Ubuntu and windows both stopped working

I ,first time installed Ubuntu may be I messed up with installation and now I can’t boot into my Windows 7 and nor Ubuntu, it only shows a command line interface without GUI .I then started installing windows 7 again then I found that my hard drive is not shown in Windows installation. in disk part my whole hard drive is treated as invalid I can’t format my hard-disk except for cdrive any help is appreciated thanks in advance

How to fix “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped”?

I am using a Sony Xperia C3 running Android 5.1 Lollipop. I had done a reset of my phone as it was getting hanged. When the reset completed I tried to assign my Gmail ID with the Play Store but at the final stage it says

Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped

I tried every option shown on your website but the problem is not solved.

Moto g 1st gen getting “unfortunately google play services has stopped” message even in safe mode

I hope you can help.

I have a moto g 1st gen phone and for the last two days I have had the dreaded “Unfortunately google play services has stopped” message.

I cannot “force stop” the app as suggested elsewhere, since the only buttons still working are “disable” and “manage space”.

The “force stop” and “uninstall updates” buttons are greyed out.

The “clear cache” button is not greyed out but doesn’t do anything when pressed.

I have tried changing to “safe mode” and even then I still get the same “unfortunately….” message. Apparently that means it isn’t a problem with any of my many installed apps (?)

I cannot update the app manually as it doesn’t exist on “play store”.

I did have an incident yesterday where Norton closed down internet access for a time, having discovered “malware” in an app which I then had to delete to reinstate the internet connection and continue using the phone. I can’t remember if the play services message was appearing before that incident or not.

Please advise in straightforward terms what I can do next – is a factory reset my only option or could you suggest something else? If you can suggest something else, please advise in simple terms what I need to do and where to find what I need, if you can.

The version of Google play services I have on my phone is Version 9.4.52 and obviously it isn’t running the latest operating system as there was never an upgrade available for my phone.

Thank you !

Processing stopped during data migration

Processing stopped during data migration. I don’t know how to fix it.

Could you tell me?

Command executed:

php bin/magento migrate:data vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/etc/opensource-to-opensource/ 

Message when processing has stopped:

[Exception] Notice: Undefined offset: 151 in /var/www/html/magento/vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/src/Migration/Step/Eav/Data.php on line 813 

All messages being processed

[2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Data Integrity Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: EAV Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Customer Attributes Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Map Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Url Rewrite Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Log Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Ratings Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: ConfigurablePrices step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: OrderGrids Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: Tier Price Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: integrity check][step: SalesIncrement Step]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: setup triggers][step: Stage]: started [2019-07-04 09:29:16][INFO][mode: data][stage: data migration][step: EAV Step]: started 71% [====================>-------] Remaining Time: < 1 sec  [Exception] Notice: Undefined offset: 151 in /var/www/html/tertiary/vendor/magento/data-migration-tool/src/Migration/Step/Eav/Data.php on line 813   

iPad power button stopped working for a while after water splash, is there a major risk for mainboard corrosion?

I have a waterproof backpack but I must have not zip it completely in a hurry and I was caught by heavy rain.

Upper part of my iPad got slightly wet (about 5cm from the top, based on trace left on protective case). It was not submerged in the water, it appears to be a splash type effect.

I haven’t even noticed that after arriving in my office, I was working on it as usual and suddenly noticed the power button is not working and then suddenly noticed the water stain on the protective cover.

As emergency solution I enabled the accessibility feature as replacement for it.

Few hours later the button started to act like pressing itself, just few times, randomly.

Few more hours later it started to work back as usual.

After hours I went to nearest electronic repair shop which is trusted by couple of my friends. I requested them to open up my iPad and clean up the area around the power button using isopropyl alcohol to prevent corossion.

They refused to do it, they said it’s just water and my iPad is going to be fine. Honestly, it sounds to me like they just didn’t wanted to do it and gave me a bad advice.

Some research

As explained in this reference, the rain water is not pure, it contains contaminants from the atmosphere and even after dried out, can cause corrosion and oxidation.


I also reviewed all the water damage related questions on this Stack and extracted relevant ones.

Answers that recommend cleaning at third party repair shops. However in case of those questions, device was submerged or there was large spill making most of the liquid enter insides of the device, not just splashed.

How to deal with phone dropped in water MacBook Pro mid-2010- water damaged – but it still plays the chime?

Those answer recommend drying, ventilation and just using it as long as possible, however here there was a serious spill and most of liquid ended up inside of the device, in my case probably only a little bit, there is not much cavity to let water through on top of iPad case.

Spilled water on Macbook Pro 13 inch, early 2015 No sound (speakers/jack) + microphone's dead after spilling water

This one in addition seems very optimistic if amounts of water are small.

