Copying subfolders to new folders with same superfolder names

Please feel free to direct me to past forum posts that have addressed this question, but I haven’t been able to find them so far.

I’d like a code I can use in Terminal that allows me to accomplish the following, but can scale to more folders. tfMRI_SOCIAL_RL is the folder being moved.

firstdirectory/1/MNINonLinear/Results/tfMRI_SOCIAL_RL –> seconddirectory/1/MNINonLinear/Results/

firstdirectory/2/MNINonLinear/Results/tfMRI_SOCIAL_RL –> seconddirectory/2/MNINonLinear/Results/

firstdirectory/3/MNINonLinear/Results/tfMRI_SOCIAL_RL –> seconddirectory/3/MNINonLinear/Results/

Thanks very much, Brandon