Prevent Firefox from sending a user-agent string in HTTP requests [closed]

I was recently experimenting with HTTP requests and got curious about user agents. In particular, I’d like to know if it’s possible to prevent a browser (in my case Firefox) from including the user agent string in requests. Now, I know there are extensions that modify the string, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I would like to know if the string can be omitted completely.


url not using query string no longer working

I have a few websites where I have coded a custom feature to get data from the database, these are all older sites. the page fetches info by grabbing the last part of the url and turning it into the variable ‘item’

this used to work, but now it no longer does. something is stripping off the last part of the url and it’s just loading

The workaround of changing the url to

has ‘fixed’ it but I’d rather the other url. Can anybody shed any light on what has happened here? I believe this happened on a wordpress update a couple of versions ago.

How to change string output in hierarchy tree postgresql?

I have a table like this:

------------------------------------------------- |  id  | description         | parent_id   |  cost -------------------------------------------------- | 1    |  Radiology         |       NULL  | 0.00 | 2    |  Lab Tests         |       NULL  | 0.00 | 3    |  Normal Radiology  |         1   | 0.00 | 4    |  Resonance         |         1   | 100.00 | 1100 |  Cerebral Resonance|         4   | 200.00 | 1900 |  Blood Tests       |         2   | 10.00 | 2044 |  Calcium           |         2   | 50.00  --------------------------------------------------- 

I need to generate this kind of output:

Radiology    -->Normal Radiology    -->Resonance       -->Cerebral Resonance with contrast Lab Test     --> Blood Test     --> Calcium 

I’m working on Postgresql. I’ve been trying this with recursive CTE but I was unable to generate what I like:

WITH RECURSIVE hierarchy AS (     SELECT  id, CAST(description AS TEXT) AS parent_list     FROM    orders     WHERE   parent_id is null     UNION       SELECT,             CAST(c2.parent_list || ' --> ' || c.description as text) as parent_list     FROM orders c     INNER JOIN hierarchy c2 ON c.parent_id = )    SELECT  id, parent_list FROM    hierarchy GROUP BY id, parent_list ORDER BY parent_list; 

That recursive CTE produces the following non desirable output:

Radiology Radiology--> Normal Radiology Radiology--> Resonance Radiology--> Resonance --> Cerebral Resonance with contrast Lab Test Lab Test --> Blood Test Lab Test --> Calcium 

Can anyone please give a piece of advice?

display text generated via custom get query string

I’m trying to display some text on my page, generating it via get query string, e.g. calling this url:

If I understand correctly in such cases it is needed to "add them to the public query variables available to WP_Query" (stated here, so I followed directions adding the following code to my page template:

<?php  function queries( $  qvars ) {     $  qvars[] = 'letter';     return $  qvars;     } add_filter( 'query_vars', 'queries' );  $  text = get_query_var( 'letter' ); echo "letter is: ".$  text; ?> 

unfortunately this is not working as expected, since it only diplays the exlicit part of the string ("letter is: ").

What am I missing? Thanks everyone

Can SSIS packages call other SSIS packages in the connection string?

I am running an SSIS package that transfers data from one (SQL2008) server to another (SQL2000). However after P2V conversion the SQL2008 server cannot execute an SSIS package due to a user authentication error.

Lets say the package is called "Transfer-Go". In the connection string of that package can it call another SSIS package? In the SSIS library there is another package with the same that appears in the string (called Transfer-Now) name The string is below:

Data Source=<IP>;User ID=<user>;Initial Catalog=<db_name>;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Persist Security Info=True;OLE DB Services=-13;Auto Translate=False;Application Name=SSIS-<Transfer-Now-name of other SSIS package>-{8ABA18EE-637E-424F-A3F7-F7E4EA50DD9D}<IP.db_name.user>; 

So is this SSIS package connection string calling that package?

And if the credentials are wrong in that package could that be why I am unable to authenticate?

Thanks for any input, not a DB/SQL guy at all so I apologize if I sound green here.

display an input string many times

I’d like to create a function that add 2 to an integer as much as we want. It would look like that:

>>> n = 3  >>> add_two(n) Would you like to add a two to n ? Yes The new n is 5 Would you like to add a two to n ? Yes the new n is 7 Would you like to add a two to n ? No 

Can anyone help me please ? I don’t how I can print the sentence without recalling the function.

Database connection lost whenever SQL query string is too long

I recently switched from running my Rails app on a single VM to running the database — MariaDB 10.3 — on a separate (Debian Buster) VM. Now that the database is on a separate server, Rails immediately throws Mysql2::Error::ConnectionError: MySQL server has gone away whenever it tries to make a query where the SQL itself is very long. (They query itself isn’t necessarily one that would put significant load on the system.)

An example query that causes the problem looks like this:

SELECT `articles`.`id` FROM `articles` WHERE `articles`.`namespace` = 0 AND `articles`.`wiki_id` = 1 AND `articles`.`title` IN ('Abortion', 'American_Civil_Liberties_Union', 'Auschwitz_concentration_camp', 'Agent_Orange', 'Ahimsa') 

… except the array of titles is about 5000 items long, and the full query string is ~158kB.

On the database side, this corresponds to warnings like this:

2021-03-25 15:47:13 10 [Warning] Aborted connection 10 to db: 'dashboard' user: 'outreachdashboard' host: 'programs-and-events-dashboard.globaleducation.eqiad1.wikimed' (Got an error reading communication packets)

The problem seems to be with the network layer, but I can’t get to the bottom of it. I’ve tried adjusting many MariaDB config variables (max_allowed_packet, innodb_log_buffer_size, innodb_log_file_size, innodb_buffer_pool_size) but none of those made a difference. The problem seems to be that the connection is aborted while it is attempting to transmit the long SQL query string from the app server to the database server. (There’s no corresponding problem with receiving large query results from the database.)

I’ve tried adjusting several timeout-related settings as well, although that seems unlikely to be the problem because I can replicate the connection error without any significant wait, just by issuing one of the long-SQL-string queries from a Rails console.

I’ve tried using tcpdump to see what’s coming in, but didn’t pick up any additional clues from that.

Using Dynamic Data Masking in SQL Server Custom String

I need to mask the data in the following table. enter image description here

For example, I need to mask the first_name of the user Roberto to something like NAME<>, So the end result should look like NAME1

Is this possible in SQL Server?

My SQL Server details below.

enter image description here

I have tried these methods from the documentation but still no luck. enter link description here