Where are the Console Events (CTRL_C_EVENT, CTRL_BREAK_EVENT etc) stored in the Windows Event logs?

Of late I’ve had to write Console Event Handling into some our C# command-line tools. This has been largely successful.

What I’m curious know is this: in which Windows Event log are these events recorded? It would be helpful to know what applications issued these events so that we can better manage their generation and handling.

XSS stored in DVWA

Trying “XSS stored in DVWA” and now I am completely confused. It is not letting me bypass, I tried many inputs and I know what the preg_replace() is doing still nothing seems to work for me. I used the :"img src", "body onload","onmouseoover" etc but nothing seems to work on this case. I also tried unicoded code but still no luck.

How to get date from `DateTime` object returned by stored procedure

I have a datetime object that I am extracting from a datatable returned by a stored procedure called in my Asp.Net app.

DataTable tableInfo = _dtMgr.GetInfoByID(uxGridView.SelectedDataKey.Value.ToString()); tableInfo.Rows[0]["dateOfEvent"]; 

It returns the following: {3/19/2019 10:11:0000 AM}. I am simply trying to get the date ‘3/19/2019’ and have tried the following. No matter what I do, it still returns {3/19/2019 10:11:0000 AM}. Any suggestions?

What I’ve tried:

var dt1 = Convert.ToDateTime(tableInfo.Rows[0]["dateOfEvent"]).Date; //dt1 returns {3/19/2019 10:11:0000 AM} var dt2 = dt1.date //same dt1.Tostring('MM/dd/yyyy'); // too many characters in literal error 

Note: These are all solutions I have seen in similar questions about extracting the date from a datetime object in C#. None of them seem to work.

Will Time Machine backup an iTunes library that’s stored on a network share?

I store my iTunes library on a Synology NAS and access it from an SMB share. The library is larger the SSD in my Macbook, so I cannot store it locally.

Does Time Machine back a library that is on a network drive?

I entered Time Machine today and tried to navigate to the iTunes library share but it isn’t there. That leads me to believe that it isn’t being backed up.

If it isn’t being backed up, is there a way to get Time Machine to back it up? If not, is there an alternative? If I remember correctly, Backblaze will not back up network drives. I’m not aware of another backup service for Macs, but I am open to suggestions.

It’s taken me countless hours to organize my library, fixing song/album info, download album art, etc, in addition to the cost of buying tons of music from various sources.