Arriving in France before the start of a Student Visa. Can I go to the UK and come back to France?

I’m American and currently applying for a Student Long Stay Visa in France (>90 days; it’s a 2 year Master’s program). My visa appointment with the consulate is in mid-July. My school starts on September 16th, and I’ve stated on the application that I plan to go to France on September 1st.

Well it turns out that it would be better for me to go to France August 1st. I was wondering if it’s possible that I could go to France on a tourist visit (which does not require a visa for stays <90 days) and then take a short weekend trip to the UK (at the end of August) before returning and presenting them with my student visa?

I know that I technically cannot combine a long stay visa with a tourist visit. However this isn’t technically combining the two as I would be leaving the Schengen territory and re-entering, right?

I can’t easily ask to make the start of my visa August 1st because my boyfriend recently got the attestation d’accueil (proof of accommodation for the first 3 months of my stay) validated by the mairie and the start date for this document is on September 1st.

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Does a student need transit Visa in London [duplicate]

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I am a student and I am travelling from India to USA. I am on F1 visa and my layover is in London of 17 hours. My flight is American airlines and will reach in London airport at 3:20pm and depart next day at 7am from same airport.

Do I need a transit visa ?

UK student visa with schengen tourist visa

I have both a U.K. student visa and a schengen tourist visa. My schengen visa starts a few days after my U.K. visa starts. I am a visa national so when I enter U.K. I will be entering with my student visa. My school starts 2 weeks after I arrive so I plan to travel around schengen countries then go back to U.K. in time for my class to start. My question is, is that allowed?

how can i add student marks and table appearance using php

every thing is added successfully in the result table but the appearance of the result table in the phpmyadmin is quite different to what i expected once i added the the marks, student_code, subject_code and subject_name I have six subject, what i expected is every student should have all his/her marks in only one column. what i get now is this

 student_code   subject_code       subject_name             marks     01           01                  Kiswahili                  50     01           02                  English                    50     01           03                  Hisabati                   40     01           04                  Huji                       44     01           05                  Stadi Za Kazi              36     01           06                  Sayansi                    42 

but i want to get this in phpmyadmin

You can see here every student all of his/her marks are in one column, unlike above

STUDENT_CODE    KISWAHILI   ENGLISH HISABATI    HUJI    STADI ZA KAZI   SAYANSI 1                   50          50      40       44          36           42 2                   48          46      36       46          44           42  3                   48          40      44       42          45           38 4                   50          50      36       44          40           38 5                   42          50      40       42          38           46 

here is my result table structure

    1   student_code    varchar(250)                     2   subject_code    varchar(250)                 3   subject_name    varchar(250)                     4   marks   int(10)  

here is my subject table with subject name and subject code already inserted

subject_code    subject_name 1                Kiswahili 2                English 3                Hisabati 4                Huji 5                Stadi Za Kazi 6                Sayansi 

Also is there a way where by i can add marks for all six subject at once, instead of adding marks for one subject at a time and then submit and then take marks for another subject and then add, until all the marks for six subjects are complete and then take another student then do the same thing, i’m asking this, foristance you have 400 students and each student take all the six subjects, will it be possible to use a loop.

what do i do now? i have been refused a short term student visa

the reason for the refusal is below, what do i have to do different when i reapply: The decision I have refused your application for a visit visa because I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of paragraph A57A to A57D of Immigration Rules because:  You state in your application that you are visiting the UK as a short term student for a duration of 20 days to study at University College London UCL with their course Summer School (Anatomy and Developmental Biology).  You state that you are currently a student that you have that you have monthly living expenditure of 1,500 GHS (£221.66) and that you personally have £4000 (27,068.3GHS) and have been provided with an additional £6,000 (40,602.50 GHS) from your father that you are relying upon to fund this visit.  You state that you intend to spend £10,000 (67,670.80 GMD), which equates to over 45 months of your living costs in your country of residence on a short period of study in the United Kingdom and I am not satisfied that this degree of expenditure is proportionate to your current economic circumstances and leads me to doubt your stated intentions in seeking to visit the UK.  You have presented financial information but this does not satisfy me. I have been unable to confirm any income that you receive that supports you on a day to day basis while you study and that you have your monthly living expense. In addition, I have been unable to confirm that you now possess the funds you claim of £4000 (27,068.3GHS) and have been provided with an additional £6,000 (40,602.50 GHS) from your father that you are relying upon to fund this visit.  You have provided information from your father in support of this application but this does not satisfy me. Although you have submitted business registration documents in support of your application, these do not demonstrate that the business is actually operating, or that your father is deriving any income from it. The transaction history in the copy of your bank statement you have provided does not reflect the income you have quoted, and indicates large sums of deposits made to your account for which you have provided no explanation. I have noted the business documents and the bank account presented; however these do not demonstrate any money transferring from the business to a personal account. I am mindful that money held in a business represents funds used for the activities and running of the business and these funds do not necessarily reflect an individual’s personal financial circumstances, even if that individual is involved in the running of the company, as the money is required to meet the businesses liabilities and other business expenses. I am not satisfied that you can be provided with funds from the account provided. In view of your lack of information, I am not satisfied that you have provided an accurate representation of the purpose for this visit.  In light of all the above I am not satisfied that you have enough funds to meet the cost of your return or onward journey from the UK, will be maintained and accommodated adequately out of funds available to you, genuinely seeking entry as a short-term student and intend to leave the UK at the end of the study or at the end of 6 months whichever is sooner. Paragraph A57C (vi) (vii) (ix) and A57D (b).

i am a university student and i clearly stated in my application i dont have any source of income also i never stated i had 4000£ to my name for the trip i rather stated my dad was ready to support me with a sum of 10,000£ for my study. i have already paid for tuition and accommodation to the the summer school

Can i extend my German student Visa from India?

So i am in this situation where i have my German student Visa only until 20th June 2019 and i am living in India at the moment and i will not able to travel to Germany for my Visa renewal. So is it possible to get my student visa extended/renewed from India? If yes, then it would be really helpful if you could let me know the procedure. Thanks.

Would UK visa ban affect Ireland student visa application

I was refused a UK visit visa for my graduation in the UK last year and also penalized with a 10 years ban. The reason for the penalty was that I over stayed my previous visa by one day and I failed to disclose the one day over stay in the visa application i made for my graduation, and also due to negligence, I wrote incorrect dates of travel into and out of UK while I held my previous visa. I intend doing an LLM ( masters) in Ireland, would the 10 years UK ban affect my chances if I apply for an Irish student visa? I would like your opinions please.

Financial proof short term student UK visa

I’m doing a gap year to learn english in London. I’m accepted in an accredited school (for 8 month) and i have sufficient funds to go (my parents will pay for me) My Father has a new bank account ( 1 month old ) with more than 50 000 pounds. Is it a good enought proof of financial stability ? I also have a bank account where i receive approximatively 2000 pounds every month from my family but sometimes i go over and use 100 pounds more (so i go under 0)

Any advice on how to go from there to have a good chance to get my short term STUDENT visa ?

Thank you