Magento 2 migration Tool: does PRODUCTS model support DELTA (incremental)?

when browsing and reading guides it looks like Customers + Orders support incremental data migration (delta: the newly added items) …. bu I also read that this is supported for products : but is this really so?

Somehow it seems it was the plan to support Products Delta migration …. but it never made it through?

Using Magento 2.3.1 : does the 2.3.1 Data Migration Tool support incremental migration for Products?


What was the first language to offer “full” structured programming support?

In the same vein as this question about conditionals, I am interested in the first time a language provided functionality we assume as a given for modern programming languages. The question is when a programming language fully embraced structured programming by providing all 4 control structures (sequence, selection, iteration & recursion).

Now, “sequence” seems like a given, but selection, iteration & recursion also need to be provided. As far as I can see that means

  • conditional keywords (e.g. if...then)
  • loop keywords (while, for etc.)
  • functions which are able to call themselves

What was the first time a language provided all these?

vsftpd only support tlsv1.2

I have installed the vsftpd 3.0.2 server in ubuntu. And I configure the ssl support with following:

ssl_tlsv1=YES ssl_sslv2=NO ssl_sslv3=NO 

It works fine, but now I want my ftp server only support tlsv1.2, how to configure it? I have tried as following:

ssl_tlsv1_2=YES ssl_sslv2=NO ssl_sslv3=NO 

But it doesn’t work, when I try to start the ftp server, error happens:

500 OOPS: unrecognised variable in config file: ssl_tlsv1_2 

And I do not find the parameter ssl_tlsv1_2 vsftpd.conf

But I find the parameter ssl_tlsv1_2 vsftpd.conf

That confuses me very much.

UK visa Application Support Centers biometric appointments suspended; Does anyone have a screenshot of VFS Global’s website from an earlier update?

Today, 4/15/2019, I went to my scheduled biometrics appointment where I received the same slip of paper shown in a previous question: Why are UK visa biometrics appointments suspended at USCIS Application Support Centers?

One answer to that question quoted from the VFS Global website:

If you are an affected customer and have missed your appointment due to this service interruption, you may present at your chosen ASC location on a ‘walk-in’ basis, as soon as you see the message on this page that service has been restored.

However, the VFS Global website currently doesn’t mention this bit about a ‘walk-in’ basis once the problem clears up. Does anyone have a screenshot of this earlier update? My stage 1 visa endorsement letter is only good for three months, two and a half months have already passed, and my worry is that even if this issue does clear up before my letter expires, I’ll have to reschedule a biometrics appointment and with the backlog of applicants, the earliest possible appointment time may be well after my letter expires. My hope is that with this evidence, I may indeed walk-in at my appointed ASC location even if VFS Global later decides to do reschedulings rather than take walk-ins. I realize it’s quite a long-shot.

Also, any update on the why these services have been suspended?