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How can I call an API that requires TLS 1.2 when my http client can only support TLS 1.0?

We have an application written in PLC Structured Text using the B&R Automation Studio. This application needs to send HTTP requests to an external API server that only supports TLS 1.2. According to B&R support… “Currently, Automation Runtime does not support any versions of TLS besides 1.0.”

Is there some proxy component I can set up on the PCL site and have the PLC code call it to translate the TLS 1.0 request into a TLS 1.2 request to forward on to the API server and then reverse the process for the response?

Where can I get support for Ubuntu 14.04

I need help with my old Ubunutu server, I can’t find any place with a forum to ask questions about it. I only have these questions because I am trying to upgrade the server to a new one so I can use this forum properly.

Should I upgrade my server to 16.04.6 on my own and then ask for help? Will this break my website?

When will Google domains support .eu?

I wanted to move all my domains to one place: Google Domains. Easy to use, simple, affordable and with a very nice GUI. Surprisingly though from the the huge list of supported TLD, Google Domains does not support European Union domains .eu.

Anyone knows the reason why? Anyone has information whether they will support it in the future?

It’s not a minor TLD, if they support Mexico’s .mx or France’s .fr, why don’t they support European Union’s .eu?

i386 support on amd64

Fist, I hope you’re going into a good day, and a good journey on earth. Really.

Then, I’m some kind of raw-from-scratch user of Ubuntu. I just left winbait after paid my 1st ever license (used i agree, for pratically nothing, i still agree..) it completely crashed and unable to restore. Problem i never had before, using H4X0R stuff disabling entirely Winbait-Update. But it’s worst getting cyber-criminal loggers than corporatives ones from Winbait isn’t it ? Wait.. What ?!!

And even before some problems were met. Which some sfc /scannow or DSIM (...)shit could not fix. Parameters which not opended anymore, etc..

So i’m now a Linux-user back again ! Forever and for real !!!

(I’m not sorry for this intro if you appreciate it, else i’m sorry.)

So, the point is :

I’m running amd64 and some programs ask me for i386 architecture.

So i’ve used the sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 command, but nothing works to upgrade the whole Ubuttu.

Every single ****ing CLI thing i try says me “unmet dependencies required someway that we’re unable to perform” and that’s a thing that blocks me in absolutely EVERYTHING.

Please dear internet lights, solve this.

Ubuntu 18.4 doesn’t support Mx Anywhere Bluetooth Mouse

I have an MX Anywhere 2 bluetooth mouse. I’m running 18.04.3 LTS. But I can’t get the mouse to connect.

I’ve run the whole:

  • power on
  • power off
  • scan on
  • connnect / pair MAC Address

But I just get a

Failed to connect: org.bluez.ErrorFailed” or Failed to connect: org.bluez.ErrorAuthenticationFailed

error and I’m not sure what else to try.

Error on SP.RequestExecutor in sharepoint online: Object doesn’t support this action

I am trying to do a simple search using javascript in SharePoint online but I am getting the following error:Object doesn't support this action.

The error is thrown right here: var executor = new SP.RequestExecutor(_spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl);

I am using the code from GitHub

function getSearchResultsUsingREST(queryText) {     // search can use the app web URL as the base, so no need to use SP.AppContextSite(@target) to access the host web..     var searchUrl = _spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl + "/_api/search/query?querytext='" + queryText + "'";     var executor = new SP.RequestExecutor(_spPageContextInfo.webAbsoluteUrl);     executor.executeAsync(         {             url: searchUrl,             method: "GET",             headers: { "Accept": "application/json; odata=verbose" },             success: onGetSearchResultsSuccess,             error: onGetSearchResultsFail         }     ); }  function onGetSearchResultsSuccess(data) {     var jsonObject = JSON.parse(data.body);     var results = jsonObject.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results;     if (results.length == 0) {         $  ('#related-content-results').text('No related documents were found');     }     else {         var searchResultsHtml = '';         $  .each(results, function (index, result) {             searchResultsHtml += "<a target='_blank' href='" + result.Cells.results[6].Value + "'>" + result.Cells.results[3].Value + "</a> (" + result.Cells.results[10].Value + ")<br />";         });         $  ('#related-content-results').html(searchResultsHtml);     } }  function onGetSearchResultsFail(data, errorCode, errorMessage) {     $  ('#related-content-results').text('An error occurred whilst searching for related content - ' + errorMessage); }