Where can I get step-by-step solutions to Algorithms by Cormen for self study?

I want to study Algorithms myself. So, I am using Intro to Algorithms by Cormen. Where can I get reliable step-by-step solutions to all the problems in the book ?

I have seen the official Instructor solution manual and also the one by Rutgers University. Unfortunately, they are not really step-by-step. They just give you the final answer or last few steps. Ex. in the insertion sort example, the exact steps to figure out the equation for running time are provided. But, in the exercise for selection sort, only the final equation is given.

Thanks !

PS – Please let me know if there is a better forum to ask this instead of this one.

Given the syllabus which I will study in the next semester, what kind of machine learning project can I do? [on hold]

Given the syllabus which I will study in the next semester, what kind of machine learning project can I do? Machine learning syllabus:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Machine Learning, Examples of Machine Learning applications – Learning associations, Classification, Regression, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement Learning. Supervised learning- Input representation, Hypothesis class, Version space, Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) Dimension
  • Module 2: Probably Approximately Learning (PAC), Noise, Learning Multiple classes, Model Selection and Generalization, Dimensionality reduction- Subset selection, Principle Component Analysis
  • Module 3: Classification- Cross validation and re-sampling methods- K-fold cross validation, Boot strapping, Measuring classifier performance- Precision, recall, ROC curves. Bayes Theorem, Bayesian classifier, Maximum Likelihood estimation, Density functions, Regression
  • Module 4: Decision Trees- Entropy, Information Gain, Tree construction, ID3, Issues in Decision Tree learning- Avoiding Over-fitting, Reduced Error Pruning, The problem of Missing Attributes, Gain Ratio, Classification by Regression (CART), Neural Networks- The Perceptron, Activation Functions, Training Feed Forward Network by Back Propagation.
  • Module 5: Kernel Machines- Support Vector Machine- Optimal Separating hyper plane, Soft-margin hyperplane, Kernel trick, Kernel functions. Discrete Markov Processes, Hidden Markov models, Three basic problems of HMMs- Evaluation problem, finding state sequence, Learning model parameters. Combining multiple learners, Ways to achieve diversity, Model combination schemes, Voting, Bagging, Booting
  • Module 6: Unsupervised Learning – Clustering Methods – K-means, Expectation-Maximization Algorithm, Hierarchical Clustering Methods, Density based clustering

Site / tool to contact multiple study participants with their IDs after pseudonymization

For this multiple-weeks research study with an early access app, a pseudonymization process is used to disconnect the participant’s emails from their data with a random ID.

I need to contact those people after they registered through the pre-form and provide them with the app link and their ID. They will need it to fill out the post-form and provide the ID so the data of this second form can be connected to the data of the first.

Now the thing is that I have about 60 people and it would be annoying to send each of them an individual mail with their ID.
Can anyone recommend something that would make this easier?
To somehow automate the process of sending out the correct ID to the correct email?

I’ve thought about tools like Mailchimp, but you can only dynamically reference variables that the user provided (e.g. name or gender).

Australia Graduate Visa Post-Study Work stream study documents with credit exemption

I’m applying for a Graduate Visa in Australia (Post-Study Work stream). I understand that the study requirements is 2 years.

My education condition is as following:

  1. I studied master degree in 1.5 years (I got credit for a semester because of my bachelor degree)
  2. I studied bachelor degree in 1 year

Both studies are in Australia.

My question:

When I apply for Graduate Visa Post-Study Work stream, do I need to include both my bachelor and master transcripts?

This is the website that includes the visa details: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/temporary-graduate-485/post-study-work#HowTo

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