can a rogue with the minor magic talent take the extra cantrips to gain other spells?

RAW states that for a character to take the extra cantrip feat they must have the ability to cast cantrips or orisons as a pre-req. the minor magic rogue talent states that "A rogue with this talent gains the ability to cast a 0-level spell from the sorcerer/wizard spell list." would the feat then let me choose a total of 3 cantrips to use with the minor magic talent but limited to a total of 3 times a day?

Do Telepathic Talent and an elan’s resistance stack?

Do racial traits bonus stack?

Telepathic Talent:

Benefit: You can expend your psionic focus to gain a +2 trait bonus to your saves against mind-affecting powers and psi-like abilities. This talent grants no benefit if you do not have the ability to gain psionic focus.



Resistance (Su): Elans can use psionic energy to increase their resistance to various forms of attack. As an immediate action, an elan can spend 1 power point to gain a +4 racial bonus on saving throws until the beginning of her next action.

if I’m a elan (with focus), if is a mind-affecting power to resist, Can I use both?

Psionic talent modifiers stacks?

If you choose "Unlocked Talent", you choose 5 "psionic talents" (also named 0-level psionic powers) then if you have enough power points to spend, you can activate "Precognition, Greater", then "Inertial Armor", then "Thicken Skin", then "Force field". Each of these add Armor Class modifiers and sometime Saving Throws modifiers, can they stack?

Freerunning talent clarification

The Fantasy Flight Games SWRPG talent "Freerunning" found in the Cyphers and Masks and Endless Vigil sourcebooks states:

Once per round, before performing a Move maneuver, the character may suffer one strain. If he does so, he may use his Move maneuver to move to any location within short range (even straight up) as long as there is some sort of object to move across or a path to move along.

Can someone explain what exactly this talent does, specifically clarifying:

any location within short range (even straight up) as long as there is some sort of object to move across of a path to move along.

Do Hidden Houses Wild Talent feats have prerequisites?

Complete Psionic lists some extra feats which market themselves as alternative versions of Wild Talent. It says that Talaire humans need to take one as their bonus feat, but it doesn’t seem to say whether or not anyone else can take them. The regular Wild Talent feat has no prerequisites, so it would make sense in that way, but it seems somewhat unclear, since the book explicitly calls them feats, but then doesn’t have the regular information for them that feats normally have.

But what seems to be implied is that, for example, despite the feat’s name implying a connection to the human House Adon, a pegasus could take the Wild Talent (Adon) feat and gain all its benefits?

What can Psychoportive Talent effectively deny?

The description of the Psychoportive Talent Trait says,

You can expend your psionic focus as an immediate action to make a five-foot step. You may do this even if you have already moved in the round in question, although not if you have already taken a five-foot step, and doing so does not prevent further movement in this round.

What kind of attacks can I completely negate by using this ability ? Specifically (assuming no one has Reach):

1). A single melee attack from a creature who starts adjacent to me on the beginning of its turn.
2). All iterative melee attacks from the same creature.
3). A single melee attack from a creature who takes a regular Move action on its turn to move adjacent to me.
4). An attack from a creature made as part of a charge on its turn.
5). All iterative attacks from the same charging creature with Pounce.
6). A projectile ranged attack (i.e. crossbow bolt) targeting me.
6a). Same as above, and I am able to Psychoport behind an obstacle to break LoS.
7, 7a). A Ray attack targeting me (same consideration as above).
8). A Line/Cone/Burst/Spread spell effect, when I am able to Psychoport out of its area of effect.

I think there must be some basic unifying rule that describes how immediate movement interacts with attacks, but I don’t know what it might be.

Rise of the Separatists sourcebook talent clarification

In the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG, in the sourcebook Rise of the Separatists, the talent called “Consider Our Options” states:

The character may take the Consider Our Options action, making a Hard Negotiation check. If the check succeeds, until the start of the character’s next turn, any enemy that attacks the character suffers 2 strain, plus 1 strain per additional 2 successes on the character’s check, before resolving the attack. (If this strain causes an adversary to become incapacitated, the GM may determine that adversary simply bows out of the fight.) The effect ends if the character inflicts damage on an enemy.

In the case that a Minion or Rival, as opposed to a Nemesis, attacks the character, taking strain as damage per the rules of Minions and Rivals, count as inflicting damage and thus ending the effect according to “The effect ends if the character inflicts damage on an enemy.” which is stated at the end of the talent?

If it might help clarify, the “Improved” version of the talent states:

When the character takes the Consider Our Options action, the character may choose to have the effects also apply to attacks that target the character’s allies who are within short range. The effect ends for all characters if the character or an affected ally inflict damage on an enemy.