Whatever Megapixel camera in phone – photo taken should be what we set megapixel in app? [closed]

Is it possible to set exact mp in mobile camera app example- like i have mobile device with 4mp, 8mp, 12mp camera and i want to capture image in 12mp camera but during capture camera understand only 4mp (means i set 4mp manually)and and image size should be look like 4mp. but actual camera is 12mp, which is capture by 12 mp.?

[ Football (American) ] Open Question : Has 1 quarterback for the AFC taken every snap in a Pro Bowl before?

I was hoping Patrick Mahomes would be the 1 and only quarterback for the AFC because if that was the case it would be an easy win for the AFC! 🙂 Patrick Mahomes is without a doubt the Greatest Quarterback in NFL History and it would be fun to watch him quarterback the AFC for the entire Pro Bowl!

What is the probability to take out 1 blue, at least 1 green after having taken the last red ball, from a box?

My problem is the following. You have a box with 10 red, 20 blue, and 30 green balls. You take out a ball from the box, without returning it. The problem is: What is the probability to take out 1 blue, at least 1 green after having taken the last red ball, from a box?

Check if digital picture was taken today?

We’re working on an app that registers the gasoline price at a gas station. We enter that information through digital pictures our clients send us; for example, Bob sent us a picture taken today from his iphone saying that the Shell at Jefferson Street is selling regular gas at $ 2.20 so we enter that information in the app.

We’re having two issues:

  1. some of the pictures we receive aren’t from today although they say it is

  2. some users take a screenshot of an old picture and send it to us saying that it was taken today.

From what I’ve read, with the EXIF data, we can check if the digital picture was taken today. But if the image they send us is an iphone or android screenshot of an old picture, would that affect the EXIF data?

I guess my question is: Is there a way to check if the picture was taken today and/or it was a screenshot of an old photo?


How to change Date Taken based in file name?

I have a huge collection of photos from 1999 to 2019 and many of them don’t have “Date Taken” registry, but all of them have the date in file name, like YYYY-MM-DD and YYYYMMDD.

But when I uploaded them (400gb) to Google Photos they are all messy because many of them are not date organized since Google organize them by this ‘Date Taken’…

Is there a good GUI or Console tool that can create the “Date Taken” metadata based on a date found in file name?

None of the questions here match my search, nor their answers…

Is there a way to display live calculation with an information taken from mysql database?

Hey there i am developing a web application and i need to display a live calculation as soon as the fields are filled with information and what do i mean by a live calculation is something as live as a ng-model in a ng-app, the problem goes like this… The user choses a product from a dropdown list which list’s choices are coming from a mysql database and the price od the chosen product should be the first multiplyer while the second myltiplyer is the next input field where the custommer should enter how many pieces they want. I tried to take the price from the table where product is selected but i believe that php needs a submission in order to proccess the data and actually see which product has been selected, so is there any way to display a live calculation and inform the customer how much ther order will cost before they submit the form?