Should I multiclass as a rogue into fighter, or take the dual wielder feat? [on hold]

I can’t decide which route would be better for me to take at fourth level; I could take the dual wielder feat or I could multi-class into a fighter for a few levels.

Here are my stats: STR 15 DEX 20 CON 15 INT 16 WIS 12 CHA 16

I have a third-level high elf rogue, swashbuckler archetype, and high stats. I wield two short swords currently, but would love to pick up two rapiers instead for the bigger die.

The feat would help my AC (currently at 17 with studded leather armour) and allow me to have the rapiers.

Multiclassing for three levels of fighter would give me the dual weapon fighting style (adding my modifier to my second attack would help my DPR), some bigger hit dice, second wind, an action surge (which isn’t as deadly since I can only sneak attack once per round, but the modifier damage is pretty alright), and a martial archetype (I’m thinking Monster Hunter for superiority dice and ritual casting detect magic and protection from good and evil).

But, multiclassing also slows down my rogue-ness, and sneak attack is really what I have going for me, so slowing that development gives me pause.

Y’all have opinions? I could multi-class and then for my next rogue level take the dual wielder feat, dunno if that is better though.

How long does it take for an initial charge with MBP?

We unboxed a new 2017 MBP three hours ago. I wasn’t expecting it to start by opening the lid. I then went through all the stuff you have to do when you startup (icloud, apple id, etc) It was at 34%. It has been charging for two hours. It’s at 41%. The charger is in the port furtherest from the front. Is this normal? All of this? I have since shut down to charge (and of course have no idea what is going on now since there is no LED). How long does it take to do the full charge? And was it normal to start by lifting the lid? Brand new (well, brand new looking with wrap)

Does Two-Weapon fighting work if you aren’t holding both weapons when you take the Attack action?

I have a question regarding two-weapon fighting (5e). My player group had a discussion about this, and answers on the internet seem to yield different interpretations.

Suppose the first (light) weapon is already drawn. Can you throw your first weapon, then draw your second (light) weapon in your other hand, and using your bonus action attack with that weapon? If so, does this allow you to get the bonus damage from dueling on both attacks?

Two-Weapon Fighting in the PHB reads:

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand, you can use a Bonus Action to attack with a different light melee weapon that you’re holding in the other hand. You don’t add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative.

If either weapon has the Thrown property, you can throw the weapon, instead of making a melee attack with it.

Does this have to be interpreted as:

  1. Hold a weapon in each hand -> attack with one weapon -> able to use bonus action to use the other weapon.

Or can it be interpreted as:

  1. Hold weapon in one hand -> attack with it -> able to use bonus action if, at any point, you wield a different weapon in your other hand.

If the second interpretation is correct, do you get the bonus damage from the dueling fighting style on both attacks, if you draw your second weapon after you attacked with the first one?

I want to visit italy switzerland and spain so which visa is required and can we land in italy and take our flight from spain?

I’m from India.So my question is we are going Europe for 15 days and we want to land in italy and then we will go to switzerland andour last destination is Spain so which type so schengen visa is required and can we take our flight from Spain. But we are landing in italy first?

Can a Human Shapeshift Variant Druid take Multiattack at 1st level

Does Shapeshift Variant Druid (From PHB2) with access to Beast Claws spell (Spell Compendium) qualify for Multiattack (and by, extension Imp. Multiattack) at 1st level (By using the spell for 2 claw attacks and Predator form for a bite)?

If not, does he have to wait till 3rd(next feat),until 9th (he gets Ferocious Slayer, that has 3 attacks, at 8th), or until he permanently gets 3 natural attacks in his “natural” form?

What way should I take four values and order them in descending/ascending ordering keeping their related Key?

I have four players. Each player has a score. Their score is contained in a TextView and their name in another TextView. At the minute I have a HashMap that generates identifiable keys e.g. (player 1, player 2) and retrieves their related score as a value.

I need to sort the scores in both descending and ascending order(depending on if a Gametype is one or another.) but we will use just descending for this example.

I found a way to sort the values into a inside the HashMap I mentioned previously. I thought I would just be able to print this HashMap out in order but of course I soon learned that that you use the get methond in the HashMap and thet retrieves the value of the key provided. To solve this problem I googled and seen I can change it into an Array and iterate through it that way:

 private void populateViews() {      for (int i = 0; i < numOfPlayers; i++) {         tv_positions[i].setText(String.valueOf(finishingPositions.keySet().toArray()[i]));     }  } 

This feels like a round about way. What way should I be doing this?

What lens and setting to take ISS photo?

Here it says we can see ISS with our naked eye. I was thinking that if we can see this thing with our eyes, then obviously we can take photo with a DSLR. I have Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm lens and Photron Stedy 400 Tripod.

My questions:

  1. what are the setting(shutter speed,exposer) to take ISS clear image?

  2. which lens to use to take ISS image?(18-55mm will be is ok?)