Managing custom styles for the RSS widget via a plugin?

I help maintain a website that uses the RSS widget to display a feed of status updates. We manage site layout using Elementor, and we apply a chunk of custom CSS to the RSS widget in order to make it fit in with the rest of the website.

This works, but it’s not very manageable: we can’t version control the changes, and if we’re working on a staging site, getting things synced back to the production site is difficult if there have been significant changes to the production site since we split off the staging copy.

Is there a way to provide custom CSS for the feed widget via a plugin? We’re already doing that to modify the cache timeout (by setting wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime); it would be great if there were a similar mechanism available for us to provide custom styles.

Master of Many Styles and feat prerequisites

Master of Many Styles

At 1st level, 2nd level, and every four levels thereafter, a master of many styles may select a bonus style feat or the Elemental Fist feat. He does not need to meet the prerequisites of that feat, except the Elemental Fist feat.

Does this mean that a MoMS could take a style feat later in the feat chain and make use of it (i.e. enter the associated style), without getting the first feat in the chain? For example, could I get and use Crane Wing and/or Crane Riposte without ever acquiring Crane Style?

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the Master of Many Styles text, and “bonus style feat” refers only to the first feat in the style feat chain. If so, then it’s not clearly worded as such.

Can 2 different martial fighting styles used together at the same time? for example protection and defense from a fighter champion lvl 10+

A champion fighter gets a second fighting style at 10th level. Can the 2 different martial fighting styles be used together at the same time? For example protection and defense from a champion fighter, would it gain both bonuses?

Can a Sacred Fist/Master of Many Styles multiclass keep Flurry of Blows with Fuse Style?

I’m currently looking at building a Sacred Fist, with the two level dip into Monk that seems fairly common. I was thinking of using the Master of Many Styles archetype. Fuse Style mentions that it replaces Flurry of Blows (as archetype talents replace core ones of their class). So there would be no Flurry of Blows from the Monk levels I take. However, I have Flurry of Blows already from starting at level 1 in Sacred Fist.

Do I keep Flurry of Blows, or is that also gone from having Fuse Style?

UA: Blood Hunter Lycan fighting styles [closed]

Matt Mercer, the creator of the Blood Hunter Unearthed Arcana class, has recently hinted that there might be something new coming up with that class, despite it not making the upcoming Taldorei book release.

That got me looking at the class, and I’ve specifically been trying to wrap my head around the Lycan order. It looks to me like its designed around fighting unarmed in hybrid form, with a large number of its features centered around making unarmed attacks work better.

However, a character that intends to embrace this playstyle is faced with an odd decision at level 2: None of the available fighting style options to chose from work at all with unarmed attacks. Its just the old standard options of Archery, Dueling, Two-weapon fighting, and great weapon fighting, all of which require actual weapons (of a specific type). Its going to be a tough decision, not because of interesting trade-offs, but rather because none of the available choices will really help at all.

Now I know this is playtest content, so one should not be surprised to come across holes/bugs in its design. However, given that, I’m wondering what would be the best way to deal with this “bug”?

The options I can see are:

  1. RAW. Those style options are all there is, and they behave as written. A lycan will probably take whatever is compatible with their emergency backup weapon (probably archery), so they will be slightly less useless in those rare combat instances where they’ve run out of hybrid form transformations, or can’t reach the foe for melee.
  2. Rule that for the purposes of this class’ fighting styles only, the clawed unarmed attacks act two-weapon fighting, and thus the lycan can use proficiency with attacks using either hand. Since they already get an extra attack when unarmed fighting, this is probably only useful for RP flavor, as it allows them to RP slashing with both hands, rather than their dominant one twice.
  3. Rule that the Predatory Strikes feature (which applies Crimson Rite to unarmed strikes) also applies to the dueling or great weapon fighting styles. That means taking one of those actually helps in lycan form, but it also seems likely to be a hair unbalanced if the class was already designed to make up for not getting a useful fighting syle.
  4. Try to roll in the UA for Fist Fighting discussed here. That seems like a rather drastic increase in Lycan utility, so I can’t imagine its well-balanced.

I’m curious what others think would work best without being unbalanced, or if I’m missing something obvious. Also curious what other’s have seen done with actual Lycans in play, and how it worked out.

What are the differences in styles of play for the various Warhammer 40k games?

We’re looking at starting up a campaign in the 40k system, using one of the following as a main set. It seems like the breakdown is:

  1. Rogue Trader — Ship And Crew Making Money
  2. Dark Heresy — Crew takes orders from NPC ‘captain’, used as do-boys.
  3. Deathwatch — Space Marines; the ‘dungeon crawl’ of the system, as social/intrigue/detective are de-emphasized in favor of “IN THE EMPERORS NAME!”

Is there any significant difference in the way that these various types play out? Any reason to recommend one over the other aside from their slightly different motivations / party makeups? Any one of these have a much more enthusiastic following than the other, for a good reason?

How to approach other players with opposing play styles?

Recently, I joined a game of 5e with some strangers I contacted over the internet. Everybody met up beforehand, got to know each other, and everything was coming along great. We have a character creation session, everyone’s mostly on the same page about what we want out of a game: some dungeon crawling, some social stuff, some combat, no evil PCs, etc. Everybody has the classes they want, stats are rolled, and we’re ready to start.

Session 1 begins, and the party’s mission is to map out the wild frontier on a poorly-known continent that’s in the process of being settled. Having arrived, the party is soon approached by a bloodied villager calling for help. They describe their village being razed to the ground by overwhelming amounts monsters, and how they are in desperate need of aide. Before I have a chance to respond, one of the other party members says:

“What’s in it for us?”

While this is an innocent question by itself, I try to argue in-character how we might make connections, gather information, procure clean food and water, get a monetary reward, etc. However, by this point the rest of the party is in agreement that there is no point in helping these people out, especially when the odds are supposedly stacked against us from the number of monsters described. Due to majority rule, we end up moving along. A few minutes later, we hear word from another traveler about a nearby old and musty crypt radiating with dark energies. Again the question comes up, “What’s in it for us?”, and again we move along despite my protests. The party will fight when fighting is necessary, and converse when conversation is necessary, but that’s about it.

I understand that there are different play styles out there, and I don’t expect players to have to bite every hook the DM sets for them, but I set time out of my day to collaborate with people and make stories and go on adventures, not move square-by-square on a grid and roll to map it. I felt like my fellow players and I had good chemistry before the first session, and the DM has been excellent so far, so I would hate to just call this game a total loss. But, the way things have been going, I’m not sure I’m terribly interested in continuing.

What are some ways I can approach the DM or the other players about how we all play without trying to force my own ideals on them?

Custom styles not working

I’m trying to add some custom styles to a rich text editor on my edit form. I’m following this tutorial which says you can add css styles that start with ms-rte and they will be added to the formatting control ribbon. I created the following style as a test and put it on the page in a script editor webpart.{   -ms-name: "Special Heading"; } .ms-rteElement-SpecialHeading{   font-style: bold;   color: white !important;   padding:2px 5px;   background-color:green; } 

If I edit source in my rich text field and enter the html for a h2 class=”ms-rteElement-SpecialHeading”> I do see the heading rendered with my style..

But when I drop down the formats from the ribbon I don’t see it there. I just get the built in ones.

Any idea why it wouldn’t be working?