How to switch off numeric keypad in BT keyboard

I’ve recently bought a compact Bluetooth keyboard. In Ubuntu, it works fine when wired, but when connecting it with Bluetooth, only some keys work, those around the U, and they correspond to a numeric keypad. I can fix this by switching off the BloqNum key with other keyboard, but the problem persists when I’m logging in, so in practice this doesn’t solve my problem, since I would like to use just the BT keyboard.

Is there a way to change this behaviour in Ubuntu? I’ve seen some solutions involving access to System → Preferences → Keyboard → Layout → Layout Options → Miscellaneous compatibility options, but I can’t find those options in my Ubuntu 19.04.

hardware airplane switch on supposedly causing wireless connections to not work

I have been having this issue when I updated to linux ubuntu 19.04 on my very old Dell latitude D830, one error I’ve been having is the internet connection not working, because wifi doesnt connect. I’ve tried every solution in here so far with NONE changing anything.

My original problem is that tge internet connection, wifi, is disabled, and it says UNAVAILABLE, tryinf to enable it doesnt work. I cant use tethering or usb or bluetooth because the only way I get internet is wifi and those options turn it off from my phone.

output of sudo rfkill list:

0: phy0: Wireless LAN                 Soft blocked: no                 Hard Blocked: no  1: brcmwl-0: Wireless LAN                 Soft blocked: no                 Hard Blocked: no  2: dell-wifi: Wireless LAN                 Soft blocked: no                 Hard Blocked: yes 3: dell-blueooth: Bluetooth                 Soft blocked: no                 Hard Blocked: yes 

output of ip link:

1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000             link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00  2: enp9s0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000             link/ether 00:21:70:79:42:4b brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff  3: wlp12s0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc noop state DOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000             link/ether 00:22:5f:1c:59:62 brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff 

Again, every other solution i saw over here by googling didnt work, I typed more than a million commands for this problem to go, I actually encountered it earlier when i installed ubuntu 19.04, but I fixed it, but then after that by some months, i think around 2/3, it came back. and I have no way whatsoever to fix it, i even tried going back to what originally fixed it.

¿Existe una forma posible de usar el case del switch como “case (rango de números)”?

¡Buenas tardes! La forma en que lo digité en el título es obviamente errónea, pero es para que entiendan a lo que me refiero. Normalmente un switch case 1, el case siempre obedece a un entero, pero qué pasa si quiero un case que lea un rango de enteros posibles dentro de la variable del switch, por ejemplo

switch(edad())      case (edad()>=1)  

Aquí un ejemplo en código fácil de lo que me refiero.

switch(edadGato())     {     case 1:         cout<<"Al gato le corresponde la vacuna de la Rabia";         break;     case 3:         cout<<"Al gato le corresponde la vacuna de la Panleucopenia";         break;     default:         cout<<"Basado en la edad, al gato no le corresponde ninguna edad";         break;     } 

Si la edad fuese 2, no me detectaría que ya tendría una vacuna pendiente por tener más de un año (case 1), por eso, mi duda sobre si existe una forma algo como case (rango de números).

Nota: Sé que con if es más fácil, pero si en switch es posible, compártanlo conmigo. Gracias de antemano.

Is it a bad practice for a required switch to start without having any option checked?

I currently have several (required) components in a form, in which I must select only one option (of the 2 that exist). The previous designer used a switch, however the first time none of the 2 is selected by default, this because the client indicated that he did not want to give priority to one, then I do not know if it is a good practice and if I should change for another component, for example a dropdown enter image description here

Quiero hacer un toggle switch language?

Quiero hacer un toggle switch language para dos idiomas y mi segmento de codigo

El detalle es el siguien estoy haciendolo con .pug y no se mucho de sass, he instalado sass al pie de la letra me compila de sass a css correctamente, me aparece el toggle switch con la carita pero cuando doy click no hace el movimiento o el change

