My root domain is not resolving to my server, but the www. subdomain works fine

I have the DNS configured like this:

enter image description here

So, my domain is working as With www there is no problem, but with non-www like it’s not working.

As you can see, my DNS records are pointing in record to the NS Actually, is pointing to my server’s IP.

What could be the problem which is causing not to work while does work?

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How to point a subdomain to run applications using virtualenv on ec2 (AWS)

I added an ec2 instance (ubuntu server) in aws, installed python3.7, virtualenvs, pointed ec2’s elastic ip to a subdomain, entered virtualenvs and made a webapp to run the web application. How do I run by accessing ?

/ubuntu/ |── webapp/ |         └── (wsgiref) |──.virtualenvs 

When is a druid eligible to chose a subdomain?

These are the rules for chosing subdomains:


Subdomains—more specific focuses for clerical worship and power that allow players greater flexibility in customizing their characters. Every domain has a number of subdomains listed indented undernearth it. Each subdomain replaces a granted power and a number of spells in the domain’s granted spell list.

A cleric who chooses a subdomain must have access to both the domain and its subdomain from her deity. If a cleric selects a subdomain, she cannot select its Associated Domain as her other domain choice (in effect, the subdomain replaces its Associated Domain). Subdomains are treated as equivalent to their Associated Domain for any effect or prerequisite based on domains. If a subdomain has two (or more) Associated Domains, the cleric can only select the subdomain for one of her domains. Subdomains can be selected by druids (except the metal subdomain) and inquisitors (if their deity allows it).

If a domain or subdomain ability calls for a saving throw, the DC of the save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the character’s cleric level + her Wisdom modifier.

(Emphasize mine) From this, i conclude that a druid who can take a domain (via the Natural Bond Class Feature or Archetype Feature), is also allowed to instead take one of the subdomains associated with that domain.

So, a Druid could chose either the Fire Domain, or one of the associated subdomains: Arson, Ash or Smoke.

But what happens when a Druid gets to chose other domains than the “original” elemental domains via an archetype?

Treesinger Archetype:

The first grants the treesinger one of the following domains: Plant; Growth; Jungle, Swamp. When determining the powers and bonus spells granted by this domain, the treesinger’s effective cleric level is equal to her druid level. A treesinger who selects this option also receives additional domain spell slots, just like a cleric. She must prepare the spell from her domain in this slot, and this spell cannot be used to cast a spell spontaneously. Plant bond replaces the druid’s nature bond ability..

Life Channeler Archetype: A life channeler must choose the Plant domain with her nature bond (she can select the Growth subdomain if she wishes). When she performs a coup de grace that kills a sentient humanoid creature (not a summoned creature), she can do so ritualistically in order to affect the area centered on the body with the enrichment version of plant growth. The sacrifice is a death effect.

This ability alters nature bond.

If a Treesinger has the Plant Domain, wouldn’t she be able to chose from the associated domains Decay, Growth, Leshy or Thorns also? But only Growth ist listed.

So, when can a druid chose a subdomain instead of an ordinary domain, and when not?

Can you use a subdomain pointed to an IP for SSH

I have a website, and I’d like to use it for SSH-ing. I hate having to remember my computer’s IP address, so I was hoping to do something like:

ssh -p 1234


ssh -p 1234

or anything where I don’t need to remember my IP, I just need the address. I really don’t know much about networking, but I think wouldn’t work because that would be handled by the web-server (whatever GitHub pages uses), and therefore couldn’t redirect to any sensible IP. But I presume I could get this to work with a subdomain, and that would be great.

So can you use a subdomain pointed to an IP for SSH?

FYI, I currently have my domain with Google Domains.

Have subdomain forward to external site [on hold]

I’m looking for a way to have a subdomain forward to an external site. Like this: ->

What’s the easiest way to do this?

Is it easier using the webserver that runs on the domain and do it like this: https://bar.example/foo/index.html

What would go into the index.html so that it would forward to Dropbox?

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What is the most secure way to store cross subdomain cookies

I am working for a company we will call “Company x”. This company has a domain They have a cloud platform that manages things like SSL, but in order to do this you are required to use that domain. There are 3 apps app1, app2 and app 3 that have the following urls… 

These are need to use stateless auth since they are highly scalable. All of these “share” the same session (JWT) using a cookie that is http-only and secure but because there is no way to create a subdomain are all using the domain for their cookie.

The security team has pushed back saying that we are “providing the cookie” to the whole domain. This seems a little weird to me since the company also controls the core domain but I also know there is a lot of focus today on internal as well as external threats.

So is there a way to structure the cookie so that app1, app2, and app3 have access but app4 does not? Is there a more secure way than just using the core domain? How big of a threat is this really?