iOS IMAP background sync for offline use

A script creates e-mails in specific folders (on a self hosted mail server) in 15 Minute intervals. The iOS mail client should download emails inside those folders while connected to Wi-Fi so all the emails are up to date when there is no Internet connection available anymore.

The mail app is able to fetch new emails while the app is opened, but it’s not able to sync while the app is not active.

I also the tried using other mail apps like Outlook but the results are still the same.

I have tried setting the fetch schedule under Settings → Passwords & Accounts → Fetch New Data to every 15 minutes. Sadly it still does not sync the folders.

Do you guys know if it’s even possible to do something like this on iOS devices?

Keeping CLI tools in sync on Mac clients

I manage around 10 Macs in a network. We have a lot of scripts that rely on tools like ffmpeg, 7z, jpegoptim, etc. I use mostly homebrew to install and update the tools. So far homebrew is running on each machine and it’s kind of hard to keep everything in sync. Ideally I would do all the installing / updating on one machine (server) and all the clients would sync it to their local drive. Another option would be to share all bins on a public folder and add this to PATH. What is best practice?

What could cause iCloud Drive to refuse to sync Desktop & Documents?

After a sort of manual system restore in which I copied my ~/Library/ from my now-dead 2017 MacBook Pro’s BackBlaze to a 2019 MacBook Pro, pretty much all my software has nicely restored its settings, with one exception:

iCloud Drive is behaving quite strangely, and is refusing to sync my Desktop & Documents properly. Everything in my iCloud Drive syncs properly, but the iCloud Desktop and Documents folders are not replacing or integrating with my local ~/Desktop or ~/Documents folders.



Desktop & Documents Folders checkbox refuses to stay checked

If I check the box next to Desktop & Documents Folders under System Preferences > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Documents Tab, it spins “Setting up” for about half a second then remains checked, but as soon as I close and reopen the iCloud Drive panel, it is again unchecked. Other checkboxes and options in that panel persist as expected.


Finder Preferences > Sidebar

Finder Preferences > Sidebar shows a very odd glitch where what should be the Documents checkbox has no text label, and a glitchy icon behind the checkbox. Checking or Whenever I open the Finder Preferences panel its default state is -. Clicking it toggles it to checked or unchecked. As soon as I close Finder Preferences and reopen it is back to -.


iCloud Drive

All the files which should be in my Desktop and Documents folders show up properly in iCloud Drive/Desktop and iCloud Drive/Documents, both of which appear as normal folders (no icon embedded on the blue folder artwork) in iCloud Drive.


Oddly, when I add, delete, or even just click on any file on my Mac’s actual (local, non-syncing) desktop, I see a flurry of activity in brctl (controller for bird, which is the iCloud syncing daemon process.

Below is an example when I simply click to highlight an image file (1919-EclipseGraph.jpg) on my Mac’s desktop:

[debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.897] fileproviderd      testing if /Users/jacob/Desktop/1919-EclipseGraph.jpg is in our 1 registered file providers [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.898] fileproviderd      -[FPDExtension valuesForAttributes:forItemAtURL:forPID:completionHandler:] asked for (         NSURLIsUbiquitousItemKey,         NSURLUbiquitousItemIsDownloadingKey,         "_NSURLUbiquitousItemDownloadRequestedKey",         NSURLUbiquitousItemDownloadingStatusKey,         NSURLUbiquitousItemDownloadingErrorKey,         NSURLUbiquitousItemUploadingErrorKey,         NSURLUbiquitousItemIsUploadedKey,         NSURLUbiquitousItemIsUploadingKey,         NSURLUbiquitousSharedItemRoleKey     ) at /Users/jacob/Desktop/1919-EclipseGraph.jpg [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.902] fileproviderd      <FPDXPCRemoteObjectProxy: 0x7fcae8e13720>: request starting [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.902]      starting extension: [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.902] fileproviderd      no bundle ID for 262 [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.902] fileproviderd      sending privilegedValuesForAttributes:forItemAtURL:completionHandler: to on the behalf of Finder[262] [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.903] fileproviderd      can't get values for item at /Users/jacob/Desktop/1919-EclipseGraph.jpg from extension ""; Error Code=-1005 "The file doesn’t exist." [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.903] fileproviderd      <FPDXPCRemoteObjectProxy: 0x7fcae8e13720>: request finished [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.903] Finder      returning URL properties for /Users/jacob/Desktop/1919-EclipseGraph.jpg      value: (null) [debug 2019-06-17 14:47:45.903] fileproviderd      Invalidating <FPDExtensionSession( 0x7fcae8c03cb0 requests{}, extenders{}> because we don't have any inflight request or lifetime extender #lifetime 

Already Tried

I’ve already attempted the following, each with no affect on the situation:

  • Reboot
  • Log out of and back into iCloud
  • Reinstall macOS via internet recovery
  • killall bird
  • killall bird followed by reboot
  • Delete ~/Library/Application Support/CloudDocs/ and wait for it to rebuild
  • Delete ~/Library/Preferences/ and ~/Library/Preferences/

What could cause this behavior? What is the fix?

My machine synced fine with iCloud (including Desktop and Documents in their expected locations) before restoring my old machine’s ~/Library, so I’m fairly certain there is some file or preferences in there that are causing this. Any others I should try deleting to give iCloud Drive a “factory reset”, without losing all my other restored application settings?

How to change sync frequency in Outlook app?

By default Outlook for Android gets the emails immediately when they are received (push).

Is there a way to set the sync frequency either individually for each email account or at least globally ?

If it matters, my email accounts are all Exchange ones.

On the stock email app (Samsung) it is possible to choose the sync frequency and even set manual syncing, but I can’t find any similar option in Outlook for Android.

Can’t uninstall apps from homescreen Android 8.0 after settings sync

I recently bought a Galaxy S9+ This would allow me to uninstall apps from the homescreen. If I did a press and hold on the app an uninstall option would pop up on the menu.

I just did a data sync which syncs settings from my old galaxy s7 edge running android 7. Now when I press and hold on an app in the homescreen a message comes up that says “Remove from Home” instead of uninstall.

How do I get the uninstall option back? I can’t find anything in the settings that would change this.

Google Chrome does not sync passwords

so I have a problem with !!syncing!! passwords in google cloud. whenever I save a password on browser(chrome) it just saves it locally and if I have previously saved password on google password manager(cloud) it doesn’t show up! the problem is !!syncing!!. (not saving or suggest saving passwords ETC …)and yes I turned sync all data ON.

buy the way this problem showed up after I forgot my Linux(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) password and tried to reset it so I deleted some files like: login.keyring user.keystore in .local/share/keyrings

thank you for reading