How much should I as a GM adapt the rules of my world to suit my players? [closed]

I’m DMing a DnD 3.5e game with some combat but mainly focused on narrative and building towards interesting moral themes. I told my players this in session 0. In the game for our last session the party were guests in a manor house. There was one player acting up for laughs and building friction with their slightly haughty in-game hosts. This ended with him failing a save to steal a paperweight and getting locked away until I could think of a way to deal with him. I’m not afraid to imprison badly behaved characters.

I guided the others on with the plot I had written but the player ended up leaving the session early as there wasn’t anything for his character to do and he hadn’t said anything for about 40 mins. I said I would allow him to contribute to the discussions the main party were having but he didn’t seem interested.

This obviously wasn’t ideal but it fit the reality of the situation and environment they were in. Even when the rest of the party attempted to free him they were unpersuasive and rolled badly and I couldn’t justify letting him go.

I think the player and I have different approaches to playstyle. My question is how much am I expected to compromise? I don’t want to upend the rules and lore of my world because someone wants to mess around.

How does “uses” and “duration” apply to Wonder Woman’s bracers and Superman’s suit in DC Heroes?

In DC Heroes (first edition, 1985), Wonder Woman (Gamemaster’s Manual, page 80) has, under equipment, her “Bracers” with “Uses 10: Duration: 15″. Superman (page 79) has his “Super Uniform” with “Uses: 4, Duration: 26”.

I see a description of uses and durations for buildings (page 29), vehicles (page 32), and weapons (page 33), but I don’t grok how that applies to bracers or the suit.

From the description of buildings and weapons, this would seem to mean that Wonder Woman can use her bracers for up to 10 days (10 uses, and duration 15 is 1 day), after which maintenance is required? Superman can use his suit for up to thirty-two years (4 uses, and duration 26 is 8 years), after which maintenance is required?

The note about duration on page 28 for “ordinary gadgets” implies the the uses must be tracked when in actual use—that is, Wonder Woman would only count the few seconds of combat time per day that she uses her bracers. But the note about duration on page 25 describes uses as “the number of times the gadget can be used” and describes duration in terms of “gadgets that mimic Attributes and Automatic Actions (like Running, Flight, Swimming) or “gadgets that mimic Standard Actions (like Starbolt, Bio-Blast, etc,).

Because Force Shields (Wonder Woman’s bracers) are “Type: Automatic”, does this mean the player tracks the actual combat time that the bracers are in use? Seems like they would last forever. Skin Armor (Superman’s suit) are also automatic (and the suit’s Body is an attribute), so the player technically would track the amount of use the suit gets?

In both cases, it seems as though tracking is unnecessary unless there’s some sort of time travel involved, as, especially in the case of Superman’s suit the time used will never in normal game time reach the uses times the duration.

The section on armor in the Player’s Manual, page 24, does not mention use or duration.

How does uses and duration affect Wonder Woman’s use of her bracers, or Superman’s use of his suit?

Are there any more Game-Mechanical Advantages for having a second set of arms like those an Aegis’ suit can provide? [closed]

Are there any more Game-Mechanical Advantages for having a second set of arms like those an Aegis’ suit can provide besides…..

+3 circumstance bonus to Climb checks and CMD against grapple attempts for each extra arm that is not holding anything and multi-weapon fighting.

Like bonus craft checks or make crafting faster, swim checks, writing or drawing. So far all I can think of is blacksmithing where one or two limbs holds on to a piece being forged and two to three other limbs with hammers shaping it.

Can you usemore than 1 PP ti increase Temporary HP Aegis Toughened Suit feat?

Can you use more than 1 PP ti increase Temporary HP Aegis Toughened Suit feat?

Build the ultimate damage sponge with a good enough Damage Resistance and THP. I have Aegis Lv 5 with 16 Int and 14 PP (total with high Int mod). I plan on using at least my Lv’s worth of PP to try to get 25 THP and DR of 4/-.

