Does an artificer’s teammate have to re-attune to their infused items every time the infusions change?

Per the artificer rules…

If the item requires attunement, you can attune yourself to it the instant you infuse the item.

Okay. Nice. Great. Except… how does it work when the item is given to another character?

Let’s picture these scenarios: Scenario one. My artificer has created an Resistant Armor, choosing poison. This armor has been given to our paladin, who attuned to it. Now, next long rest, I want to create an Resistant Armor, choosing force. The rules are silent on whether I can attempt to create an infusion I already have existing (as opposed to infusing random other infusions until that one de-infuses) or in fact use the item the previous copy of that infusion is already on. Let’s assume I can.

… but I don’t want to attune to the resulting infusion, so does that mean that, as soon as we finish the long rest, we must immediately do a short rest so the paladin can attune to the armor?

In fact, it doesn’t even end there!

If you try to exceed your maximum number of infusions, the oldest infusion ends, and then the new infusion applies.

Notably, there doesn’t seem to be a process to voluntarily end one of my infusions. Let’s suppose my current infusions are Repeating Weapon, Replicate Magic Item: Alchemy Jug and the aforementioned Resistant Armor: Force. I want to replace the jug with a Mind Sharpener. The only process for this seems to be infusing my chosen item with the Mind Sharpener, causing the Repeating Weapon to end…. then reapply the Repeating Weapon…. which ends the Resistant Armor, requiring me to reapply that, and us to take another short rest to reattune to it!

Is all the above correct, or is there something I’m missing?

Quick Question, How do I deal with this VERY ANNOYING Teammate

So I am playing with some friends over through discord, and one of them (I will call him bob) makes characters with a bit of a light temper, not that bad right?

Well, you’re wrong, if you do something or say something he doesn’t like, he makes his character slash you with his greatsword, it happened in multiple campaigns now, to my wizard (WHO ALMOST FAILED HIS DEATH SAVES BECAUSE HE ALMOST KILLED HIM) and to my bard. He’s a great friend of mine but how do I make him stop just slicing every teammate up that doesn’t agree with him?

Thank you all in advance.

If my team-mate absorbs a creature we have been fighting, will the rest of the party still gain EXP?

My DM is playing a DMPC along with our party, as well as the standard DM role.

During an encounter, his PC absorbed a gelatinous cube, and is saying that because it was not a true kill, the rest of the party doesn’t gain experience, even though we did damage the cube.

Is this in line with the rules, or are we getting screwed by our DM?

As a player, how can I deal with a fundamentally annoying teammate

I play in my school’s D&D club and our first year was last year. During that first year, one of my fellow players rolled a sorcerer with high charisma (17) but low intelligence (8). He roleplayed his character however as if his intelligence is a 2 or 3, where his character knew nothing, messed up plans on purpose, and frequently injured his teammates with AOE spells.

When that school year ended, I thought I was rid of this character. But when the club reformed, he used the exact same character again and has gone even further to be annoying and mess people up.

How can I get him to contribute to the team or get him to stop acting obnoxious?