Is it worth buying the “Super Powers Companion 2nd Edition” if I have 1st Ed. and the free changes supplements?

I own the original SW: Super Powers pdf that came out some years ago, however my group and I have been playing with the PDF that Pinnacle released with the rules for power creation.

I’d like to know if the changes in the second edition are significant enough to consider buying it, since I haven’t been able to find a list of the chapters of the book to know if there’s anything special beyond the rules changes on powers, such campaign creation advice, how to make heroic NPCs and villains, etc.

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Troika! How is enemy damage from weapons and super weapons rolled?

In the Troika! SDR page 67 are the enemies Troll and Ven. The Troll does damage as Weapon and the Ven as Super Weapon. But there are no generic damage tables for those.

The Zoanthrop for example does damage as a Modest Beast which is listed in the table of Beastly Weapons on page 70.

How is enemy damage for (Super) Weapon calculated?

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Querying a table with 200+ million rows by filtering on the clustered index AND additional column is super slow

We have one table that has clustered index on two columns: first one is NVARCHAR(50) and second one is on DATETIME2(3) type.

There are few other columns. When we query the table with WHERE clause on the clustered index columns, the result is received immediately, even when the result set is tens of thousands of rows.

However, if we add one more predicate on the where clause, the query is super slow. After ten seconds I just stop it, because that is not useful to us.

The table has 200+ million rows.

This is the query that is super fast:

SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Col1 = 'blah' AND Col2 BETWEEN 'date1' AND 'date2' 

This is the query that is super slow:

SELECT * FROM Table WHERE Col1 = 'blah' AND Col2 BETWEEN 'date1' AND 'date2' AND BooleanColumn = 1 

In my mind, the second query should use the clustered index to search for rows and then simply scan the result set to filter out what’s needed.

Is it possible to (somehow) make the second query work fast without creating additional non clustered index that would include other columns that we need to filter on? Premieum Designed CBD super store website/automated CBD blog


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