Wait are Aegis still limited in spending PP equal to their Lv? I think this question is pertinent here.

How can you make Aegis Augmented Weapon and Crystallize Weapon suit options work with unarmed strikes?

How can you make Aegis Augmented Weapon and Crystallize Weapon suit options work with unarmed strikes?

Augmented Weapon

The astral suit coats the aegis’s weapon. The weapon is treated as if it was one size category larger for damage purposes. The aegis does not suffer any penalties for wielding the weapon. This ability does not stack with effects that increase the aegis’s size category, such as expansion. The aegis must be at least 6th level to select this customization.


Crystallized Weapon

The aegis’s astral suit envelopes his melee weapon. The weapon is treated as if made from deep crystal. This treats the weapon as a masterwork weapon if it was not already, and the aegis can pay two power points to charge the weapon with psionic energy which deals 2d6 additional points of damage on its next hit. The weapon stays charged for 1 minute or until it successfully hits, whichever comes first.

Does the Scent ability function under water in conjunction with the Aegis’ Underwater Breathing Astral suit option?

Does the Scent ability function under water in conjunction with the Aegis’ Underwater Breathing Astral suit option?

PC in party is an Aegis 4, Druid 7 and managed to get the scent ability, wonders if he can track by scent under water using the that suit option.

Underwater Breath: The aegis can safely breathe underwater as long as he is wearing his astral suit.

How does the Astral Skin of the Astral Suit work?

The Aegis have an Astral Suit, which comes in 3 flavors: The Astral Skin, Astral Armor, and Astral Juggernaut. One line in the description on the Astral Skin entry reads:

An astral suit in this form does not count as any type of armor, but does count as a psychoactive skin and follows all the rules of a psychoactive skin.

There are many different Psychoactive Skins, and they have different abilities, and cost is based on the abilities. Skins range from Skin of the Claw which costs 16,000 gp, to Skin of the Psion which costs 151,000 gp.

The Aegis gains the Astral Suit at Level 1. Does this mean a Level 1 Aegis can manifest his suit as an Astral Skin with the same abilities as an item that costs 151,000 gp, or does it only mean to act in the following way, with no extra abilities?

A deployed skin completely covers the wearer and all his equipment like a second skin, allowing the wearer to see, hear, and breathe normally. It rolls away from various parts of the body as needed, such as when the wearer needs to eat or access a backpack. Held items or items specifically excluded are not covered by a psychoactive skin.

(SP 2013) Can sharing permissions be changed to suit a specific document library?

I’m a bit newer to SharePoint and couldn’t find much on this area anywhere else. We have a sub-site that holds a document library we’d like to manage sharing permissions on.

Essentially, we want to restrict regular user’s ability to share documents within this library and have a manager user share from there when needed.

I’ve heard that with SP Online you can manage permissions from Site to site, not in the fashion we need but it still exists.

So I was wondering if this even possible and if so could it be done without affecting the rest of the site?

Thanks in advance.

Can you improvise a suit of half plate from a suit of plate armor?

If you have a suit of full plate armor, can you improvise or remove some of the armored leg portions to functionally approximate half-plate?

Plate armor:

Plate consists of shaped, interlocking metal plates to cover the entire body. A suit of plate includes gauntlets, heavy leather boots, a visored helmet, and thick layers of padding underneath the armor. Buckles and straps distribute the weight over the body.


Half plate consists of shaped metal plates that cover most of the wearer’s body. It does not include leg protection beyond simple greaves that are attached with leather straps.

What does Ghosts of Saltmarsh mean by a suit of Medium mithral armor?

The Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventure “Isle of the Abbey” lists the following treasure (GoS, p. 109):

a suit of Medium mithral armor (your choice of type)

Which of the following interpretations is correct?

  1. A suit of mithral armor that is a chain shirt, scale mail, breastplate, or half plate.
  2. A suit of mithral armor of any type that is sized to fit a Medium creature.

This is for an Adventurers League game, so any AL-specific guidance would be helpful, if it exists.