Enagble Supermicro Virtualization in Bios

my motherboard is a Supermicro x9dri-ln4f+, and I am using dual xeon e5 2690 CPUs.

I have been trying to enable Virtualization in order to load VMs in qemu and virtualbox.

The motherboard claims to support VT-x,VT-d, and VT-c in the specs page, and the in the bios under cpu information, it states that all three of those are supported for the CPUs.

This issue is extremely similar to enabling virtualization on supermicro board but their solution of enabling NX(XF for me) did not fix anything, because it was already enabled.

Things I have done:

  • Enabled “
  • Enabled Intel VT-d in North Bridge->Integrated IO Configuration
  • Enabled DCA in North Bridge->Integrated IO Configuration
  • Enabled Isoc in North Bridge->QPI Configuration
  • Enabled Execute-Disable Bit Capability(Solution to other person’s issue)
  • Enabled Intel Virtualization Technology in Advanced settings
  • Tried combinations of enabled Prefetcher settings in advanced such as MLC Streamer, MLC Spatial, DCU Streamer, DCU IP
  • Tried settings bios to default settings and repeating above settings.
  • Full boot and power cycle(completely off) after changing bios settings.

Additionally, from https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Activating_the_Intel_VT_Virtualization_Feature doing:

modprobe msr rdmsr 0x3a 

returns 0

Also running dmesg

$   dmesg | grep kvm [    14.444265] kvm: disabled by bios [    16.225445] kvm: disabled by bios 

And in windows under cpu info in task manager it says that virtualization is disabled.

Any help is appreciated, as I have been racking my head for hours trying to get this to work.

How to reset the other SuperMicro Server IPMI password?

I know the ipmitool can reset the own server’s ipmi password. but how can I reset the other server’s ipmi password when I in my server?

I mean, I have a IPMI controller which can access the other server’s IPMI address. now one of the servers’ IPMI password I have forgot, is it possible in the IPMI controller to reset the forgot password’s IPMI password?


I can not reboot the forgot IPMI password server, because I can not login to the Server’s management page and I am not in the DATA room to reboot it manually.