Best Security measures for non-IT pro to take when at risk of hackers?

Could you’ll give me some advice or links to some really high level tutorials on the subject already out there?

I work at a WeWork and am surrounded by about 5 different IT / coding type of companies. They apparently hacked me somehow, I don’t know how, whether it was bluetooth or using WeWork wifi, or maybe the screen sharing app used to control monitors WeWork uses or the Papercut print client.. somehow they were on my PC, as if they were controlling it (like a screensharing remote access app). They apparently thought it was funny, messing with stupid stuff like my volume settings, moving files on my desktop, writing in a Word document. However, I’m not playing… I want everything on lock but I’m no pro.

What steps would an IT pro due if they were in shared office enivornment to put their PC on lock?

Things I did:

  • Changed all my passwords to strong passwords, and am keeping different passwords for my important points of entry. Ex. different passwords for home router, Microsoft 365, Google, etc.

  • Started connecting to network by ethernet cable. Leaving Wifi and bluetooth turned off.

  • Connect to VPN.

  • Started using Norton 360, I believe Windows Defender still runs too.

What else should I do?

  • fresh install of Windows?
  • Get an encrypted router to connect to Wework ethernet?
  • switch to Mac?
  • stop letting Google Chrome store passwords? I mean.. if they can access my PC and see the screen all they have to do is go into Chrome settings they can expose all my passwords immediately..

What steps would you recommend? I have a surface pro (5th gen) running windows 10 Pro.

The original hacking occurred almost 2 months ago at which time I did the ‘things I did’.. and believed I kicked them off? I’m not so sure, I’ve been using the ethernet cable & vpn for about 2 months with no issues. Just the other day I started having this problem, when I would come into the office and plug in and start-up, it would not connect to the network automatically. I couldn’t figure it out, I checked my ethernet connections they seemed good. I went into network adapters, disabled/enabled and internet works perfect. Have had to do this 2 days in a row now every time I boot up. I have a friend in IT I was telling about this yesterday she said it sounds like they are still on my PC or they are ‘snooping’ and that’s why I have to disable/enable my router, she says I’m ‘kicking them off’ most likely. Can anyone comment on this?

How to take screenshots with light filter enabled

The background color of my website is #0062cc. When using flux (blue light filter software) this color gets darker. I want to use this new darker color as a background color.

I took several screenshots (pressing PrtSc), but they all ignored the blue filter, so I can’t know which color corresponds to the darker color.

How to take a screenshot and get the same colors that I see when flux is turned on ?

Why would VirtualBox abort and take Ubuntu down with it

I am running VirtualBox on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS had Windows 10 running in a guest machine, I had no problems with either Ubuntu or VirtualBox, I was also using Cairo dock and had no problems with that either, until today when VirtualBox crashed without warning, I could see that the guest machine which as running Windows 10 Pro 64b, was aborted and while I was trying to figure out what went wrong by looking in the VirtualBox logs, Ubuntu crashed.

When I restarted Ubuntu, the crash log reads:

-rw-r—– 1 me whoopsie 2060878 Sep 17 17:41 _usr_bin_nautilus.1000.crash
-rw-r—– 1 root whoopsie 91135782 Sep 17 15:38 _usr_lib_virtualbox_VirtualBoxVM.0.crash

Also worryingly, I found that Cairo dock which I had installed via PPA and was set as a startup program:

Startup Applications

failed to load, not only did it fail to load, there is actually no trace of it on my system and when I listed all installed apps in the terminal with the following commands, there is no cairo dock in the results, so it appears to have disappeared, its as if it was never on my system I cant find any trace of it:

:~$ apt list –installed |grep cairo
:~$ dpkg –get-selections | awk ‘{print $ 1}’ |grep cairo

Any ideas as to what could cause the crashes VirtualBox followed by Ubuntu and then cause an installed application to completely disappear off my Ubuntu system, apart from maybe a magician?

On click of save button, 1 column to take the value of another column in a list

I have a list with columns “due date” and “revised date” in SharePoint.

I want to enter the due date column only when I am entering items for the first time. Onclick of save button I want the revised due date to have the value of due date. The revised due date can be editable later but for the first time it should take the value of due date.

How can I achieve this?

