Federation and Sync between one domain with multiple UPNs and two tenancies

We have a client who has a single domain but multiple UPNs (used by business branches). They would like a hybrid environment with email to move to O365 but because one or more branches might be sold off, they are looking to setup multiple O365 tenancies.

So the question is, can we have federation and sync between one domain (multiple upns) and multiple tenancies. The below suggests it is.


aws s3 sync – skip “system” folders on windows

I’m attempting to use aws s3 sync to push a bunch of backup files from my Windows server to an s3 bucket. The problem that I’m running into is that it appears to be picking up the Recycle Bin and System Volume Information. Unfortunately, it’s unable to traverse into those directories and so ultimately the command exits with a non-zero status.

Here’s what I’m trying as my command line:

aws s3 sync X:\Backup\ s3://«my bucket name» --exclude '*$  RECYCLE.BIN\*' --exclude "System Volume Information\*"  --exclude '*.trn' --include '*.bak' 

I’ve tried several variations of the --exclude parameter but to no avail.

How to handle Exchange Online mailbox sync for big mailbox on local outlook

We’re using Office365 with Exchange Online.

One problem we have, is that we have one mailbox, that is set up for all our users in the local outlook of their local machine. So it gets saved to their .ost file. All business related e-mails like orders, offers, order confirmations etc. are received and sent from this mailbox.

This works quite ok, but there are two problems.

  • When a user is in holidays or absent, then comes back and starts his outlook after 14 days, it has to reload a ton of e-mails, making outlook unuseable for a couple of minutes, and also it takes away much of our companies bandwidth.
  • When the mailbox gets too full, we have to delete like 10’000 E-Mails, to make space. We can only do this on weekends, with all outlooks on all machines started, otherwise it would have to sync/reload the e-mails during office hours which again, would make Outlook unuseable.

I’m now thinking about either setting up a local (expensive!) Exchange 2019 Server to get rid of the problem, so that we don’t sync from the cloud, but instead from the local exchange which should be quicker.

Is this the correct way to adress this problem? Is the only solution to set up a local Exchange server, or could I fix the problem without any changes? Would it make sense to do a Exchange Online / Exchange Server Hybrid?

Thank you very much

Note9: Can you sync DIFFERENT calendars on google calendar and samsung calendar at the same time?

I have personal and business calendars from completely different accounts and I don’t want them to show on both apps.

When I select specific calendars for Google calendar for Android, I can’t prevent Samsung Calendar from showing the exact same changes and vice versa.

Can you select only Calendar A from Account A on one calendar app and only Calendar B from Account B on another on Android?

How to sync facebook contacts with ASUS ZenFone 5Z (Android 9)?

ASUS ZenFone 5Z Android 9 and latest ZenUI

This question has been asked before, but none of the answers address what I’m seeing on my device.

I’ve added the Facebook App, and I’ve added my Facebook account, but I still don’t have the option to sync my contacts from Facebook.

When I look at my Facebook account, I see this:

The menu ellipsis on the second screen only has one item: “Sync Now” which doesn’t seem to do anything. I don’t see the options to choose what automatically syncs and what doesn’t, that are referenced in other answers.

I’ve looked through my mobile data settings, and I can’t find anything that might be preventing Facebook from using data, AND I’ve been connected to WiFi all morning. I’ve tried removing the account and uninstalling the app, and then reinstalling/re-adding, but to no avail.

A lot of the other answers (like this one: https://android.stackexchange.com/a/123271/292111) reference an item in the “Network & Internet” menu. The “Data Usage” sub-menu is supposed to have a menu ellipsis with a toggle for “Auto Sync Data” which, when turned on, causes the sync options for the Facebook account to appear on the second screen I posted above. In my case, there is no menu ellipsis in the “Data Usage” sub-menu.

My expectation is that Facebook would eventually show up as one of the contact sources in my Contacts app.

Any suggestions?

MS Access sync with MySQL database

I’m successfully connected MySQL db with MS Access db (ODBC). Now in MS Access I have two tables. One is local and one is linked. How can I connect that tables (local and linked)? They needs to be synchronized.

You can see on image what I need: tables

I tried with Relationships but it not working.. relationship

Is it possible ? Or what can you suggest me ?

My company use desktop application which is based on MS Access database. Now they want Android application which will use the same data as desktop application.

So what is best solution for that problem ? Please help me.