Browser loses connectivity to website. Switching browsers helps, but just temporarily [closed]

This problem shows up when I have poor WiFi connectivity, or no WiFi. I’m using my android phone, with chrome browser, to connect to my website (LAMP), and limping along with poor response, but happy and productive. But then I can’t reach the website at all. I can reach other websites but not my website. I’ve tried closing my chrome and reopening it. If I wait several minutes I can usually get back to my website. However, my application is time-critical and this delay is very disruptive. I’ve found that when I can’t get through on chrome, if I immediately switch to the Samsung browser (also chromium-based) I can regain access to the my website right away. Then after several minutes, I might lose access again. I can immediately regain access if I switch back to chrome. So the problem is not chrome itself. Perhaps if I had 2 instances of chrome, say chrome and chrome-beta, I could switch between those successfully. But I haven’t tried that experiment. In long sessions, with very bad connectivity, I have to switch browsers about every 5 minutes.

It seems like the bad connectivity causes Apache to temporarily ignore me. Perhaps some mechanism whereby the socket (or some other intermediate-entity, like a PHP worker) is marked "bad" but not closed. So that intermediate-entity has to timeout before the same browser can connect again. Perhaps by switching browsers, a new intermediate-entity is opened and the old one abandoned. I’m just guessing at a possible mechanism.

I’ve looked at apache error log, apache access log, php error log and php-fpm error log. I don’t see anything that coincides with my connectivity problem. My php max_execution_time is set to 120. I’m not hitting that as far as I can tell.

How does switching from WordPress to custom-made Python site affect SEO?

I want to switch from WordPress to a site I want to build with Python and the JustPy web framework(Python wrapper built around Quasar).

I plan to use things like Steppers and other tabbed features that do not immediately show the content when the page loads.

My question (fear) does that tabbed content affect SEO in some way?

Also, I know Python well, but I have no knowledge of how to optimize HTML for SEO. Are there other negative outcomes of switching from WordPress to a custom-made Python site SEO-wise?

Can switching from .com TLD to non .com TLD affect emails even if MX records migrated correctly

I have a high-level question about a customer that switched from a .com TLD to a .fun TLD. They didn’t switch hosting, only their TLD. They’re now having issues with their emails, personal and campaign based, being blocked.

Before I dig in to the technical stuff, I wanted to know if anyone had a similar issue. Before I dig in to MX records and such, I didn’t know if there were known TLD issues with ones like .fun, etc. Sorry if this is a vague question. And I promise I’ve been googling and asking first!

Are there any examples in D&D lore (all editions) of metallic or chromatic dragons switching alignment?

In a previous question I asked about a dragon antagonist I am planning. I originally intended this to be a chromatic dragon because I believed they are always evil, but an answer to that question got me thinking.

In the Monster Manual it states that all chromatic dragons are driven by greed and selfishness and are feared by all people.

Likewise, all metallic dragons are good.

However, are there any examples in the lore of either of these being switched? I imagine it would be more likely that a metallic dragon becomes evil than a chromatic dragon becomes good, but are there any outliers at all?

I am willing to accept any examples from any of the editions of D&D or the broader fiction written around the setting.

what is wrong in following code in Java (Switching cases)?

package ifelse; import java.util.Scanner; import java.util.*;  public class SwitchCasese {     public static void main(String[] args) {         Scanner sc = new Scanner (;         System.out.println("enter your day ");         String day = sc.nextLine();         String result;                  switch (day){         case "monday ":             result = "working";             break;         case "Tuesday":             result = "Studying";             break;         case "wednesday":             result = "riding";             break;                                   }            System.out.println(result );                            }  } ``` 

Unity Animation Controller and walking diagonally keeps switching between the two diagonals?

Using Unity 2019.4.1f1 Personal.

Unity Animation Controller nodes

I have the above Animation Controller. When only walking in one direction at a time and when you stop you stay facing that direction, this works as planned.

Successfully walking pokemon trainer

All of the transitions do not have an exit time and have a fixed duration of 0. I don’t know what info to give as this is the first time I’ve used animation. Let me know and I’ll add relevant details.

Here’s my update function that updates the variables in the animator:

void Update() {   float h = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal");   float v = Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical");    animator.SetFloat("Horizontal", h);   animator.SetFloat("Vertical", v);    if (Mathf.Abs(v) < Mathf.Abs(h)) {     // flips the renderer to reuse other handed image     spriteRenderer.flipX = h > 0;   }    // no actual movement until I figure this out } 

What I’m experiencing that I want to fix is when running diagonally:

Broken diagonal movement

It seems that when walking diagonally then the animator variables for Horizontal and Vertical are both either 1 or -1 and this causes the alternating of the sprites. What I’d like to happen is that the state machine would deterministically pick either N/S sprites or E/W sprites when moving diagonally. Turning on "Can Transition To Self" seems to properly pick a direction and stick to it but it fails to animate when only moving in a single direction. It looks like it’s constantly transitioning to itself which starts over the cycle so I’ve left that unchecked on all transitions.

I’m not sure what the best way to fix this is. Most attempts I’ve tried so far complicate the state machine to the point it’s unmaintainable. I also couldn’t find anything about introducing priorities in a way that fixed the jitter.

What’s the idiomatic Unity way to achieve clean diagonal movement in 2D?

Does switching the bard incantation stat from charisma to wisdom create major balance issues? [duplicate]

I have a player who want to play a shaman. He really wants to keep the bard classes but he is much more interested in the druid lore. He doesn’t want to be charismatic and handle social interaction, he wants to focus it’s music around nature and worship nature-related deities. Therefore he was asking if he can have a bard with wisdom as the incantation characteristic.

I’m about to say yes, but I’m new and I don’t know if there is major balance issues that will come up and that I didn’t foresee.

Switching to Godot from Unity [closed]

Hello folks.

This is my first question on this community and sorry if I will be a bit unclear. At first this is not a question for any solution about certain problem, I just want to listen some advice about changing a game engine.

I am unity developer for 2 years and I really love to make games, but there are some things which makes me feel little uncomfortable (for example pricing for unlocking some features, or being closed source). And that’s why I am thinking about changing working environment from unity to Godot. If there is someone who have done such thing before please let me know if it worth to invest my time into a new engine, or what difficulties will I encounter if I will give up unity and move to Godot.

Once again sorry if this is irrelevant post for this site or I am not clear enough.

What challenges might I expect from switching to online DMing from exclusively tabletop?

Because of COVID-19 our exclusively in-person sessions are going entirely online. We have downloaded roll 20, and we have voice chat, but beyond that we are fish out of water in the new medium.

What challenges might I expect from switching to online DMing from exclusively tabletop?