How to enable USB Storage for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Tablet

I have these Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7″ Tablet, ever since I bought it and the first time it prompted me if I wanna enable USB mass storage when I connected it to the computer, and I selected charge only or something close to that, up to this very moment, I can’t access the tablet from a computer via USB cable

Specifications;  Android version: Android-5.1.1 Device Model: KFFOWI 

Any solution please?

Tablet stuck in erasing loop after failed factory reset

I tried to do factory reset on my Lenovo Yoga tablet but I turned it off while it was erasing. After that when I start the tablet it automaticly shows lenovo logo(as it should) but then it starts erasing data for like a minute, reboots itself and starts again. I’m able to access recovery menu and move the selection so its not bricked. Will I have to reinstall the Android?

Problems connecting Huion H420 Drawing tablet to android tablet

I had bought a USB-OTG cable for the sole purpose of connecting my Huion H420 Drawing Tablet. When I connected it, it recognized it as a mouse, but no cursor showed up when I hovered my pen over, and if I clicked, it would only click the middle of the screen. I know Wacom Tablets work, because I saw a question on here that had it work for a Wacom tablet. Maybe its not compatible with the Huion H420, or is there any workaround?