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What course in CS deals with the study of RAM, CPU, Storage?

I watched the Crash Course playlist of Computer Science. It was teaching about RAM, CPU, Storage etc but I felt it was way too fast and only people who have studied the course first hand understood it better.

So I wanted to ask what CS couse actually teaches the details of CPU, RAM and how it is build from the scratch with the help of Logic Gates.

memory storage of a program before compiling

Whenever we write code, after compilation the code will be converted to machine language and then stored in the hard disk. But before compiling the code, it is still in the high-level language. How and where the memory is allocated for the code before compiling the code while it is in a high-level language.

I assume, before compiling the code is stored in RAM, but how? because we can only store in machine language in RAM.

If there is any wrong with my question or it is a wrong way of asking, please comment below. It will be helpful

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Are there any good chemicals for physically destroying storage media?

In particular, this applies to small solid state storage media like SD cards small enough to fit on your thumb. I once read that Cerium nitrate dissolved in water can be used to etch hard disk platters but I haven’t actually verified this. So would concentrated nitric acid get the job done for physical destruction of solid state drives? If not I’m curious what might be effective that is not too dangerously cor

Destroying data on storage drives via overwrite methods really doesn’t work?

I’m going to sell a computer hard drive on the Internet, it’s a 500GB SATA hard drive, I really used it 3 or 2 years ago, I never used it again, I used about 20 or 40% of the space.

I have read about various tools and used Hardwipe, first I deleted the volume and recreated it, then with the program (option to clean free space) I used the GOST R 50739-95 method, when it finished then I did it again with the random method (both It took about 6 hours, in total I spent 2 days on this task, and I had several interruptions so I had to disconnect and continue the overwrite).

I have read an article on the internet (I shouldn’t believe everything I read on the internet, but that’s why I am asking this question), where it mentions that overwriting these random bytes is not enough and even if I used the DoD 5220.22-M method the data could To be recoverable, it mentions that a good method is degaussing (but this is really crazy, that is, a disk that used so little space), is this information really true? Should I use a Gutmann method?


SFTP server with storage encryption

I’m looking for an unusual solution that uses SFTP server for data transfer but said SFTP server also should act an encryption proxy i.e. all the data it stores on the server side should be encrypted. Although I could use host (OS-wide) encryption it is not gonna be effective during runtime if the hoster I use decided to peek at it or will be forced by 3rd party or crappy government.

I did some googling but the only thing I found was: https://github.com/libfuse/sshfs Problem is I dont want no custom clients, I want to hide ANY implementation from the client, it should be just your basic SFTP you can use anywhere, even on your microwave, let alone phone or notebook.

This variant: https://serverfault.com/questions/887167/sftp-with-data-encryption-at-rest seems useable but again, at runtime it only protects against other normal users (which I dont have).

Will dm-verity protect against firmware malware on storage devices likes HDD or SSD?

Malware on the firmware level can potentially mess with data on the storage device. There is no point in doing that for encrypted data except maybe corruption. But what about a smartphone or other device with dm-verity where the system partition is not encrypted. Could this kind of malware break dm-verity?

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Safe storage for multiple passwords for multiple accounts

I copied the question from ‘Power user’ for a better visibility, hope it is allowed.

So, I’ve had this difficulty for a while, and I hope to get some feedback or referral to the sites where this problem may be discussed.

Nowadays all of us have multiple accounts, both personal and work-related (logins to web-sites or applications at work, logins to personal computers and mobile devices, etc.). I personally have more than 50 different accounts. In addition, some of those resources require changing password every month or so, and some of them require that the next password does not have the same combination of symbols as the previous one and that it has both capital letters and numbers and other symbols, well, you know…

How do you come up with so many different passwords that have different combinations of symbols and how do you remember all of them?

I feel that it is incorrect to record work-related passwords on personal mobile devices or in cloud storage. It is also prohibited by company policies. I also prefer not to record the passwords to the sites where I can manage personal finances or taxes.

Next, some passwords may be restored using the email that was used for registration. Some passwords may be restored using the phone number that was used for registration. How do you manage that? Do you record or memorize the correspondence between the emails and the sites/resources, and also logins? Do you use separate emails for money-related issues?

Are there any interesting articles on the topic? What is the correct way of working with this much complexity/is there a know how? Was there an idea that the creators of this system had in mind? How all this can be secure if we end up recording all these passwords?