By RAW can you use free object interaction while taking the “Use an Object” action?

There is a drinking contest between a Dwarf and a Halfling to see who can drink flagons of ale the fastest. Normally one would assume the Dwarf would have an advantage at drinking, but unbeknown to them the Halfling is a Thief.

From the rules for Interacting With Objects Around You

Here are a few examples of the sorts of thing you can do in tandem with your movement and action:

  • drink all the ale in a flagon

From the rules for the Use an Object action:

You normally interact with an object while doing something else, such as when you draw a sword as part of an attack. When an object requires your action for its use, you take the Use an Object action. This action is also useful when you want to interact with more than one object on your turn.

Can someone taking the Use an Object action to drink 2 flagons of ale in a single action?

Can a Thief take Use an Object, then use Fast Hands to Use an Object again, then move 0ft, drinking 5 flagons of ale in a single turn?

In the quote above I have italicised a sentence, does this limit you to 1 object interaction per turn for free, or is this an explanation why someone would ever use this when they can interact with objects for free?

Note: I know that using action surge you could drink even more flagons of ale in a turn, this isn’t an optimisation question, the ale drinking is just an example. If you want to present a more powerful drinking champion then go ahead, after the question is answered 🙂

Also note: I am interested in the official rules. This means a RAW reading to the best of your ability, supported by RAI if you want. If you want to provide some houserules about interacting with objects please do so after addressing RAW/RAI.

Sharepoint Internal names of Person or group column gets changed on taking list template

I have created a person or group column in list. When I take list template and use it in other site the internal name of the person or group column gets changed. I have used the internal names of this column in my code. Now due to this mismatch of internal names the code is failing.

Taking Screenshots in Ubuntu

Are you able to take a “screenshot” with Ubuntu? Shots of the entire screen or a certain app or window?

UPDATE: Well that was fast! I browsed a bit after submitting my question and learned a “screenshot” is taken when the Print Screen key/button is pressed! I also confirmed the shot is automatically accessible in your recent files.

take-vector-screenshot: focusing the window before taking the screenshot

I am using take-vector-screenshot to take a PDF screenshot.

When I launch take-vector-screenshot, I have to click a button within its window in order to begin the screenshot process. I then need to pick the window to take a screenshot of.

A button is required to be clicked to start the process

In the process of clicking this button (pictured above), the focus changes from the window which I actually want to capture. Hence the screenshot I get is of an unfocussed window, which is undesirable.

I can use wmctrl -a $ WINDOW_TITLE to focus the window I want to take the screenshot of, but this doesn’t work if I precede it with e.g. a sleep 3.

Any ideas how I can get this to work?

Which FLUSH command before taking EBS volume snapshot?

The FLUSH TABLES WITH... command has a few flavors. The manual meagerly describes the differences between:


Am I interpreting the manual correctly that if one needs to perform a disk volume snapshot, such as the EBS Snapshot, the preferred way now is to use the FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK AND DISABLE CHECKPOINT right before initiating the snapshot?

How can I learn spells that are not in the druid spell list without multiclassing or taking feats? [on hold]

I am a spore druid, as I saw in my spell circles I can learn some spells that are not in the druid spell list, is there any way my druid can learn more spells outside my class without multiclassing or taking feats?

Also, what are some good spells for druids that do not require concentration? At least 75% of them require concentration (I have level 3 spells right now) and I need some good ranged ones.

What Classes Should a Communication Design Major Be Taking in college to be better prepared to become a UX designer?

Sorry if this is not the correct place for this but I am a Communication Design Major writing about how to become a UX designer for my Comp 200 class.One of the questions I want to answer in the paper is what classes I should be taking while I’m in school.

Taking levels in monster types

Today I found this post on reddit and in one of the comments they mention taking levels in fey, outsider, and aberration (not all at the same time). Are there any alternate rules I’m not aware of or are they just referring to monsters as pcs rules from the srd.

Heres the OP

Over the past few days with some help from members of the /r/touhou Skype group, I have made a spreadsheet listing (almost) every Touhou character and have filled in some slots slots along their names accounting for their D&D Morality Alignment, Four Temperaments, MBTI, and other silly things that aren’t as relevant.

Chart (not very complete):

D&D Alignments explained:

Four Temperaments explained:

MBTI is harder to grasp, especially the cognitive functions but there are more than enough online resources detailing that.

Enneagram explained:

If there is anything that should be put in or whatnot, please leave your thoughts on characters and also your alignment/MBTI/other if you like.

EDIT: If I like a suggestion and want to add it, I’ll do so in the name of the user who suggested it. You can also leave comments on the sheet as well.

Here’s an excerpt

Now, let’s see. You’ve given D&D (presumably 3.5e rather than 4e or 5e) classes and Pathfinder classes as a category. I can definitely help with that. Going down the line:

Rumia probably doesn’t have class levels, but she’d be a Commoner or just take levels of Outsider(Edit: Or Aberration, depending on how you see Youkai) if she did.

Letty Whiterock is probably just a Fey.

Kogasa Tatara is just an Aberration with Aberration levels.