How To Answer To Someone Saying D&D is stupid?

I’m a senior in a US high school, so people’s opinions are still very important to me. At my school, the board game club consists of like five people, and in the rest of the school, everyone thinks the game is for people who have never been in social interaction. I’m not socially awkward at all, and I don’t know how to answer someone saying it’s stupid or nerdy. Why do others think it’s nerdy, and how can I convince them it’s a good game?

What to do with players who have done something very stupid, but unwittingly?

I’m starting a new campaign. All fresh players.

In the first session I gave them a very shoddy, small barge, which I planned to have them trade for a ox-drawn carriage, as the ship itself didn’t have much life in it. The NPC that was going to trade this to them lowballed and offered 5 platinum pieces (50gp). The players, instead of objecting to this price, accepted. This, of course set them up to fail in the travelling aspect. I do feel bad punishing them for something they did not know of, but I don’t want to give them a sweet 16 and have a carriage magically appear.

How do I resolve a situation where players’ decisions prevent me from moving forward? How do I prevent situations like this happening in the future?

How can I strategise IC with the other players when my PC is stupid?

I have a very strong preference for keeping discussions in-character and avoiding out-of-character table talk. The trouble is that my PC is not very smart (an Int 8, Wis 13 half-orc barbarian) but I’m one of the more experienced players at the table.

How can I contribute usefully to strategy discussions we have in-character, while faithfully role-playing a stupid character?

Do I have to just accept that the only way is to make suggestions out-of-game?

The background to this question is that I’ve already run into problems because of the combination of avoiding out-of-character discussion and avoiding suggesting smart things in-character.

As a player I like to overcome the challenges which are presented, so I do want to think about the best way a situation should be handled, in a way that good prevails (I tend to play Chaotic Good alignment) and everybody survives to see another day – barring accidents and bad luck. The other players don’t bother planning on how to tackle challenges, and usually just run into them head-first.

So my character is a simple barbarian and I mainly kept to that role in the party: I smashed things and use brute force, no questions asked. The problem is that I stopped thinking about making intelligent suggestions to the group because my character would never do that. This resulted in two characters dying in an unwinnable fight against an enemy that outnumbered and out-powered us, because the party tried to hack & slash through an adventure that could have been easily won through negotiation and strategising to play two factions off against each other.

I don’t mind things going badly due to crappy rolls, but it haunts me that things went badly because I decided to keep quiet.

Is there a way to get my strategic plans presented to the party through my not-so-smart character, or do I have to just break character and strategise out-of-character? Is there any way to reconcile my two priorities of staying in-character as a role-player, and successfully strategising as a game-player?

Why is Ubuntu that stupid and inflates the file /var/log/kern.log.1 to dozen GB?

I was shocked to see that my 2 week old Ubuntu 18.04 system, installed on a 128GB drive, was out of space!

Got a few warnings in form of notifications of out of space, me knowing that I used probably 20GB max or even less than that.

Decided to dig in and saw that for some reason /var/log is huge, more exactly kern.log and kern.log.1. In my case:

/var/log$   sudo ls -laSh | grep "kern" -rw-r-----   1 syslog            adm              47G iul  6 23:42 kern.log.1 -rw-r-----   1 syslog            adm              63K iul 11 14:42 kern.log 

So serious question now: How can this be? How can a log file, even kernel related can get this big this fast?

And more importantly how can I stop it? Permanently? Sure I can remove it but it will grow again fast and chubby.

Also why does Ubuntu behave like this?

Stupid slicing and append question in a string

I am doing some practice and want to change ‘macdonald’ to ‘MacDonald’ However, my output is just displaying the last value that is ‘True’, which is ‘D’. How do I have the program display the full text?

name = 'macdonald'  def myfunc(name):      for x in name:         finalName = ""         if x == name[0] or name[3]:             finalName += x.capitalize()         else:             finalName += x      return finalName 

Stupid pattern lock

I can’t open some of my apps due to pattern lock. How can I remove it if I can not get into the apps. It sucks badly. Im trying and trying to connect the four dots like I did and. Well dont wanna curse, but wow can anyone help me out please. Much gratitude if U can HELP me. Vivian

PayPal are so Stupid – Let’s Bypass Those Limitations!

PayPal are the most reatrded company in the world, I have had such great fun with them.

First time I registered I submitted fake ID and fake bank statement, I manipulated everything with photoshop.

:p They verified me and I used them for years.

Unfortunately in June 2010 they banned me and sent me the usual "We want to part ways" email.

But since there are no real alternatives to PayPal, I had no choice but to use proxy and open another account with a different card.

PayPal log your ip…

PayPal are so Stupid – Let's Bypass Those Limitations!