SharePoint 2010 show subsites dropdown menu link broken

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I have a main site (Planning) that has the “Show subsites” option enabled in the navigation settings. All the links work correctly except for one of the subsites comes up with a “website cannot be found”, “http 404”. However, if I click on the parent site and select all site content, the link under sites and workspaces works just fine. I do notice the link on the drop down menu has /sitepages/home.aspx after the subsite name, versus the link under sites and workspaces ends with just the subsite name. Is there a way I can manually edit the dropdown menu link to match the sites and workspaces link? I’ve been through all the settings and still can’t find anything that will allow this. Thank you in advance!

Sub-sites disappeared from Global Navigation & top navigation tab after new sites created

In our SharePoint 2010 systme, we have 50+ sub-sites that all have inherit the same navigation as our parent site. We have about 1/2 of the sites hidden. When we created 3 new sites 2 of the existing sites disappeared from the Global Navigation list and the tabs disappeared from the top link bar. We have the maximum number of dynamic items to show w/in this level of navigation set to well above the # of sub-sites we have and that matches the same on each of the sub-site levels.
Why did the existing 2 sites disappear and how do we get them back on the Global Navigation list and the tabs to reappear in the top link bar? How do we prevent this from happening again?

SharePoint 2019 OnPremise – Stop Inheriting Permissions Inheritance on subsites

The site setup goes like this: MainSite –> SubSite.

Permissions on MainSite

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User (tsp5070_ex_farm) is also added to Style Resource Readers.

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I set Stop Inheriting Permissions and user added “Edit Permission” on SubSite.

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On WebApp -> SubSite when I logged:

  • in modern view still asked credential

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  • classic view did not ask credential, but if I went e.g. Home Page where it was not possible to switch to classic mode so it still asked credential

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Why does it still ask me to log in once I logged it? What am I missing?

How to stop subsites from appearing in Quick launch and top bar in SP Onlline if it is created via a workflow

So we are creating subsites through a K2 workflow. I know you can specify for the subsites to not appear in top bar and quick launch of the parent site if created manually. But if its created through K2 I dont get the option to turn off those features. Can anyone help me with this?

Much appreciated.

SP 2019 site collection subsites and site settings clicks showing odd errors

I am working with SP on prem 2019. On a web app, I have classic site collection added as root. For some reason, I am seeing odd behavior, see summary below:

  1. Sometimes, upon accessing the root site url, it shows access required or sorry you don’t have access errors.

  2. There are three sub sites created, upon trying to access these sub sites, it shows access required message.

  3. When clicked on site settings for these sub sites, it shows sorry you dont have access error.

  4. When clicked on Navigation under site settings, it says “you dont have access” or 403 forbidden errors.

  5. Even when configuring terms for a term set in term store, for term driven url, when clicking on browse, it shows forbidden again.

I am farm admin, site collection admin and part of site owner group. Also I have a user policy spin up that gives me full control at the web app.

I checked the ULS logs as well, it seems that something is wrong with authentication, see some notes below from ULS logs.

SPFederationAuthenticationModule.IsRedirectToLogOnPage: Detected a redirection but the redirect is not to a known signin page: https://.****.com/SitePages/Home.aspx**

System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access denied., StackTrace: at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb.GetFileOrFolderProperties(SPResourcePath path, ListDocsFlags listDocsFlags,

Here is he correlation iD i found in log: 7650f89e-c806-1011-5f50-aaf413e759f9

Its driving me nuts, I have not been able to find out the cause.Can someone please assist what could be wrong.

Alternate CSS Does Not Set on Sub-Sites

I am using Office 365 and having a horrible time setting CSS for sub-sites. I have set my Alternate CSS set at but even though it is set to work for all sites it is only working for the top-level site.

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I would like this CSS file to be inherited by all of the sub-sites.

Thanks, Josh

Reading sub-sites with files rest API?

I’m using the REST Files API, as documented here, to read the content of an Online Sharepoint (Office 365) site.

Is it possible to get the sub-sites the root site using this API?

I understand I can get a list of sub-sites using the traditional SharePoint API (https://<my-domain>, but I’d rather use the files API because I’m using it for other purposes as well.

(Note that the two APIs are very different. One example: getting the child-elements of a folder in the files API is done using GET {base-url}/Files/{folder-id}/children, which it’s done using http://<site url>/_api/web/getfolderbyserverrelativeurl('/<folder name>')/folders in the ‘classic’ API).

In addition, once I get the list of sub-sites – using the above endpoint or any other means – is it possible to traverse / read these sub-sites using the files REST API?

How to exclude a site from search result source but keep its subsites in search results?

How to exclude a site from search result source but keep its subsites in search results? I have a site collection in which i used to make team sites and project sites. In search results i want that all the subsites in that site collection should appear but that site collection needs to be excluded from search results. I tried the query as


But this query excludes all the subsites of that site collection. Please help?