Homebrewing a Naga: Is this option a balanced substitute for Magical Resistance?

I am homebrewing a Naga PC and using the Yuan-Ti Pureblood (Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Page 120), but I felt that Magical Resistance (below quote) was a little too strong and didn’t fit what I was going for.

Magic Resistance: You have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

I am interested to know if this ability would be an acceptable and balanced substitute for Magical Resistance:

Serpent’s Tail: The Naga’s tail is a natural weapon. A Naga can smack an opponent with its tail to deal 1d6 + STR Bludgeoning damage. In addition, if the Naga hits, it can to attempt a Grapple against an Opponent. If the grapple succeeds, the Opponent is Grappled. While Grappled this way, the opponent is Restrained, and the Naga can use an attack on subsequent turns to Constrict the target, dealing 1d6 + STR Bludgeoning Damage to them and the target cannot breathe. This attack does not require free hands, but the Naga can only grapple one target at a time.

Also, I should note that the Naga as I have it loses most of the Innate Spellcasting from the Pureblood, except for the Poison Spray Cantrip.

Are these two abilities balanced when compared to lost Innate Spellcasting and the loss of Magical Resistance?

Is there a way to substitute a Bracket for a Matrix Rather than a Parentheses When Using Traditional Form

I’m trying to use Mathematica to work my way through some Linear Algebra problems given by Gilbert Strang (Introduction to Linear Algebra). Consequently, I would like to use his notation as much as possible, in part, to learn better how to typeset using Mathematica and potentially to develop a complete set of answers to his problem sets using Mathematica rather than Matlab or R that mimics the look of his text.

Traditional form using Mathematica will place a parentheses () around a matrix or column vector, which is a common representation to recognize an array as a matrix (column vector). However, Strang uses brackets [], another common notation to reflect a matrix.

In a previous question regarding TraditionalForm some suggested that in the cases of functions one could use one of several user-defined functions to do this.

tF = RawBoxes[ToBoxes[TraditionalForm[#]] /. {"(" -> "[", ")" -> "]"}] &;  tF2 = Module[{f = ToString@#2}, RawBoxes[MakeBoxes[TraditionalForm[#]] //.    RowBox[{f, "(", else___, ")"}] :> RowBox[{"f", "[", else, "]"}]]] &;      makeBracketsF[f_] := (f /: MakeBoxes[f[a___], TraditionalForm] :=  RowBox[{ToString@f, "[", MakeBoxes[Row[{a}, ","], TraditionalForm],   "]"}]) 

However, the last two fail, as either the slot can not be filled with a matrix (column vector) with more than two rows, or the Traditional form is protected and can not be passed from the Module. The first answer gets close, but the bracket only surrounds the central value and does not encompass all three values, making the output look funky rather than typeset.

Is there a way to accomplish this seemingly simple substitution to permit a more flexible use of Traditional form to surround a matrix with a suitably sized pair of brackets to conform to a widely used traditional form for matrices?

Can prestidigitation trinkets substitute material components?

Our group has had all our items taken away, including component pouches and arcane focuses. Certain materials definitely seem like something prestidigitation can make as a trinket such as a magnifying glass.

You create a non-magical trinket or an illusory image that can fit in your hand and that lasts until the end of your next turn. (SRD V5.1, p. 170)

Assuming the material is cheap (no cost stated) and is not consumed by the spell, can prestidigitation make the material components as trinkets? Even if the person casting it can’t use it (since they’ve used their turn) can another character hold and use it?

Looking for a generic name substitute in Elvish, Draconic, Celestial, or Sylvan

I have a Far Traveler Sorcerer High Elf character who has lost most of his early memories so he does not remember his name. I am looking for a generic word or name substitute to make him more playable in one of the languages he is fluent in (see title). Some suggestions for a translation would be “the sorcerer” or “wanderer” or “traveler” or even “name”. Thanks in advance.

Substitute for a pop-up modal on mobile

A pop-up modal on my website shows information. In the mobile version of the page, what could be a good replacement for a pop-up window?

I tried making the modal pop-up responsive, but the content inside looks cluttered and kills the UX.

  • In case of simple messages, I can replace them with a Javascript alert (in case of an alert message or a confirm message, but the alert cannot be styled).
  • I tried using an accordion and tabs, but this does not serve the exact purpose.