If I am hit after I am reduced to 0 HP during this duel in the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, do I take 1 or 2 death save failures?

We’re playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen. During the brutal first episode, there is a duel that can take place (p. 12; spoilers in the link).

When the player loses the duel, the other participant…

strikes one more time [and] inflicts one death roll failure on a character.

When this happened, the player marked off two death failures on their sheet. I asked them why. Here are the relevant parts of the PHB.

The section titled “Dropping to 0 Hit Points” states:

If damage reduces you to 0 hit points and fails to kill you, you fall unconscious. This unconsciousness ends if you regain any hit points.

And later:

If you take any damage while you have 0 hit points, you suffer a death saving throw failure. If the damage is from a critical hit, you suffer two failures instead. If the damage equals or exceeds your hit point maximum, you suffer instant death.

Lastly, the Unconscious condition description says:

Any attack that hits the creature is a critical hit if the attacker is within 5 feet of the creature.

In conclusion, any melee attack made within 5 feet of me is an automatic crit. So does that mean if a bandit is being rude, and stabs me again with his puny dagger – I have a 50% chance of dying come my turn (save for help)?

Am I right in assuming that this is hand-waved in this adventure as it specifically states “one death roll failure”?

I need to take some XML/SP Services code and rewrite using ajax

I was given this XML code and they would like to convert it into ajax code. I have never worked with XML/SP Services and I am not sure if what I have done is right.

var accID = 'AIRLINES'; var searchVal = ''; $  (document).ready(function () {      tdResults = $  ().SPServices.SPGetListItemsJson({         webURL: "/airport/business",         listName: "TenantDirectory",         viewName: "",         CAMLQuery: "",         CAMLViewFields: "",         CAMLRowLimit: "",         CAMLQueryOptions: "",         changeToken: "",         contains: "",         mapping: {             ows_Title: {                 mappedName: "Title",                 objectType: "Text"             },             ows_Address: {                 mappedName: "Address",                 objectType: "Text"             },             ows_Numbers: {                 mappedName: "Numbers",                 objectType: "Text"             },             ows_Categories: {                 mappedName: "Categories",                 objectType: "Text"             },             ows_link: {                 mappedName: "Link",                 objectType: "Text"             },             ows_ID: {                 mappedName: "ID",                 objectType: "Text"             },          },         mappingOverrides: null,         debug: false     });  
var tdResults = $  .ajax({     url: apiUrl1,     method: 'GET',     headers: {         'Accept': 'application/json; odata=verbose'     },     success: function (data) {          var items = data.d.results;          for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {              var title = items[i].Title;             var address = items[i].Address;             console.log(address)             var number = items[i].Numbers;             var categories = items[i].Categories;             var id = items[i].ID;             var link = items[i].Link;          } // this ends for loop          /*mappingOverrides: null,         debug: false*/      }, // this ends success function      error: function(data) {         console.log('Error: ' + data);     } }); //end of ajax 

Can a monster take the Dodge action without the PC knowing prior to attacking?

Consider the following scenario: On its turn, a monster uses some movement and ends its turn without taking an obvious Action. Secretly, it has taken the Dodge action. On the player’s turn, the player attacks the monster. The DM instructs the player to roll with disadvantage, as the monster is dodging. The player might not have chosen to attack that monster if s/he had known it was dodging. (Of course, an observant player might deduce that the monster is dodging, as it took no obvious Action.)

Is this a legitimate tactic for the DM to use? Or should a PC be able to detect that a target is dodging before deciding to attack?

Bash script to take CPU temperature and CPU usage and save this values every second to file

I need to write script or command line code in Ubuntu which take CPU temperature and % of CPU usage from lm_sensors or something similar. This information I would like to save to .txt file with date and time of each measurement. I tried to write .sh file which is below. But it doesn’t work as I would like to. Can somebody help me?

while true; do echo $  ( date '+%H:%M:%S' ): $  ( sensors | grep 'CPU Temperature' | sed -r 's/^.*:        +(.*)  +[(].*$  //' ) >> temperature.txt; echo $  ( date '+%H:%M:%S' ): $  ( top -b -n 1 | grep 'CPU:') >> cpu.txt; sleep 1;  done