Automating syncing of image names across a website?

Hi, really new to this so please bear with me.

I have a website with about 1000 images which over the years have been badly named.

  1. Is there software, plugins, methods etc to somehow automatically update all instances of an images file name in the html across multiple pages when the file name is changed in the root folder?
  2. Also is there a way to automate the process if the images folder structure is changed?

Syncing multiple folders with rsync

In the past I used to keep two folders on my laptop synced with their respective equivalents on an external hard disk. I used Grsync and ran it twice whenever I wanted to sync. Now I’m using a more complex distribution of my files and would like to sync more than two folders with their respective external equivalents.

In other words, I want to to sync (one way) say:

/home/user/Folder1 with /extHDD/Folder1 /home/user/Folder2 with /extHDD/Folder2 etc 

Instead of running grsync multiple times, is there a simpler way to

  1. Specify a series of source and destination directories
  2. Have the possibility to check what would be changed before actually syncing.

I’m open to CLI or GUI methods.

Kernel panic – not syncing! Attemped to kill init?

error message

kernel slelction

I compiled a 2.6 version kernel on latest Ubuntu for learning LDD(3rd editon), the make_install succeeded and those initrc…,vmlinuz,module packages were generated automatically. But the kernel 2.6 won’t start anyway.

I have tried some methods from similar questions:

  1. edit boot commands and add “selinx = 0”
  2. edit “grub.conf” and add “selinux = 0” to the boot-related line of 2.6 kernel
  3. create new file “/etc/selinux/config” and add “selinux=permissive”

None of the above works…I’m badly confusing.. But when choose kernel-5.0xxx,it can boot up normally.

Please help me figure out where the problem lies,I would appreciate that a lot.

Drop box is not syncing in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.

I downloaded dropbox yesterday using this link.

I did everything mentioned in that but I did not see below message.

Output This computer isn’t linked to any Dropbox account… Please visit to link this device.

It got installed and I see a dropbox folder in Home folder of my computer.

Now, I do not think it is syncing. Even if I delete some files from dropbox page, I do not see it change anything in my computers Dropbo folder.

Can some one help me to fix this?

Weird and Inconsistent Behaviour Syncing Books with iTunes

I have spent quite a bit of time debugging this, and still can’t figure it out.

While debugging, I ended up turning off the “Sync Books” option in iTunes. My iTunes sidebar, after clicking on the phone icon in the top left, would look like this,

Screenshot of iTunes Sidebar

except for one thing – every other time I would sync, the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section would be missing. (In order to make the “Books” entry appear or disappear, it was necessary to quit iTunes, and restart it – just leaving iTunes running and syncing again wouldn’t do it.)

I figured out how to make this strange phenomenon stop – I opened the Book app on the phone. Even though “Sync Books” was turned off, I could see all my books. If I set the phone in aeroplane mode, though, I was unable to access them, so I guess they are in iCloud rather than stored locally.

Once I did this, the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section of the sidebar seemed to become permanent. However, there is still bizarre oscillating behaviour. Every other time I run iTunes, if I click on the phone icon, and then the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section, I see this on the right.

Empty book list

So no books at all. Every other time, I see this.

Full book list

That is, the books are all there.

Checking the “Sync books” box launches me into yet another cycle. The first sync seems normal enough, but after that, every time iTunes starts, I get this pop-up window asking me to transfer purchased items from the phone to iTunes.

Transfer purchased items

This window now comes up every time, despite choosing “transfer” the time before. During the sync, 73 books (out of 74) are transferred from the phone to the computer. But it, doesn’t matter, the next time, I am asked again. There is still cyclical behaviour here – every other time, clicking on the “Books” entry in the “Settings” section of the sidebar results in zero books displayed on the right side at the beginning of the sync, and 73 books at the end of the sync. But the other times iTunes is started, there is one book displayed on the right side at the beginning of the sync (the one I was last reading), and 74 books at the end of the sync.

Opening the Books app on the phone, at various points in the cycle, does not seem to change behaviour. Clicking “Don’t Transfer” launches me into another weird alternating cycle, which I can describe further if needed.

What could possibly be going on here? Has anyone seen anything like this, or know how to fix it?

In all cases, the oscillating behaviour occurs when the iTunes program is closed and started again. Just clicking on “Sync” again doesn’t do it.

iPhone 6s plus – iOS 12.3.1 iTunes on recent MacBook Pro

Does iOS 9.3.5 prohibit iBooks syncing via iCloud?

Is there anything that would prevent me from syncing iBooks with iCloud in iOS 9.3.5 on an iPad 2?

I have a working iCloud account in good standing, with three devices connected: an iPhone SE (MP832B/A running iOS 12.3.1), a MacBook Pro (17″ Mid-2010 running 10.13.6, build 17G7024) and an iPad 2 3rd generation (MC705B/A running iOS 9.3.5 build 13G36). I have 5GB of storage on the iCloud account, about 2.3GB of which is iBooks in EPUB and PDF formats. The account is at less than 50% of used capacity overall.

My MacBook Pro and iPhone SE both sync iBooks without issue, new arrivals and removals typically take place within the iBooks application on macOS 10.13.6. Any changes are reflected on the other device within a short time, and work as expected.

My iPad does not make any attempt to download iBooks stored in my iCloud account. I am signed into iCloud, I have enabled iBooks in the iCloud Drive settings, and when I open iBooks on my iPad I am asked to sign in…which I do, with the same account as my iCloud account (i.e. there is no disparity between the account used in iCloud and iBooks specifically.

I have reset the iPad numerous times, no change. I have logged in and out of iCloud repeatedly to trigger a download, no change. What else would be worth trying?

Email syncing on WiFi only

I have a user with a new Nexus 5X. It is configured to sync his personal (Gmail) email and work (Exchange) email (using the Gmail app). Gmail syncs fine; however, Exchange will only sync when connected to WiFi. Even a manual sync will not download Exchange email.

I have installed all updates (he is on Android 6.0.1, security patch level March 1, 2016). I confirmed that “restrict background data” is NOT enabled for anything. Turned off battery optimization (Doze) for Exchange Services & Gmail. I’ve tried various sync settings for the Exchange account (Push, 15 min, 30 min, etc). No luck. Exchange email will not download while on cell service, but Gmail will. As soon as I have a WiFi connection, the Exchange email downloads.

Not sure what to try next; any ideas?

What might cause Google People details to stop syncing?

I’m having difficulty troubleshooting Google failing to sync “People details”. All other categories (contacts, email, etc.) are syncing properly.

Google sync is currently experiencing problems

This is causing downstream issues in other apps. For example, I can’t review businesses in Google Maps because it wants me to “Add your name to your Google account”, which I’ve already tried to set and reset.

I am fairly certain this may be a permissions issue somewhere but I can’t seem to track it down. Does anyone have any general advice on how to troubleshoot this issue? Thank you.

Device: OnePlus 3T Android version: 8.0.0