Stop ethernet from automatically reconnecting

I have a dual Ethernet connection setup on my computer running Ubuntu 18 in a VM from virtual box. I need to disconnect one or the other occasionally because of lack of routing in some applications. Problem is that whenever I disconnect Eth0, the OS will automatically create a connection, “eth0.” If I delete or disconnect from “eth0,” the OS will reconnect.

I am thinking this is part of autoethernet but not sure how to stop it.

How to stop current branch of actions but not terminate the whole flow

I have 4 streams of actions which filter out selections: 1-10k 11-30k 30-99k 100k+

On my previous question I wanted to avoid heavily nesting items, that has been achieved. Now, I am faced with the problem where, I have 3 Streams that are FALSE and one is TRUE but I don’t want to Terminate the whole flow just because they are false.

So, I have a workaround of “Do Until” which will run infinitely, until the flow is forced to terminate.

I was wondering, are there any other methods that are recommended?

Another I can think of is Sending an Email asking for a response which never gets answered. Neither are ideal solutions, but suffice. Are there official ways of performing this? Something like, end this “line of inquiry” if condition is false?

enter image description here

How to stop subsites from appearing in Quick launch and top bar in SP Onlline if it is created via a workflow

So we are creating subsites through a K2 workflow. I know you can specify for the subsites to not appear in top bar and quick launch of the parent site if created manually. But if its created through K2 I dont get the option to turn off those features. Can anyone help me with this?

Much appreciated.

Specific keys on keyboard stop responding at random times

For a while I’m struggling to figure out and fix this issue on my portable laptop (Asus TP200SA, intel atom, 2GB) running ubuntu 18.04 and Linux Mint 19.2. Kernel 4.10.0-38

At random times, a particular set of keys i.e. w, 3, ->(arrow), s stops working. Even a reboot/shutdown doesn’t help.

Is there a way:

I can get some diagnostic information so that I can get an idea whats the underlying issue?

  • restart the builtin keyboard/driver, if possible?

  • I’ve searched around a lot on internet and couldn’t find anyone with similar issue. At best people have encountered issue of certain keys not working at all but my case is random cease in their functions.

Initially I suspected low free memory (200Mb/2Gb) was somehow responsible but in that case a clean reboot should get rid of it, however, it wasn’t the case and didn’t solve.

I also suspect there maybe some X11 underlying bug responsible, intercepting the key input however, not processing it but I don’t know how to debug and get diagonistic information about X11.

Any helpful tips, suggestions and insights will be looked forward. Thanks in advance fellows!

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Stop External users with ‘contribute’ permission mass mailing everyone in AD (hide all users in AD from external users)

Our clients each have their own site on our tenant. They have contribute permission level (within their own site) to allow them to upload documents for us to process. With ‘contribute’ they also get the button to “SHARE”. When this is selected they can start to type letters in the selection box and can start to populate the box. They cannot press send, but but this point they could copy and past into an email and bulk email! How do I stop them seeing ALL USERS in the AD. Even users that are not in their site!


How to stop systemd.tmfiles-clean service command line

The daily job to clean temp files is causing a crash (hard reboot necessary), how can I disable it? Which file do I need to modify and add “Disabled” in the configuration?

The exact message in the logs is: systemd-udevd[483]: seq 7491 ‘/kernel/slab//:A-0000256/cgroup/filp(1880:systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service)’ is taking a long time

systemd-udevd[483]: seq 7492 ‘/kernel/slab//:aA-000192/cgroup/dentry(1880:systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service)’ is taking a long time

After that 2nd message, the system was unresponsive and required a switch off/on.

The graphical interface is xfce with minimal tools installed and pretty unstable too, so I’d rather do command lines/edit files manually.

Thanks for your help!