Startup time from systemd-analyze blame does not add up

When you add up the values, it’s way more than 51 seconds.?

(Partial list of services.)

Startup finished in 6.983s (kernel) + 44.191s (userspace) = 51.174s reached after 42.255s in userspace andy@7_~/Downloads$   systemd-analyze blame          21.614s systemd-journal-flush.service          21.044s dev-sda1.device          18.941s ufw.service          18.410s configure-printer@usb-002-003.service          16.334s keyboard-setup.service          11.486s NetworkManager-wait-online.service          11.362s configure-printer@usb-002-004.service          10.167s systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service          10.101s systemd-sysctl.service