que estoy haciendo mal? Me he guiado de esto

$  ('.wrap').on('click', function(e){ 	$  (this).toggleClass('funny'); 	$  (this).addClass('active'); });
scss *, *:before, *:after {   -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;    box-sizing: border-box; 	transition: 0.5s; }  body { 	background: #eee; 	font-size: 18px; 	font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif; 	text-align: center; 	padding: 5em 0; }  .wrap-text { 	display: inline-block; 	vertical-align: middle; 	margin: 0 1em; 	font-size: 2em; 	color: #333; }  .wrap { 	display: inline-block; 	vertical-align: middle; 	background: #ddd; 	height: 10em; 	width: 24em; 	border-radius: 10em; 	padding: 1em; 	cursor: pointer; 	 	&.funny { 		background: #069; 	} }  .toggle { 	overflow: hidden; 	background: #fff; 	height: 8em; 	width: 8em; 	border-radius: 100%; 	position: relative; 	 	&:before, 	&:after { 		position: absolute; 		content: ''; 		top: 25%; 		height: 1em; 		width: 1em; 		background: #ddd; 		border-radius: 100%; 	}  	.active &:before, 	.active &:after { 		animation: slidetoboring 0.4s linear; 	}  	&:before { 		left: 25%; 	}  	&:after { 		right: 25%; 	} 	 	.funny & { 		margin-left: 14em;  		&:before, 		&:after { 			background: #069; 			animation: slidetofunny 0.4s linear; 		} 	} }  .mouth { 	position: absolute; 	top: 60%; 	left: 1.5em; 	right: 1.5em; 	height: 0.5em; 	background: #ddd; 	border-radius: 1em;  	.active & { 		animation: slidetoboring 0.4s linear; 	} 	 	.funny & { 		height: 2.5em; 		border-radius: 1em 1em 10em 10em; 		background: #069; 		animation: slidetofunny 0.4s; 		top: 55%; 	} }  @keyframes slidetofunny { 	0% { transform: translateX(0%); } 	50% { transform: translateX(100%); } 	51% { transform: translateX(-100%); } 	100% { transform: translateX(0%); } }  @keyframes slidetoboring { 	0% { transform: translateX(0%); } 	50% { transform: translateX(-100%); } 	51% { transform: translateX(100%); } 	100% { transform: translateX(0%); } }
<span class="wrap-text">boring</span> <div class="wrap"> 	<div class="toggle"> 		<span class="mouth"></span> 	</div> </div> <span class="wrap-text">funny</span>

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

Yahoo has undergone some significant changes in its interface recently. There are still millions of users out there who don’t prefer to go with this updated version and wants to stay with the old one. Though the Yahoo newer version is quite intriguing, it tends to consume a lot more data and also requires an additional time to get upload on the system. The answer to this query lies in the Yahoo account settings itself where you can easily switch back to the basic version. Connect with the…

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

Problem with new_products section and switch currency

I have a problem on my site i have a new_products grid (Magento default) showing the last added 4 Products on my Home Page everything is working great but, my site supports two Currency, here is the problem when i click to change the currency in the header of my page the price changed everywhere execpt in this grid.

here is how we get the price on the theme

echo $  block->getProductPriceHtml($  _item, $  type); 

where $ type is ‘widget-new-grid’

I’m on Magento Comunity v3.2.3

Magento 2.3.2 – Switch Website (store) without going to base URL

I’m using the following code to switch websites.


<?php /** @var \Magento\Store\Block\Switcher $  block */ $  viewModel = $  block->getData('view_model'); $  websites = $  viewModel->getWebsites(); $  websiteid = $  viewModel->getWebsite()->getWebsiteId(); ?> <div class="switcher store switcher-store" id="switcher-store">     <strong class="label switcher-label"><span><?php echo __('Choose your Country') ?></span></strong>     <div class="actions dropdown options switcher-options">         <?php foreach ($  websites as $  website): ?>             <?php if ($  websiteid == $  website->getId()): ?>                 <div class="action toggle switcher-trigger"                      role="button"                      tabindex="0"                      data-mage-init='{"dropdown":{}}'                      data-toggle="dropdown"                      data-trigger-keypress-button="true"                      id="switcher-store-trigger">                     <strong>                         <span class="<?php echo str_replace(' ', '-', $  block->escapeHtml($  website->getName())) ?>">                             <strong><a><?php echo $  block->escapeHtml($  website->getName()) ?></a></strong>                         </span>                     </strong>                 </div>             <?php endif; ?>         <?php endforeach; ?>         <ul class="dropdown switcher-dropdown" data-target="dropdown">             <?php foreach ($  websites as $  website): ?>                 <?php if (!($  websiteid == $  website->getId())): ?>                     <li class="switcher-option view">                         <span class="flag-icon <?php echo str_replace(' ', '-', $  block->escapeHtml($  website->getName())) ?>">                             <a href='<?php echo $  website->getDefaultStore()->getBaseUrl() ?>'>                             <?php echo $  block->escapeHtml($  website->getName()) ?>                         </a>                         </span>                     </li>                 <?php endif; ?>             <?php endforeach; ?>         </ul>     </div> </div> 

However, when a product page is accessed on a particular website and then the website is switched it goes back to the base url of the website switched to.

For example

Different websites are


URL that is accessed is and say you switch to the US website, it goes to instead of

How can I get it to switch to the same page but on the other website.