Is there a better option?

substitute url with apache mod proxy

I have configured a new vhost on apache 2.4 and when I tested the configuration all work fine but only one page is not redirected correctly. the call to the images is done by images.html page :

 <ag-iframe agfa-testid="textImageFrame" class="image" reserve-height='{"desktop": 150, "mobile": 200}'            ng-src="{{viewerUrl}}" onload="onLoad()" force-resize="true"> </ag-iframe> 

the received code in the browser is like this :

<div class="image ng-scope" style="height: 172px;" onload="onLoad()"  agfa-testid="textImageFrame" src="https://localserver:9251/share/collab?collabSession=263be97d-f16d-491a-a471-bb370a6d9683&amp;type=join&amp;user=username&amp;isInitiator=true"      ng-src="https://localserver:9251/share/collab?collabSession=263be97d-f16d-491a-a471-bb370a6d9683&amp;type=join&amp;user=username&amp;isInitiator=true" reserve-height='{"desktop": 150, "mobile": 200}' force-resize="true">     <iframe id="agIframe" src="https://localserver:9251/share/collab?collabSession=263be97d-f16d-491a-a471-bb370a6d9683&amp;type=join&amp;user=username&amp;isInitiator=true" style="width: 100%; height: 100%" ng-src="https://localserver:9251/share/collab?collabSession=263be97d-f16d-491a-a471-bb370a6d9683&amp;type=join&amp;user=username&amp;isInitiator=true"> </iframe> </div> 

are there any chance to change all localserver in the response to publicnameserver with substitute, ProxyHTMLURLMap or other mod and proxypass the new url???

Any potential problems with this home-brew “Dueling Cape” as substitute for a shield?

I play a swashbuckling rapier-wielding warblade named Vesuvio Monteverdi. He refuses to use a shield, as there is no honor in that.

With DM permission, are there any potential mechanical and narrative pitfalls with introducing this home-brew concept:

Dueling Cape
Mechanically same as a standard buckler, except it is made out of thick fabric and takes up the shoulders slot too.

(we play in a hybrid 3.5/PF campaign)

Substitute Concrete Value in Conditional Expectation

  • Let $ (\Omega, \mathcal{G}, \mathbb{P})$ be a probability space.
  • Let $ $ X, Y : \Omega \rightarrow \mathbb{R} $ $ be random variables.
  • Furthermore, let
    $ $ f: \mathbb{R}^2 \rightarrow \mathbb{R} $ $ be a $ \mathcal{B}(\mathbb{R}^2)/\mathcal{B}(\mathbb{R})$ -measurable function such that, for all $ y \in \mathbb{R}$ , the random variables $ f(X,y)$ and $ f(X,Y)$ have finite expectation.

Now let $ y \in \mathbb{R}$ be arbitrary. Under the above assumptions, the expected value $ \mathbb{E}[f(X,y)]$ and a $ \mathbb{P}$ -unique conditional expectation $ \mathbb{E}[f(X,Y) \mid Y]$ do exist.

Furthermore, since $ \mathbb{E}[f(X,Y) \mid Y]$ is $ \sigma(Y)/\mathcal{B}(\mathbb{R})$ -measurable, there exists a $ \mathbb{P}_Y$ -unique $ \mathcal{B}(\mathbb{R})/\mathcal{B}(\mathbb{R})$ -measurable function $ $ \varphi : \mathbb{R} \rightarrow \mathbb{R} $ $ such that $ \varphi(Y) = \mathbb{E}[f(X,Y) \mid Y]$ .

Under which circumstances does it hold, that $ \varphi$ can be chosen such that $ $ \varphi (y) = \mathbb{E}[f(X,y)] $ $ and why?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

how to substitute DisconnectHandlers of Joomla?

I am having problems with the exploit

**Joomla! 1.0 < 3.4.5 - Object Injection 'x-forwarded-for' Header Remote Code Execution CVE : CVE-2015-8562 , CVE-2015-8566** 

It doesn’t work on Joomla versions < 3.0

So in order to investigate the problem i installed Xampp on Kali, then i installed two different versions of Joomla, namely version 2.5.8 and 3.4.3

After i ran the exploit i noticed the difference in sessions and i never figured out why.

version 2.5.8


version 3.4.3


I opened mysql.php from both versions and i noticed the part which i think might be the cause of the problem

version 2.5.8

public function __destruct()     {         if (is_resource($  this->connection))         {             mysql_close($  this->connection);         }     } 

version 3.4.3

public function __destruct()     {         $  this->disconnect();     } 

then the disconnect()

public function disconnect() {     // Close the connection.     if (is_resource($  this->connection))     {         foreach ($  this->disconnectHandlers as $  h)         {             call_user_func_array($  h, array( &$  this));         }          mysql_close($  this->connection);     }      $  this->connection = null; } 

Its above my knowledge but i can see that the part disconnectHandlers from the exploit is somehow related to version 3.Xs. I also wanted to add the above version 3 code to version 2 and see if it works but first i need to know if there is another way to make it work.

My question: Is there a way to substitute disconnectHandlers in the exploit CVE-2015-8566 or anything that might help?

Thank you