Boot Camp Assistant removal successful, still can’t reinstall

I installed Windows 10 via Boot Camp Assistant with no problems yesterday, but needed to uninstall to make the partition larger. I uninstalled it also using Boot Camp Assistant and received no error message. It was successful and Windows was removed. I now want to reinstall, however BCA cannot find the space. I only have one APFS container which contains all of my space and Terminal displays plenty of unallocated space.

I have been searching for four hours and I’ve encountered a lot of people with problems who didn’t use BCA or got an error using it, but I don’t know what to do when BCA was successful.

I am on a mid-2012 MBP running Mojave. I understand there are some differences in older and newer Macs when using Boot Camp.

I know I can clean install Mojave and restore from Time Machine before I used Boot Camp the first time, but I would rather avoid it and also I worry about using BCA again, when I had a problem even when it encountered no errors. I want to install Windows again.

Correct event to get order information after successful order

My requirement is to change order status when an order is placed successfully in Magento 2 .what is the event can I use so that I can change order status ,I have tried sales_order_save_after event but it will triggers whenever an order is saved ,I can’t use this event and my orders are placed through cron also I mean if I use checkout_submit_all_after event it will only triggers only from frontend .can I know what is the best event to do this job.please suggest me .

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In two phase commit, what happens in the second phase if the coordinator fails to receive message commit was successful?

I have a somewhat obscure question about two-phase commit that came up in an interview. During the second phase, when the coordinator sends a signal to each server with commit instuctions, what if there’s a network breakdown when one of the participating systems sends the coordinator a message that it successfully implemented its commit? So basically the coordinator doesn’t know if the commit succeeded in that particular system. What happens?

Running drush entity:updates claimed successful but not changing anything

I am working on a project with custom entity type. My module works fine in my local environment. But when I deployed to my staging site, things are strange.

For instance, I tried to change my entity definition and then run the drush command:

drush entity:updates -y 

The command gave me positive response:

The following updates are pending:  dharmasun_payment entity type :  The Field 1 field needs to be installed. The Field 2 field needs to be installed.   // Do you wish to run all pending updates?: yes.   Finished performing updates 

Except the database was not changed at all. So when I re-run the command, it gives me the exact same output.

The staging site might have some different module installed than my development environment. But I cannot make breaking change on the staging platform (or my workmates would be mad).

My questions:

  1. How do I begin to debug this? Is there anyway I can get better log messages with the drush entity:update command?
  2. Or is there any alternative way to update entity definition and make changes to database?


maximal number of time slots until a successful transmission in adaptive tree walking protocol

i have a problem understanding some vital points in adaptive tree walking protocol:

for simplicity sake, only two stations want to broadcast in the given network: A and C.

what is the maximal number of time slots until and including a successful transmission occurs?

what i think: in bit slots, first both stations want to broadcast, so there’s a collision at 1. same occurs when traversing to 2. now we traverse to 2, and A is transmitted, afterwards C is transmitted.

if the probability of a successful transmission is p, then let’s mark that a successful broadcast in station A occurs at probability p and a successful broadcast in station C occurs at probability 1-p. if they both want to transmit all the time and there are constant collisions, then the aforementioned traversal will occur and 5 bit slots will be used. but i don’t understand how can i use it to calculate the maximal amount of time slots until a successful transmission.

would really appreciate your assistance with it