Are there any balance issues in allowing two half-feats to be taken without the Ability Score Increase instead of a feat?

Some feats such as Actor and Keen Mind provide a single Ability Score increase along with some other benefits. These feats are sometimes called half-feats (and I am using this definition for this question).

Half-feats are sometimes difficult to incorporate into a build unless you plan ahead and even then you probably need to spend at least part of your adventuring career with an odd Ability Score.

In order to somewhat ease taking these feats, I was considering including this house rule in a campaign:

When you would gain a single feat, you can instead gain two half-feats but do not receive their Ability Score Increases. This counts as taking both feats for the purpose of being able to only take each feat once.

At first glance, this seems naturally balanced because the non ability score benefits of a half-feat seem to be equivalent to a single Ability Score Increase, meaning you are still obtaining the “value” of two Ability Score Increases.

One difference I notice is that this is a bit better for half-feats where the Ability Score improved is fixed (such as CHA for Actor). If you spend 1 ASI on 2 half-feats and then spend the next ASI to increase two ability scores, you’ve effectively taken two half-feats but gained the ability to reassign their associated ability score increases however you like1. I am okay with this benefit.

Am I overlooking any other benefits or balance issues that this house rule might introduce?

1. As written by Ryan Thompson who helped clarify this in comments.

Generate aerial image based on images taken on ground

I am trying to reconstruct aerial(top view) image of small area with photos taken by mobile device. Such as part of a street or other flat scenes. I want to use 3D reconstruction tools to process images then map the result to top view. How do I avoid error from highly dynamic environment (cars, people)? Or is there any other ways to do this?

Minmum sum of elements, taken 2 at a time

The question is: Given an array of integers say [8,4,6,12,10] You can pop any two elements at a time and place the sum back into the array. Repeating until a single element (final sum) is remaining. What is minimum final sum, given that you are allowed to pop any two elements at a time?

My approach is two pop the minimum two elements in the array, push the sum back. Repeat this until a single element is remaining.

My solution is as follows:

  1. Sort the array
  2. Pop first two elements, add them, get the sum
  3. Place the sum in the array in such a way that it remains sorted (to avoid sorting again)
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until we have less than two elements in the array


function join(parts) {   if(parts.length < 2) {     return parts   }   sum = parts[0] + parts[1]   sliced = parts.slice(2)   placed = place(sliced, sum)   return join(placed) }  function place(arr, x) {   index = 0   for(i=0;i<arr.length;i++) {     if(arr[i]>x) {      index = i      break     }    }   first = arr.slice(0,i)   second = arr.slice(i)   return [...first,x,...second] } function process(parts) {   parts.sort((a,b)=>a>b)   return join(parts) }  process([8,4,6,12,10]) 

Is this best possible approach? Can you think of any better optimized approach?

Username must match a number taken from a given database table

I work for a telephone and Internet provider company. Our users are identified by their personal ID number (this is not in US, everyone has an ID card known as DNI, given by the government).

I am building the company’s site in Drupal and developing an application that show registered users which services they have, their invoices, etc. I was requested to handle user registration this way: users must register with their DNI number as username, and the program must confirm that that DNI number belongs to an actual user (I have a table of users). If not, registering should be denied.

Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Time taken and fee to obtain UAE 48 hour transit visa at DXB

I have a 15-hour layover in Dubai and have booked a hotel in Dubai near Deira, but I’m yet to get a visa. I am planning to take advantage of the free 48-hour visa which was announced last year, as an Indian Citizen.

My concern is that my flight lands at 12AM on a Friday. I see the last metro train to Deira is at 1 AM. So I have two questions:

  1. Is it feasible to get transit visa, clear the airport and then get to the train station in an hour?

  2. I can book visa now itself via Emirates, but they charge a service fee of 25 USD although the visa fee itself costs nothing. Does anybody know if there is a service fee if we get the visa on the airport itself?

I see there are a few related questions here, but none mention about time and the service fee.

show a phone number a picture was taken on

The company I work for, we hire realtors to go and inspect properties, including taking pictures of. We, the company, needs to make sure that the realtor is taking the picture, and is not sending some else to do it. So far, the only way that comes to mind is seeing the phone the pictures were taking with, and double check that number with the realtor’s phone number on record.

I will appreciate all your help.

[ Law & Ethics ] Open Question : How can I go about being against my grandmother being taken off life support?

My grandmother has been on and off a ventilator with a trach for about 2 months now. She started doing good and even got weened off the vent for a while. But just recently she started needing the vent again and started pooling secretions which caused her to have to go back on the vent. See my grandmother has a really bad stroke. Well the place she at is a weening facility meaning they ween people off their ventilators, but if they can’t be weened and have to have the vent long term they have to go to Georgia for long term care (we live in Florida) and we live in south Florida so it’s not like we’re kinda close to Georgia. So basically our options are take her off the vent and let her die, or send her to Georgia. My mom is totally against her going to Georgia so basically she just wants her to be taken off and die. They scheduled for her to be taken off the vent Tuesday and it’s scaring me as we get closer. I want to ask the facility if we can have more time cause I’m just not ready to let her go and I don’t like the idea of scheduling her death. I was watching the live execution of Bobby Joe Long and it reminded me so much of my grandma, how were scheduling her execution. What should I do? Losing my grandma is like losing my mom cause she raised me.