Почему php script отправки сообщения в telegram срабатывает несколько раз?

Есть бот и php файл.
Я с telegram отправляю start.
В php скрипте ($ string_input = file_get_contents('php://input');) есть такая последовательность:

if ($  text=="start"){      sendMessage(1);      first($  connect);      sendMessage(2);      second($  connect);      sendMessage(3);      third($  connect);      sendMessage(4);  } 

И это последовательность работает неправильно. В телеграм сообщения отправляются:

       ~ start    1 2 3 4 1 3 2 4 1 3   2 1   4 . . . 

Каждая функция обрабатывается примерно по минуту. Если комментировать эти функции, то все хорошо работает. Поискал в интернете, думаю проблема в ответе, либо 200 или ok, но не помогло, или я не смог.

Помогите найти решение, а то уже несколько дней не могу понять…

telegram, slack, skype won’t run if I put them on startup applications

I have run telegram, slack, skype on startup application ubuntu 16.04

enter image description here

But, the icon doesn’t appear in taskbar (notification area). Howver, it appear as run application

 $   ps ax | grep skype  3854 ?        SLl    1:59 /usr/share/skypeforlinux/skypeforlinux --executed-from=/home/pujangga --pid=3847  3864 ?        S      0:00 /usr/share/skypeforlinux/skypeforlinux --type=zygote --no-sandbox  3985 ?        Sl     1:33 /usr/share/skypeforlinux/skypeforlinux --type=renderer --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required --ms-disable-indexeddb-transaction-timeout --no-sandbox --service-pipe-token=EF831309DDA5DEFF9BDFE0351F93886A --lang=en-US --app-path=/usr/share/skypeforlinux/resources/app.asar --node-integration=false --webview-tag=true --no-sandbox --native-window-open --preload=/usr/share/skypeforlinux/resources/app.asar/Preload.js --background-color=#fff --num-raster-threads=4 --enable-main-frame-before-activation --enable-compositor-image-animations --service-request-channel-token=EF831309DDA5DEFF9BDFE0351F93886A --renderer-client-id=4 --shared-files=v8_context_snapshot_data:100,v8_natives_data:101 --skype-process-type=Main  9924 pts/16   S+     0:00 grep --color=auto skype 

When I try to run it unity dash, it won’t start too. I need to killall skypeforlinux to make it run through dash menu

How to query contact details for linked messaging apps profiles (Specially Telegram) and launch them with tasker?

Since the TouchlessChat app was deleted from the PlayStore I am trying to create a task that simulates the behavior of it.

Right now I am able to capture my message using voice and get the contact ID with AutoContacts. Now I need to do something like:

If Telegram Send Telgram Message Else If WhatsApp Send WhatsApp Message Else Send SMS 

But I am not able to get the Telegram info for it (AutoContacts has a WhatsApp Uri). My closest friends and family use Telegram so it is almost my first option.

Is there a way to query the contact details to get the correct Telegram URI or similar so I can launch the app with it?

Как получить текст последнего сообщения Telegram bot а? Python

Есть сервер который отправляет сообщение в чат через API. Мне нужно получить это сообщение на другом устройстве и сохранить сообщение в виде строки.

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Which formats does Telegram internal video player support?

I know that we can install many applications to support many new video formats. My question is:

  1. Does Telegram have an internal video player? (Does the software itself come with a player?)
  2. If yes, which formats can be played with that player (audio and video)?

Note: I’ve seen that sometimes mp4 files can be played in Telegram but sometimes they can’t. What’s the difference? Is it related to bitrate?

Recovering deleted Telegram chat

On my new Android phone I accidentally (yes…) deleted a complete chat I never exported before. Looking for ways to recover it I didn’t find the ultimate solution. While I could restore the chat pictures (they weren’t actually deleted) I couldn’t find a way to restore the messages which are far more important to me.

I still have my old Android phone that I used until a month ago that never connected to the Internet since I deleted the chat. So, if the messages are somehow stored locally, it still has the deleted chat (obviously but for the last month, but that would be better than losing everything). I didn’t dare to start the device since the chat loss as I want to understand the implications first.

  • Does Telegram store the chat messages locally or only on the server?
  • If storing them locally, how can I export them? I guess I need an internet-less solution as a synchronization would obviously delete the chat on my old phone as well. I could only find the Desktop-Telegram-based export, but no other suitable solution.

I’m afraid I guess I’ll get a “you’re screwed” answer but I want to give the community a last chance to help me before eventually giving up hope.