SYNC issue with 2 cloned computers [on hold]

I recently got a new computer for use at the office with the intent of taking my old one home to work at home. The new computer was set up by “cloning” the old one. Same user account, same Microsoft account, same etc…. When working at the office everything in sharepoint works as expected. When I work on files at home and save to sharepoint everything looks good. Then when I get back to work, the files I have modified at home and saved back to sharepoint get moved to the recycle bin and older files restored. So then I have to go and sort through the recycle bin to restore the files I have modified. I even went to the extent of creating a new folder from the home computer and copying files into that intending to move them to the correct location and updating files manually when I got back into the office. When I started up my office PC the files (and the folder I created from home) were all moved to the recycle bin. What is going on here? This is not how we want sharepoint to work!

Auto sync sharepoint library into onedrive client with a link

I’m trying to share a link with users that will automatically sync a specified sharepoint library.

I’ve used this microsoft article to get things going and I’ve got most of the way there.

I grabbed most of the bits it needs from _spPageContextInfo on the page source of the library in question.

The link works in that it redirects to onedrive and automatically syncs a library, however the library it syncs isnt the one I’m after. Infact, its not one I’m aware of.

Rather than being “MyCompanyName – My Library Name” it syncs a random library called “MyCompanyName Documents” which is almost empty, aside from a couple of ‘how to use this library’ files.

I’ve been through the library settings and triple checked the SiteID, ListID and WebID. I’m pretty certain they are correct. I’m not 100% on the WebURL, as there is no entry for that exact term in the _spPageContextInfo, so I’ve tried using a variety of URL’s, but dont seem to be getting any closer.

I found another article which explains how it works and also has links to a aspx file you can add to your library which will generate the link for you, but that didnt work for me – the variables were not populated in the link that was generated in the file – seemed pretty static to me. 🙁

Can anyone help me out with this?

Many thanks in advance.

Outlook SharePoint Calender’s sync is not working with SharePoint 2013

I have created a Calendar list added the event in the Calendar. And connect to outlook. Calendar is showing events on the outlook only for first time. But the events are not showing with from the outlook created events on SharePoint and the events is not showing which are created from SharePoint 2013 list.

Below error are showing on a popup Outlook send/receive progress error

Task ‘SharePoint’ reported error (0x80040102) : ‘Outlook cannot connect to the SharePoint List (DevSmart – EventCalendar). The server may not be reachable from your location. Contact the SharePoint site administrator for more information. HTTP 400.’

I tried to resolve from outlook SharePoint Lists, double click on the check box “Display this list on the other computers with the account”.

Is there any way to resolve this this?

Sync database table schema and stored procedures

We have 2 databases. One is at our server, the other is local. We need to sync them both in a manner that local database has all data and server database has no data only empty tables and stored procedures and functions.

In server database we are changing stored procedures, functions, as well as tables. These changes are to be synchronized into Local DB i.e.

Common at both databases:

table 1 (id, name, price) 

Changes happened in Server DB:

table 1 (id, name, price, IsActive) 

We want IsActive field to be synchronized into local db, same way we need to sync stored procedures and functions.

So in simple words we need a solution to sync stored procedures, functions, and table schema without messing up existing data.

Can any one suggest any tool or code with which we can satisfy the same? With some google and search we found a codeproject article but that can be used for fresh database. Still sharing the link.


Office 365 Document library Sync option not enabled

I had a team site owner contact me wondering why they can’t sync to a new file library that they’ve created. (See image.)

enter image description here

So I went and did some exploring. They added a bunch of content types, and changed the default content type to a visio file and changed the default template to a visio. I got the document content type to be default and added a word document to be the template. Didn’t make any difference.

They have content approval turned on, I thought that might cause it. It doesn’t.

They have check out turned on to edit, that didn’t matter either.

I thought it might be an Asset Library, it isn’t.

You can still connect to Windows File Explorer up on the Library ribbon. When I copy the library and create a template of it, it still retains the same behaviour.

When I create a new document library in that site, it works fine.

I must be missing something, but I’m running out of ideas. Any assistance would be appreciated.