to fully replace humanoid limbs, and unless they have a special ruleset on the matter they are as susceptible to antimagic fields or disjunction spells as any other magic item.

For any other magic item, it’s easy to predict what happens when they get affected by an effect that suppresses their magic : magic weapons revert to mundane masterwork weapons and other magic items stop having any effect and are totally useless. However, there are no rules about losing limbs except for some rules added by 3rd party publishers (that I tend to avoid except for a few rare exceptions) or I probably missed them, and the rules on prosthetics don’t explain what happens either.

If a magic prosthesis gets its magic suppressed does it :

  • totally stop working altogether and become inert (and apart from obvious penalties like not being able to wield weapons, how does it affect the wearer ?) ?

  • stop giving its specific benefit and still do its job as a limb replacement, imposing no additional penalty to the wearer ?

Can you escape a grapple during a time stop (without teleporting or similar effects)?

Some context: during our last game a hidden creature charged and grappled (with improved grab) one of the PCs (a 20th-level Sha-ir/Cleric/Dweomerkeeper) during the surprise round. After that this same PC won initiative and the first thing he did was casting time stop. We decided to stop the game there for several reasons, it was already time, one other player had already left and this was an important encounter he didn’t want to miss, and I wasn’t really sure how to rule this situation yet.

So regarding the question itself, say you’re in a grapple with another creature, and during your turn you cast time stop (since it only has verbal components you can cast it while grappling with a DC 29 Concentration check), but you’re inside the area of a forbiddance spell, so you can’t just teleport out.

Could you escape the grapple while time is stopped using the normal method (by making a grapple or escapism check)? I’m guessing that since the opponent can’t move or be moved he can’t make a grapple check either so you can’t even try the opposed check.

Would casting freedom of movement be of any help at all? You automatically succeed on the grapple check to free yourself, but I don’t think you can make that check to begin with.

What other methods could you use to escape before the time stop ends?

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Can I cast Shield against an attack that hits me during a Time Stop?

Suppose an enemy casts Time Stop and then makes an attack against me, rolling a 20 to hit against my 16 AC. Normally, I could cast Shield to cause this attack to miss. And of course, this attack also ends the Time Stop. So, does time start flowing "soon enough" for me to cast Shield against the attack that ends the Time Stop spell?

What can Orcus do with Time Stop?

Last night I pitched the Demon Lord Orcus against my level 19 players. With a 26CR, I expected it to be a bigger challenge than it was. Orcus had a Wand of Orcus, and summoned a Nightcrawler, a Death Knight, and a Poltergeist against the 5 party members.

While holding the wand, Orcus can use an action to conjure undead creatures whose combined average hit points don’t exceed 500.

Our Necromancer stole the Nightcrawler, our Monk stunned the DK for 3 rounds, and the Poltergeist got the wrong end of our Paladin’s Holy Avenger. Anyway, as the fight starts, Orcus catches some of the players off-guard, and Time Stops in his first turn (no one was able to Counterspell it). But then… I had nothing to do during 5 turns. I moved Orcus closer to the enemies, and laid a Circle of Death, which ended Time-Stop. I’m not sure what Orcus should be doing when using Time Stop.

Initiative doesn’t run during Time Stop, so I couldn’t use lair actions to make more zombies.

Orcus causes up to six corpses within the lair to rise as skeletons, zombies, or ghouls. These undead obey his telepathic commands, which can reach anywhere in the lair.

All his undead-creating spells take 1 minute (Animate Dead, Create Undead). All his other spells or abilities affect creatures (aside from Detect Magic). Is Time Stop only useful to run away? Or to maybe force enemies to burn a higher-level counterspell? How can Orcus use high 1/day Time Stop spell offensively?

Does Globe of Invunerability stop the Catapult spell?

Globe of Invulnerability is one of those spells that seems to have multiple sticking points as to what works and what doesn’t.

Specifically, Globe prevents "any spell of 5th level or lower cast from outside the barrier [from affecting] creatures or objects within it"; Spells "can target creatures and objects within the barrier, but [they] has no effect on them" and "the area within the barrier is excluded from the areas affected by such spells."

Catapult hurls an object in a direction, dealing damage if it would impact a solid surface. It does not target creatures (ruling out the second clause), and the spell description does not have an associated area (the third clause).

Would a creature inside a Globe of Invulnerability take damage from an object thrown by a Catapult spell?

how to stop it posting to same domain multiple times

the project keeps posting to blog comment sites many, many times,
i have unselected
options>”use urls verified linking on same verified url”
& also unselected
options>scheduled posting>”allow posting on same site again”
but the projects keep posting (blog comments) to different urls on the same domains (many different domains) over & over again

anyone know how to stop this ?

Bullets Stop when Shooting Unity 2D

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine;  public class Makarov : MonoBehaviour {     public GameObject Bullet;      public float BulletSpeed;      public Transform ShootPoint;      // Update is called once per frame     void Update()     {         if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0))         {             shoot();         }     }      void shoot()     {         GameObject BulletIns = Instantiate(Bullet, ShootPoint.position, ShootPoint.rotation);         BulletIns.GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce(BulletIns.transform.forward * BulletSpeed);     } } 

When I shoot the bullets just stop right in front if the gun. This is for a top down shooting.

How to stop WooCommerce from removing link functionality in uploaded PDF products

my site uses WooCommerce to sell downloadable PDFs which should have clickable links, but when these PDFs are downloaded after purchase, the links are no longer clickable. I’ve searched everywhere I can think to try to find a resolution to the problem. Has anyone encountered this before?

I’ve tried downloading with multiple browsers and opening the files in Acrobat and Preview, to no avail, so I think it looks like the links are being removed on upload to the site. I use an image optimiser (Smush) to process images on upload to the site, but this doesn’t affect PDFs.

I’m a little perplexed, any insight would be much appreciated.

Can I swap a maneuver known with another one if I have te requisite before the swap but stop having it after?

The Tome of Battle states the following:

Upon reaching 4th level, and at every even-numbered swordsage level after that (6th, 8th, 10th, and so on), you can choose to learn a new maneuver in place of one you already know. In effect, you lose the old maneuver in exchange for the new one. You can choose a new maneuver of any level you like, as long as you observe your restriction on the highest- level maneuvers you know; you need not replace the old maneuver with a maneuver of the same level. For example, upon reaching 10th level, you could trade in a single 1st-, 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th-level maneuver for a maneuver of 5th level or lower, as long as you meet the prerequisite of the new maneuver. You can swap only a single maneuver at any given level.

So, let’s say my PC (Monk 4, Swordsage 4) has Mighty Throw as his only Setting Sun maneuver and wants to swap it at level 4 with Devastating Throw. He accomplishes the requisite of having 1 Setting Sun maneuver before the swap, however, he no longer accomplishes the requisite after the swap (unless you count the Devastating Throw itself). Is this swap possible?