A few drops of water on my Macbook Pro

The answer here recommends ultrasonic cleaner, however I suppose it also requires opening up the device so doesn’t make the repair less risky.

iPhone 4S fell into water and blacked out, with only CPU and mainboard burning. Is it possible to export the data from two years ago?


Potential damage could be worse than just power button replacement?

Given the fact the device was not submerged, only partially exposed to stream of water and visibly affected only the power button

If potential corrosion occurs, would it require only power button replacement or entire iPad mainboard?

Better to find another repair shop and insist for cleaning?

Cleaning the motherboard is a complicated repair, my iPad is 12,9″ version, screen is easy to break, I don’t feel confident doing it myself. I head iPads are designed to be splash resistant, I’m wondering if it is worth taking the risk and just not do anything or is it sure corrosion might get it and I absolutely need to search for new repair shop that will take the challenge and clean up the motherboard?

What if they offer this ultrasonic cleaning instead of isopropyl approach? Should I go for it?

Audio stopped working Ubuntu 19.04

I installed 19.04 earlier today and spent an hour trying to get audio working. Then audio finally started working after I plugged the speakers into a different spot in the back of my computer.

Then about an hour ago, after audio was working great, everything got quiet and stopped working. I have no idea why this is and don’t know how to troubleshoot because this is my first day using linux.

enter image description here

enter image description here enter image description here

It’s very strange that there is an “Auto-Mute Mode” in alsamixer that seems to be enabled.

I am sorry, I don’t know what I should be looking for or how to diagnose the problem and nothing I have found on the internet has helped so far. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks

MinervaNeue style in Wikipedia stopped showing image overlay

tl;dr: Recently MinervaNeue style in Wikipedia stopped showing an overlay with Media Viewer. In addition, my setting to not use Media Viewer at all is ignored. I’d like to know, if this is only me (cookies, cache etc.) or is it a well known bug? And if there’s any workaround for this problem?

For past 8 months I have been using MinervaNeue style in Wikipedia. It works just fine for me until recently I have noticed that it stopped showing overlays with Media Viewer. I click on an image, browser’s URL changes, but nothing happens / nothing appears:

enter image description here

I have to refresh page (on changed URL) to actually see image, I have just clicked.

Other Wikipedia styles, other than MinervaNeue are not and displays overlay without any problems.

In addition, feeling that not showing image overlay issue has something to do with the “new” Media Viewer, I have disabled this feature, by unchecking “Enable Media Viewer”, saving changes and refreshing all Wikipedia pages (but not — restarting the browser, if that matters).

This change seems to be ignored most of the time. Approximately one click in ten actually opens an image directly in image page (full URL change), as it is supposed to happen each time with Media Viewer disabled. All remaining click ends up with an attempt to display Media Viewer’s overlay (no full URL change, using Javascript to modify URL instead), which fails.

From what I have managed to figure out so far — the problem persists:

  • in many browsers: checked Firefox, Chrome and Edge,
  • for many Wikipedia languages: checked English and Polish,
  • for many image types: checked links to .jpg, .png and .svg.

Can anyone else confirm that above described problem (with MinervaNeue style not displaying image overlay and with Wikipedia ignoring the fact that Media Viewer was disabled)? Is there any know workaround except for switching Wikipedia to another style?

Chinese Input Stopped working in ubuntu 18.04LTE

I had Chinese input with IBUS working for long time. Recently the Chinese input started having some problems. When the problem started a week or two ago, the first, the input method worked, shows the candidates, input the my choices, then after a few Chinese characters, it stopped mapping my choice number into Chinese character, just put the number into the document.

But now the input method completely stopped working, doesn’t even switch to the Chinese input mode.

I removed and reinstalled Chinese, IBUS, restarted so many times without any success.

What else can I do?

individual ringtones stopped working, favorites not recognized in “Do Not Disturb”

Samsung Galaxy S5, Android 6.0.1 — All individual or unique ringtones not working. Plays the main set ringtone for all calls. Also, when Do Not Disturb is on, does not recognize exceptions for Favorites. I’ve tried resetting all of the above and it does not fix the problem. I recently installed an app called Talking Clock, which I never got working. After I noticed the problems, I uninstalled the app. That didn’t help. Verizon store said I may have to do a complete factory data reset to solve the problem.

Keyboard shortcut for a service stopped working

I have made a custom keyboard shortcut for Finder that runs a script that copies the full file path to the clipboard. The shortcut is Control + Alt + Command + C.

It has always worked, but today it suddenly stopped working. I tried sniffing for any program that activates when the shortcut is pressed using /usr/bin/sudo opensnoop in Terminal but to no success. I have not recently installed any new programs.

How do I get my shortcut back?