SOC 1 & 2 compliance with outsourced development team?

My company just hired a team in India for development work. They will have full access to our network via VPN. They will not have access to client data directly. My question is…

Are we required to follow the same controls for offshore contractors as we are for fulltime employees? ie… background checks, NDAs, Policy Approvals, Security Awareness.

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Is it okay to use a different JDK from what my team use? [on hold]

I am a new hire (as a software engineer) in a company and the Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) machine I got has no java installed. I tried to install Java SE 8 kit from Oracle but apparently there is a new licensing model (in which I am not familiar with) and you have to create an account before you can download their JDK. My question is okay to install OpenJDK in my machine for development while my team uses Oracle’s JDK in their machines. Or should I just create an account and download Oracle’s JDK and use it for development? My worry is there would some kind of conflict regarding Oracle’s new licensing model because I would be developing using their JDK for production use.

Adding SP user to member group – Team Site

I’m using the “Create a modern team site” using the PnP/PnPjs, and I want to add a user to the “Members” group of the newly created site.

I tried to use siteGroups.getById(5), using 5 for getting the members group and didn’t get any errors. Is this correct? Seems like the Members group ID is always 5 when using get-pnpgroup (PowerShell). (There is a high chance that I’m wrong here, might be another id?)

I also tried using:


I think I got an error using “Members”, I guess the internal name could be something else.

I’m also a bit unsure on the loginName format, I tried email, i:0#.f|membership| etc. but it doesn’t seem like it does anything.

Appreciate any thoughts and answers!

(I’m really new to this so I’m a bit lost, sorry)

Managing Pictures inside our modern team site, should we use Document libraries OR Picture libraries? and why?

we have a modern team site collection, and we want to add a library to store our company pictures such as event pictures, social pictures, etc.

now inside our modern team site, we have 2 main templates we can use:-

  1. Document library

  2. Picture Library

enter image description here

now based on my search i found that both offer these similar functionalities:-

  1. allow us to have minor/major & approval.

  2. both offer these list views rendering:-

enter image description here

  1. both templates will work with these modern web parts:-

    • document library web part

enter image description here

  • Image Gallery web part:-

enter image description here

  1. both will show a slider if we click on an image

but i found the following main differences.

Document library

  1. it is been more widely used, for example when we create a new modern team or modern communication site we will get all the built-in libraries as document libraries

enter image description here

  1. inside communication modern sites,we do not have the option to add Picture library. so can i say Picture library is somehow obsolete (at-least compared to document libraries)

Picture library

  1. the main features are that it provide some content types and columns which are beneficial for pictures such as the “Picture Size”, “Height” and “Width” , which will show the dimension of the pictures:-

enter image description here

so not sure for us should we use Picture or Document library? based on my research Picture libraries provides a ready-made content types for pictures, but document libraries seem to be more widely used, keeping in mind that modern communication sites does not provide (by default) the option to add Picture libraries. finally i want to avoid adding a document library and add the picture content types to them. i am trying to compare the built-in Picture and Document libraries.

Thanks in advance for any help.

How to hide the left-hand menu for a SharePoint Online Classic team site with new modern pages?

We have a number of historical classic team sites running in SharePoint Online which we are now creating new modern site pages and step by step plan to convert existing pages (in root site and all sub sites).

NOTE: We don’t use the Publishing feature only site pages with web parts!

Problem we face is that we have Quick Launch menu disabled following the support article Customize the navigation on your SharePoint site and the steps found in the section Turn the left-hand menu on or off for a SharePoint Online team site.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seems to take effect in our combination of a Classic Team site with modern pages (we don’t plan to connect an Office 365 group unless this solves the issue). Is this a known limitation and are there any features we need to activate to get the same behavior as a Modern Team Site were the Quick Launch is hidden correctly?

We have not done any master page customization, enabled any special features. we are just using OTB Classic Teams sites for long time and now like to move to Modern pages WITHOUT left navigation visible.

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Gmail’s MFA for team?

We have mailboxes on G-Suite from Goole. Currently, we are enabling MFA for all boxes in our team, but what boxes which are used by different people?

For now, I found a few solutions, each with its own drawbacks:

  • during MFA configuration on a mailbox – let scan QR from few mobiles, thus their owners will be able to receive codes (but this will lead to noise in a room, and what about when somebody leaves our team? re-configure MFA and let recan everybody again?)
  • another thing I’m thinking about is to use AWS Pinpoint which looks like is able to receive an SMS and then forward it with SNS to some dedicated chat in a corporate Slack, thus when user is fired – his Slack account will be blocked/deleted and he will have no more access to TOTP codes (but what about calls, which are used for Apple IDs for example?)
  • using providers like 1password/LastPass etc and their shared MFA feature (we even have self-hosted Bitwarden and as I remember – it can be used to generate codes, but… I just don’t like such an idea…)

So, the question is – what is the best way to solve this?

From ideas, described above I’d better to try AWS, as I’m it’s active user, but pretty sure – there better solutions.

Seeing a weird navigation behavior in modern team site linked to hubsite

I am working with SP Online in modern experience and many team sites created and linked to HubSite “Home”, the hub navigation shows perfectly fine.

Since last couple of days, I am seeing another row of weird navigation in a row below hub nav and I have no idea where this comes from. enter image description here

Can’t enable publishing features on team site modern, so navigation option is not even showing up under site settings, so how can it appear all of a sudden, was not showing up before at all.

Can someone please assist, thanks in advance.