Sharepoint Unique Permission Subfolder broken

I have library with the following tree structure.

Library > Folder 1 > SubFolder A > Files

All folders and subfolders have unique permissions. All files have unique permissions. All folders and subfolders have the same groups as the library, but if I delete a specific group from the library, the group gets deleted from the folders, subfolders, and files. ¿How can I delete a group from the library, without deleting it from the files and folders?

SharePoint files getting moved from subfolder to root folder

I am having issue uploading files to a subfolder in a document library, the uploaded file in a subfolder automatically moves to the top level in the document library.

There is no sync client configured for this document library. This is happening only with a single document library.

Can anyone assist?

Thank you

Can I have a Form Library within a Document Library as a sub-folder?

I’m creating a team site and we need a Document Library titled “Safety”, for safety documents. These include training PDFs and Excel Spreadsheets. However, we also have a form we fill out for incident reports. I would like a sub-folder in the Safety Document Library titled Incident Reports. This would be a Form Library keeping track of the safety incidents we need to report. I cannot find a way to embed one library within another – it will only allow either a Form Library or a Document Library and I cannot seem to achieve what I need. Has anybody had any success with this? I can’t imagine this is that uncommon to fill out forms that are required to be stored in a document library, keeping everything in one main folder.

MS Flow to Move file inside Sub-Folder in Document Library dynamically

I am creating MS Flow to move files between libraries. Source & destination libraries contains same folder structures & Subfolders. When file is created in source sub-folders, it should move to respective subfolders dynamically to Destination Library based on where they created on source.

In Move File Scope, i chose Destination Folder: FolderPath/FileNamewithExtension

but I got error.

Please advise me on this.

Accessing scripts from inside a sub-folder in Unity

For a Unity project I am using this ROSBridgeLib from GitHub. There weren’t any clear instructions for how to import the library, so I just cloned the repository into my Scripts folder inside my project’s Assets folder. This causes Unity to throw an error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'ROSBridgeLib' does not exist in the namespace 'ROSBridgeLib' (are you missing an assembly reference?). How can I fix this issue?

I want to be able to organize my Scripts folder so I can keep C# files inside sub-folders. How can a script in the root of my Scripts folder access the ROSBridgeWebSocketConnection.cs script inside the folder Scripts/ROSBridgeLib?

Thank you for your help!