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Do the Secret Chats of Telegram really support Perfect Forward Secrecy?

In the Telegram API it is stated that Telegram support Perfect Forward Secrecy in their “secret chats”. It is also stated that

official Telegram clients will initiate re-keying once a key has been used to decrypt and encrypt more than 100 messages, or has been in use for more than one week, provided the key has been used to encrypt at least one message.

So my question is, in this case, if a session key gets compromised, is it possible for an attacker to read 100 messages (or possibly more)? If yes, can we still say that perfect forward secrecy is satisfied here?

How can I add Block Style support to the core HTML block in Gutenberg?

The HTML block in Gutenberg can be given styles like so:

// JS file, enqueued using the action "enqueue_block_editor_assets" wp.blocks.registerBlockStyle( 'core/html', {     name: 'full-width-video',     label: 'Full Width Video' } ); 

resulting custom html block with styles

To compare, I also applied that style to the core/preformatted. I selected it for both blocks on a post.

However, the class does not get added to the Custom HTML block:

<div class="wp-block-html">(html that I entered)</div>  <pre class="wp-block-preformatted is-style-full-width-video">(html that i entered)</pre> 

I believe it is one of the “supports” options that prevents the styles from being applied but I am not sure how to edit that for a core block.

Anyone know how I can add support for styles on the core HTML block?


Offloading TLS client-cert checking to OpenSSL (or similar) if server does not support it


I want to have “some thing” to handle client-certs on behalf a server that is unable to do it, for secure user authentication in addition to regular TLS encryption.


In this question How can I double check security against a TLS on a public IP? the answers set clear that regular TLS does not typically do client authentication, although it seems it would be possible if the server requests it.

Let’s suppose I have a server that is able to communicate via “plain text” or “on a TLS channel” (I can re-start the server with or without TLS), but if TLS is enabled, the server does not support checking client-certificates for auth.

The original question was for a docker registry, but I generalize the question to any server supporting TLS but not client-side certs.

What I’m thinking

I am thinking of offloading the “TLS part” to a security-specific software (much similar to what SSH port-forwarding tunnels are) and decouple the server and the TLS handling.

Probably there would be 2 processes involved:

  • The server listens in a firewalled localhost port or a linux socket in “plain text”, but as it is firewalled it can never be reached from the outside.
  • Some kind of “security middleware” (Probably OpenSSL, but I’m not sure) -I think it’d be called a TLS terminator, but I’m neither really sure, too- to do this:
    • Handle the public-IP listening
    • Handle the server-side certs to secure the channel via TLS
    • Handle the client-side certs to check authenticity (probably against a set of public keys I’ll have previously uploaded in the server)
    • If and only if the client belongs to a white-list of users, then forward the decrypted channel to the regualar plain-text server.


  1. Would be this TLS offloading a normal setup?

  2. If so, is OpenSSL a good handler for this offloading?

  3. If yes, what documentation could be a good starting point for this kind of setup, where I can read on and learn?