Suricata logs “A Network Trojan was detected”. Is it false positive?

I use the Suricata as IDS on the local network that it doesn’t the internet. It logged a few alerts from some clients that said A Network Trojan was detected. All log’s properties are in the following:

Protocol: 006
Source: Client IP
Destination: Server IP
Signature: ET POLICY SMB2 NT Create AdnX Request For an Executable File in a Temp Directory. Category: A Network Trojan was detected

I have Kaspersky antivirus that updated and also I have Malwarebytes that updates too, however, they hadn’t detected any trojans.


Is this a false positive or maybe a real trojan that the antimalware can’t detect it?

Server OS: Windows server 2012
Client OS: Windows 7 and 10

Virustotal detecting threats in Suricata rule set

Virustotal scans are detecting threats from the Suricata default rule pack located

Is this a false positive?