Does Apple still monitor or track after having a customer support screen sharing service with

Is having screen sharing service with safe?

I had screensharing service with which is official apple website for apple products support. And they wanted me to install an app after entering session key and they said the app will self-destruct once support session ended.

Would there be a possibility that Apple can still track and monitor that computer even after the support session ended and even if they claim that installment of the app for screen sharing self-destruct?

Computer does not support booting to a NVMe SSD

I have a Dell Optiplex 3040 with a HDD running Ubuntu 19.4. I installed a NVMe SSD and Ubuntu sees it and I can use it. I would like to use the SSD as my main drive, but the computer does not support booting to a NVMe SSD. On a Raspberry Pi there is a process to boot from one drive but run the OS from another drive.,39782.html

I tried that with Ubuntu, but it is still running from the HDD. How do I get Ubuntu to boot from the HDD and run from the NVMe SSD?

Thanks in advance, Kevin

Microsoft Surface Laptop – will keyboard support be added to Ubuntu?

My apologies for my lack of knowledge on how hardware support gets added to distros and the kernal.

I have a first gen MS Surface laptop (actual ‘Laptop’ not pro or go, etc.). When I run the Ubuntu live everything works, as far as I can tell, except the built in keyboard. Since this laptop is several years old I was wondering if this will ever work? I’ve installed various linux systems on laptops and have had things like cameras not work but I’ve never had something as basic as the keyboard not work.

I’ve seen the jakeday kernal work but because I lack this level of system build knowledge I’m worried about things like security and also what that means for future upgrades. Again… this is more on me than jakeday’s work.

So long question shortened… for my Surface Laptop keyboard to work.. Be Patient or stay with windows/buy new laptop?

Thank you

Getting error “Object doesn’t support property or method ‘commitPopup'” when saving a new alert in SP 2010

In my SP 2010 environment, I have a html page, that has an iframe, and the iframe is the page where you create a new alert for a list. In the html page, I dynamically create the iframe and then insert some script nodes in it to run jquery in the alert page.

The problem is, when I click the save button, I get the error message

Line: 1 Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'commitPopup' 

coming from this line (which is the iframe source page)

<script type='text/javascript'>window.frameElement.commitPopup();< 

Does anyone know how to fix this?


Does wall of stone need support or not?

The description of wall of stone states:

The wall doesn’t need to be vertical or rest on any firm foundation. It must, however, merge with and be solidly supported by existing stone. (PHB 287)

To me the two statements “doesn’t need to rest on any firm foundation” and “must be solidly supported” seem contradictory. So does the stone the spell effect is merged to have to serve as a foundation or not? Could someone give an example that would be a shape or positioning of the effect that has no foundation, but is supported?

Remote Desktop Support – Let me fix your issues for $5

I am offering remote assistance to fix PC / Laptop issues using any Windows device. – Restore performance of a slow / freezing PC or Laptop (Please note; Not all freezing computers can be fixed as it may sometimes be hardware related. If all my attempts to fix the freezing issues do not work. I will agree to a full refund.) – Blue screens fix – Malware, spyware, adware, virus removal – Checking for corrupt / damaged system files – Or anything else you may need help with To connect remotely, we will be using TeamViewer Making my customers feel at ease: As we know, the internet is filled with dishonest people and scammers. There is a level of discomfort when letting a stranger work remotely on your device, especially if you not so PC savvy and not sure what the person is doing on your computer. Therefore, before any payments are made, you may request a link to my personal Facebook profile and I will accept your friend request should you request one. You may also request voice calls too if that is your preferred method of communication. All my work will be performed on your Desktop, there is no need for me to access personal folders such as My Documents, Downloads, Program files or any folders sitting on the Desktop. However I may need to open [My computer or (This PC if you Windows 10)] to access properties of your hard drive and maybe to see for any previous Windows installations which will show up in your root folder (C:) For example: C:Windows.old I will not remove previous Windows installations without your consent and knowing you have been through it to check for any files you want to keep. At any given moment you need to do something on your device, all you do is move the mouse cursor and I will stop what I am doing. – You can close TeamViewer when you like as we can always reconnect at a later time when you are ready. Tools I will be needing: Fixing computers will require me to download certain software, I will only do so with your approval after explaining what software it is and the purpose of it – It will only be popular software used by millions of other users. Any software that I install will be removed at the end of the session unless you would like to keep the software to maintain your device. Please first send me a message and best describe what issues you have or feel free to ask any questions.

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