PubChem service doesn’t support looking up compounds given an assay ID?

Mathematica’s PubChem Service Connection has many requests that return the properties of a compound (or substance). It also provides requests that return all the assays for which a given compound (or substance) has been tested.

But the PubChem Service Connection does not appear to include requests that return all the compound IDs (CIDs) associated with a given assay ID (AID). This type of functionality is supported by the PubChem PUG-REST, e.g., :

Looks up all compounds (CIDs) that have been measured with assay AID1207599.

The “CompoundAID” request in Mathematica returns a list of AssayIDs given a CompoundID (or other CID-equivalent specifier) as input. Similarly, “CompoundAssaySummary” returns a summary given a CompoundID (or equivalent) specifier. But returning the AIDs for a specified CID is not the same as returning the CIDs for a given AID. Is there an undocumented feature for this?

No: It is not possible to iterate over all CompoundIDs; PubChem contains >96 million compounds.

Yes: I already know I can do it “manually” by

URLExecute[  "",  {}, "CSV"] 

Rather: This is a question about the limits and current state of the PubChem Service Connection implementation in Mathematica 12.

Does HTTP not support providing a checksum in a form of header for downloaded content?

Is there a way to tell a browser downloading a file or page that the content it is downloaded should match this checksum made with this formula (e.g. sha-1 or md5)?

I think it would be great to verify file integrity without having to manually verify the file’s integrity after download.

If it is possible, how would I implement this in my own server? If not, what is the best alternative?

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Support for signed SSH certificates – Windows 10 OpenSSH to Linux

“OpenSSH for Windows” version OpenSSH_for_Windows_8.0p1, LibreSSL 2.6.5 Client OperatingSystem Windows 10 Enterprise

Does OpenSSH for Windows support signed certs?

I feel like it does, as ssh-keygen picks up the certificate no problem. However, it doesn’t want to connect. The same steps seem to work fine from linux.

 Directory of C:\hi 11/04/2019  01:18 PM             2,013 04/16/2019  09:07 AM             1,854 GregDFO-private.key 04/16/2019  09:31 AM               389 GregDFO-public.key  C:\hi>ssh-keygen -Lf         Type: user certificate         Public key: RSA-CERT SHA256:Ccox9NCf/HBjzFxRE76XsnTT9k0vbmRB4/j5qX95WkQ         Signing CA: RSA SHA256:3axo+wPqiszHOTKy94Tk2gj4S6Rb6uGWKcB4s059bvg (using ssh-rsa)         Key ID: "root"         Serial: 17890926214909873034         Valid: from 2019-11-01T08:52:18 to 2019-11-13T19:52:48         Principals:                 cormierg         Critical Options: (none)         Extensions:                 permit-pty 

However, when trying to use it, ssh spits out invalid format

C:\hi>ssh -i GregDFO-private.key -i cormiergr@  Enter passphrase for key 'GregDFO-private.key': ***** Load key "": invalid format 

A few extra verbose tidbits:

Enter passphrase for key 'GregDFO-private.key': debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,keyboard-interactive debug1: Offering public key: RSA-CERT  SHA256:Ccox9NCf/HBjzFxRE76XsnTT9k0vbmRB4/j5qX95WkQ explicit debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply debug1: Server accepts key: RSA-CERT  SHA256:Ccox9NCf/HBjzFxRE76XsnTT9k0vbmRB4/j5qX95WkQ explicit debug1: sign_and_send_pubkey: no separate private key for certificate "" Load key "": invalid format debug2: we did not send a packet, disable method debug1: Next authentication method: keyboard-interactive 

Does Apple still monitor or track after having a customer support screen sharing service with

Is having screen sharing service with safe?

I had screensharing service with which is official apple website for apple products support. And they wanted me to install an app after entering session key and they said the app will self-destruct once support session ended.

Would there be a possibility that Apple can still track and monitor that computer even after the support session ended and even if they claim that installment of the app for screen sharing self-destruct?

Computer does not support booting to a NVMe SSD

I have a Dell Optiplex 3040 with a HDD running Ubuntu 19.4. I installed a NVMe SSD and Ubuntu sees it and I can use it. I would like to use the SSD as my main drive, but the computer does not support booting to a NVMe SSD. On a Raspberry Pi there is a process to boot from one drive but run the OS from another drive.,39782.html

I tried that with Ubuntu, but it is still running from the HDD. How do I get Ubuntu to boot from the HDD and run from the NVMe SSD?

Thanks in advance, Kevin

Microsoft Surface Laptop – will keyboard support be added to Ubuntu?

My apologies for my lack of knowledge on how hardware support gets added to distros and the kernal.

I have a first gen MS Surface laptop (actual ‘Laptop’ not pro or go, etc.). When I run the Ubuntu live everything works, as far as I can tell, except the built in keyboard. Since this laptop is several years old I was wondering if this will ever work? I’ve installed various linux systems on laptops and have had things like cameras not work but I’ve never had something as basic as the keyboard not work.

I’ve seen the jakeday kernal work but because I lack this level of system build knowledge I’m worried about things like security and also what that means for future upgrades. Again… this is more on me than jakeday’s work.

So long question shortened… for my Surface Laptop keyboard to work.. Be Patient or stay with windows/buy new laptop?

Thank you