Visual Studio Code on Linux – Privacy risk?

I’m a fan of Visual Studio, and recently installed VSC on my Linux Mint. However recently I did a deep-dive on Richard Stallman’s site reading about just how evil and depraved all the big tech companies are, including Microsoft (not that I didn’t already know that these companies are evil, I just didn’t realise the extent of their depravity).

Now I’m feeling edgy about having VSC on my machine. I’m security and privacy conscious, and use TOR browser often. I read recently that on Windows 10 machines, opening certain files through TOR browser reveals your real IP to Microsoft. This being the case, I’m wary of having microsoft software installed on my machine.

I was wondering what the risks are if I keep VSC installed on my Linux Mint 19? How can I confirm that this program is "sandboxed"? I don’t want it spying on me. What sort of information is it known to transmit to Microsoft, and what other information could it potentially be collecting without my knowledge?

Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I’m not sure how to do an independent investigation which is why I want to come here and ask the experts. If no one knows a direct answer to my question, I will still upvote pointers as to how I could investigate it independently. (I haven’t confirmed this, but knowing microsoft, VSC is closed-source, which obviously makes the job much harder)

Debugging T-Sql code using Visual Studio 2019. Error message: frame not in module

Has anyone had success using Visual Studio 2019 for debugging T-SQL code, the way SSMS allows Step-into & Step-over?

When I hit debug (Alt-F5), gives me this error, after making some progress. Looks like once it hits the section of the code that calls another procedure, it gives this error.

Frame not in module.   The current stack frame was not found in a loaded module. Source cannot be shown for this location. 


1  ..    2  ..   3  SELECT 1 FROM sys.objects   4  SELECT dbo.SomeFunction(1)   5  UPDATE TABLE SET X = 1 ....   6   

It runs well, until line 3, once it hits line 4, where it is calling a different function, it throws the aboe error. In SSMS, that line just opens a new window with code for the function and show debugging progress for each F11 step-into — but not in Visual Studio 2019 (Version 16.7.1)


How to add a server list into Registered Servers on Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

I have a list of sqlserver on on table on tbl_servers which have 500 server. example:

Select IP_instance, DBname, username, password from tbl_servers which will return the all sql server and their sa credential.

–>, myDatabase, sa, password

I would like to add all of this into the Registered server, can this done by SQL scripting? or any faster way to add?

Security of Visual Studio Marketplace?

As a consumer of Visual Studio Marketplace extensions, I frequently find myself wondering if this or that nice little add-on might be a security problem. For example, maybe it uploads my code somewhere. Is this a risk I simply have to take? Is this somehow checked? In the case of a popular add-on, would it be reasonable to assume that if it did do something like that, someone would have noticed?

Alternative to SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Data Studio to initially change my password


I’m having to connect to a customer’s Microsoft SQL Server. I generally don’t need to do much in databases besides your average SQL, so using the database features in IntelliJ IDEA have so far been more than sufficient for various PostgreSQL and Orcacle databases. In this case though I was given a heads-up that I will have to change my password first, and when I use IDEA to connect with the credentials I received it does indeed reject them and gives me an error message saying I need to change my password. I was also told to use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to do so.


SSMS is only for Windows, I’m running a Mac. The SSMS download page refers to Azure Data Studio for use on a different OS. An initial try of the latter did not let me change the password though. Even if I eventually find a way to do it, is there really no other easier way to do this that doesn’t involve installing another full-blown db tool that I have no intention of using in the long run? Or worst case: buy a windows computer for the sole purpose of installing SSMS so I can change a password? Surely there must be a bunch of Mac- or Linux-using DBA’s that know of a simple command-line tool or alike that allows them to change their password initially on a Microsoft SQL Server, after which they just use their favorite db management tool to access it?

best method to draw in android studio games

After several tries to draw my player, enemy object in my game, I often face a problem rendering either because the method cannot be resolved or because

I have a player and enemy classes both extend Sprite class. First, I tried representing them as Bitmaps, after that as drawables:

drawable player=getResources().getDrawable(R.drawable.player);

and then I would set bounds and use player.draw(canvas)…

What is , from your experience, the most efficient way to display moving objects in the game screen.

Some autocompletion doesn’t work in Visual Studio Code with Unity

I am using Unity 2018 with Visual Studio Code version 1.43.2 on a Mac.

Things seemed to work fine between Unity and Visual Studio Code, but now I realize that something is wrong with Code. I have been following along with a tutorial and the autocompletion functionality of Code seemed fine until the function OnTriggerEnter, which was shown as autocompleting for the guy in the video (who was using the other Visual Studio), didn’t fill in. However, many other Unity things do automatically show up as options.

I looked at this Microsoft help page about VS Code and Unity, and I have everything it I seems I would possibly need to combine the two; I have .NET, Mono, Debugger for Unity, the C# extension, and got Unity Tools for good measure.

Generic C# things like return, void, int, etc. autocomplete, so the C# extension seems fine. Many Unity things, like Vector3, GameObject, Destroy, transform, etc. also autocomplete like they should.

What is wrong here? How can I fix this and get full autocomplete?

Android studio reference

Being weak at English, I face many challenges in coding as I often miss the meaning or purpose of a method especially in java. What I ask for is not a course but simply a mini dictionnary hilighting the important java classes and methods of android especially game-related ones. Thank you

SQL Server Management Studio: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop.8.0’

I’ve had this problem for a while and can’t find anyone with the exact same issue.

I get the error when trying to select top 1000 rows.

I checked in the PublicAssemblies and it is not there. the lowest version there is 9.0. And I can’t find a copy anywhere else.

Thanks for any help.