“How am I supposed to change the fore color of the elements of a particular column in a crosstab of a japer report in jaspersoft studio?”

I am trying to make crosstable in which I want to change the fore color of elements in a prticular column.How am I supposed to do it?

I am working on jaspersoft studio v6.8. I am using a database that i have created myself

          <bucketExpression><![CDATA[$  F{Status}]]></bucketExpression>                 </bucket>                 <crosstabColumnHeader>                     <cellContents mode="Opaque" style="Crosstab_CH">                         <textField>                             <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="110" height="30" forecolor="#000000" uuid="84d31711-373c-473e-b8a7-381998d96d7d"/>                             <textElement textAlignment="Center" verticalAlignment="Middle">                                 <font size="14"/>                             </textElement>                             <textFieldExpression><!       [CDATA[$  V{Status}.replace("Closed-Delayed","Delayed").replace("Closed-Timely","Timely").replace("Overdue","Overdue")]]></textFieldExpression>                         </textField>                     </cellContents>                 </crosstabColumnHeader>                 <crosstabTotalColumnHeader>                     <cellContents mode="Opaque" style="Crosstab_CT">                         <staticText>                             <reportElement x="0" y="0" width="90"    height="30" forecolor="#FFFFFF" uuid="d795c6ed-d5d1-41a7-b5a8-3caccacfebec"/>                             <textElement textAlignment="Center"       verticalAlignment="Middle">                                 <font size="14"/>                             </textElement>                             <text><![CDATA[Total Status]]></text>                         </staticText>                     </cellContents>                 </crosstabTotalColumnHeader>             </columnGroup> 

I want that the column which has status overdue should print its elements with red fore color,but its always black.

Are macOS Photos supposed to be synced to iPhone Photos automatically?

I have an iCloud storage of 2 TB. I added a lot of photos on my Mac to the Photos library. They are synced to iCloud automatically and I can see the upload progress.

Same on my iPhone, I activated iCloud Photos, photos taken on the iPhone are being uploaded to iCloud.

Now, while I can see photos taken on the phone on the computer, the opposite is not true.

Photos added from the computer are not showing on the iPhone. Is this expected behavior? If so, how do I ensure that any picture added to the Photos app on Mac will be shown on the iPhone too?

How are complex operations supposed to be done in MVC [on hold]

I am transitioning from WebForms to MVC (yes I know I am very late but be tolerant) and so far I’m struggling to understand how to are complex crud operations supposed to be done, first limit I encountered is that a view can use a single model then I learned how to use ajax and call multiple actionresults as if they were methods in my view but this feels like a hack, every exercise I find does the same, how are you supposed to use complex logic from the business layer? using js to call post methods is the only way to do it? I feel like I have less control and more constrained

Question is: how are you supposed to use complex logic from the business layer? this isn’t broad

How to signal to my players that the following part is supposed to be played on fast forward?

So in the campaign I DM there is a ritual that is supposed to take ⅔ of a year. Obviously, we need to skip most of these days, and some of the events deserve only a bit of role playing and that’s it.

On the other hand, my players love to go into details, and it causes lags. For example they solved the mystery of a curse, got everything they needed to break it, and then it resulted in round by round PvP that soon got boring for everyone. I could have told them that this was a part of the story that isn’t important. That identifying what happened and gathering ingredients was the interesting part. But I’d need to break immersion to do this.

Using my own advice, I plan to have another session zero and another grab on the Same Page Tool, but I’d like to have some ideas first, and I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

So is there any tried way to communicate to players that

this isn’t the important part, don’t use too much time on it, more interesting things are waiting to happen!

without breaking immersion too much?

I’m interested in saving real play time, not in-game one. Players are aware of time constrains, and in-game they are doing great to progress as fast as feasible.

How am I supposed to fix a disk from single user mode?

I have an orphan directory on my main disk.

  1. I restart the computer in single user mode.
  2. In single user mode, the main disk / is mounted as read-only.
  3. I type /sbin/fsck -fy.
  4. fsck points the problems but will not fix them, because the disk is read-only.
  5. I try to unount the disk using umount / or umount /dev/disk2s1, I get a Resource busy, try diskutil umount.
  6. I try diskutil umount. I get an error telling me that diskutil cannot run from single user mode.

The main disk is APFS.

WTH is that? How am I suppose to fix the problem?

What happens if I send a XRP transaction to a blank TAG when I was supposed to send to a specifc TAG?

I sent XRP to a blank TAG while I was supposed to send to the éxchange’s TAG. The address is the one from the exchange but the TAG was left blank. The exchange says that they can’t recover the money.

What happened to the money? Is it theoretically possible for the exchange to recover it? As I understood, a blank tag but rigth address will send the money to the exchange but not in the account of anyone.

ps: I just noticed that “crypto” stands for cryptograpy, not cryptocurrency, could someone move this to a better forum?

This code is supposed to take an odd input and output the odd numbers in descending order

The code performs as it has to but there is a bug that even when the input is an even number it prints the descending numbers in an odd order

public static void main(String[] args) {      Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);      System.out.print("Enter an odd number: ");     int number = input.nextInt();      for (int i = number - 1; i >= 0; i--) {          if (i % 2 == 0) {             int descend = i + 1;             System.out.println(descend + " ");         }     }  } 

Git Flow, pull requests, multi-destination branches and conflicts: how is it supposed to work?

I get it for feature branches:

  • A feature branch is created from develop.
  • One single PR is then created, going to develop.
  • If there are conflicts, fix them in the feature branch.

Quite straightforward.

Concerning “multi-destination branches” though, like release or hotfix branches, how are conflicts supposed to be resolved? Say for example with a hotfix branch:

  • A hotfix branch is created from master.
  • Question: two PRs are created, one going to master, and one going to develop, right?
  • Then, question: what if there are conflicts? For example, the branch does not conflict with master, but it does with develop: where to resolve them? Do we need two distinct branches so that master doesn’t receive the conflict resolutions that were needed for develop?

Boss level: a hotfix branch when a release branch is ongoing. Does this case need three PRs: to master, develop and the release branch?