Is there any lore to suggest fey or celestials can only be killed on their home planes similar to fiends?

This answer to a different question (about D&D 5e) says:

To open, lets look at a sample of the rules that say you cannot permanently kill such a creature outside of their home plane…

The only way to truly destroy a demon is to seek it in the Abyss and kill it there.

MM 51

Devils that die in the Nine Hells are destroyed forever

MM 67

Only on its native plane can a yugoloth be destroyed permanently

MM 311

Of note: Angels in the 5E MM do NOT have this protection. Weird as it may seem, it is actually easier to kill a Celestial than it is to kill a Fiend.

So, going by the lore available in 5e, celestials can be killed permanently on any plane. Obviously this quote doesn’t mention fey, but I think of celestial, fiends and fey as being grouped together due to certain spells in 5e, such as find familiar or find steed, saying that the spirit can be one of those three.

Anyway, my question is, even though the lore stating that fiends (specifically devils, demons and yugoloths) cannot be killed outside their native planes is well established, is there any lore from any edition of D&D that suggests that the same rules exist for celestials and fey?

How do you suggest to prevent crashed MyISAM table?

On my site was an error:
General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] – Table 'phpbb_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

I could click to repair that table in mysql manager – PHPMyAdmin and that fixed it. Also the command is: REPAIR TABLE phpbb_sessions;

But the question is how to prevent it. Someone said that MyISAM tables crash like this due to something unexpected, like a server failure, out of memory/disk space or breakdown. There is nothing i can do to prevent it if i am not a…

How do you suggest to prevent crashed MyISAM table?

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Suggest if my planning is a good Idea to sell in English/Spanish Market!

I'm digital productor of a online Tool and want expand to English/Spanish Digital Market, and want know what is the best way?

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Suggest if my planning is a good Idea to sell in English/Spanish Market!