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How can I simulate a super jump?

Reading through the Rotted Capes rulebook I found a few moving types like tunneling, teleportation and flight. And I also found jumping mentioned in surge. But aside from that sidenote I did not find anything about jumping at all.

So I’m wondering there, when I’m trying to build a super that can leap quite far (like a frog powers based super). How can I build something? Thought about using fly with a limitation there that it can only be used for single moves each and only when standing on solid ground when the move starts. But in all honesty I’m unsure there, as that looks quite clumsy.

So my question is how can I best simulate a super jump power with the rules?

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How to get super attribute dependent relation on custom page

I need to get list of all super attribute on my custom phtml page.

Like I have 3 attributes Color, Size, Height.

So I need three drop-down on my custom page where after selecting color, dependent size value should be populate in size drop-down and after selecting size, dependent height attribute value should be populated in height drop-down.

I tried with $ product->getTypeInstance(true)->getConfigurableAttributesAsArray($ product)

It gives attributes used for particular product but I am not able to make it dependent does any one has solution for this.