How to change Date Taken based in file name?

I have a huge collection of photos from 1999 to 2019 and many of them don’t have “Date Taken” registry, but all of them have the date in file name, like YYYY-MM-DD and YYYYMMDD.

But when I uploaded them (400gb) to Google Photos they are all messy because many of them are not date organized since Google organize them by this ‘Date Taken’…

Is there a good GUI or Console tool that can create the “Date Taken” metadata based on a date found in file name?

None of the questions here match my search, nor their answers…

Is there a way to display live calculation with an information taken from mysql database?

Hey there i am developing a web application and i need to display a live calculation as soon as the fields are filled with information and what do i mean by a live calculation is something as live as a ng-model in a ng-app, the problem goes like this… The user choses a product from a dropdown list which list’s choices are coming from a mysql database and the price od the chosen product should be the first multiplyer while the second myltiplyer is the next input field where the custommer should enter how many pieces they want. I tried to take the price from the table where product is selected but i believe that php needs a submission in order to proccess the data and actually see which product has been selected, so is there any way to display a live calculation and inform the customer how much ther order will cost before they submit the form?

Remote code execution and XSS vulnerabilities. What steps should be taken to secure a server once these are discovered and patched?

I’ve just been notified of a remote code execution vulnerability and an xss vulnerability on a site that I run. I’ve fixed the responsible code, but I’m wondering what steps should be taken afterwards to:

  1. Ensure the server is secure
  2. Ensure no data was compromised
  3. Ensure no malicious files were uploaded.

The remote code execution vulnerability was particularly bad and allowed any PHP code to be run on the server and output displayed to the user.

The app is hosted on Amazon Lightsail. Would it be helpful to redeploy on a new instance?

Keeping a while going if an action is taken

I’m working on some parser functions which keep parsing tokens until they no longer can parse the next token and at that stage pass control to the function that called it. Which in turn could be another parse function to allow recursive parsing.

To accomplish this I have code like below in every parse function.

Am I taking the right approach here or is there a cleaner way to accomplish this?

public void Parse(Stack<IToken> tokens) {     var token = tokens.Pop();     var actionTaken = true;     while (actionTaken)     {         actionTaken = false;         if (...)         {             // Do something             actionTaken = true;         }         elseif (...)         {             // Do something             actionTaken = true;         }         if (actionTaken)         {             token = tokens.Pop();         }     }     tokens.Push(token); // Couldn't parse. } 

Trademarking a name and domain is taken

I'm in the process of obtaining a trademark. The domain named is taken already so I created one that was similar by just adding a – between two words. The thing is that the owner of the original domain I want isn't using the name itself, the domain redirects to his actual website. which never mentions my name. For example, my website's name is, he owns but when you type it in it takes you to Now I'm currently small so I'm not too…

Trademarking a name and domain is taken