Recaptcha stopped suddenly?

Google Recaptcha suddenly stopped working on my Drupal 7 website for few days. I have changed nothing on website or on server. I am using latest Captcha and reCaptcha modules.

It says: Captcha entered was not correct and in Logs: The json response is invalid or malformed.

On server side I tried disabling all the suspected things: IPtables, fail2ban, Mod_evasive. I double checked the Site secret and key. I also tried dev version of reCaptcha, but didnt worked. Two known issues with reCaptcha are also resolved (use latest cURL cacert.pem and remove arg_separator variable from settings.php)

Is there any chance that google have blocked my IP? or what could be possible reasons.

Suddenly position drop on Google [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How to diagnose a search engine ranking drop? 5 answers

I manage a website last year, and suddenly (after August) we faced a problem with our position on Google.

seo problem

On August we dropped down to 85th position, so I rerun the website seo (with Yoast addon) and finally we went after 1 week at second / third page. But yesterday and today, without any changes we have dropped down again at 8th page.

I want to inform you that I am not seo expert, so please let me know what I have to do next, or what tools to use / learn.

Thank you!

Suddenly today I have no hotmail and no emails! Where did all my emails go??

I have had my account for about 15 years and have my whole life on hotmail including airplane flights coming up, new classes etc. I need to have access to my emails and suddenly today I am not able to access my emails on my hotmail account on my laptop! I saw or heard no warnings of such a big change coming. How on earth did this happen this way?